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Cardinal Burke Appeals For Catholics to “Storm Heaven” with the Rosary Today

Cardinal Raymond Burke, one of the four cardinals submitted the dubia to Pope Francis, has issued an appeal to Catholics throughout the world to join him in storm with with the Most Holy Rosary on the 1st December 2016. His Eminence Cardinal Burke will be celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and praying the Holy Rosary to Storm Heaven with Prayer in Rome at 7:00am (local time) as part of Operation Storm Heaven.

One of the intentions of Cardinal Burke’s Mass has particular significance following the release of the dubia submitted to Pope Francis:

That bishops and priests will have the courage to teach the Truth and defend the Faith against all her enemies both within the Church and outside the Church. And may all confusion be dispelled from the Church

67,061 Rosary Warriors will be reciting the Holy Rosary and storming Heaven with Prayer in union with the Holy Mass being celebrated by Cardinal Burke.

The 1st of December and the start of the month is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady and the Divine Infancy of Our Lord.

Operation Storm Heaven explains the purpose of Cardinal Burke’s appeal:

When you pray your rosary on December 1st, please remember to pray for the intentions of all the Rosary Warriors, just as they are also praying for your intentions.

You do not need to pray at exactly the same time, but please pray your Rosary at some time on the 1st of December (your local time). We are providing the Mass time for those who wish to pray at exactly the same time as Cardinal Burke celebrates Mass and prays the Rosary.

“The greatest method of praying is to pray the Holy Rosary!” stated Saint Francis de Sales. It is through the Holy Rosary that we will obtain mercy, stop evil, convert nations and bring peace to souls and to the world!

Let us continue to touch the heart of Our Blessed Mother to obtain from Her Divine Son the merciful graces of conversion that our world so sorely needs. And let us also ask for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to come soon over the evil of this world, the flesh and the devil.

As we storm Heaven together, please remember especially the following intentions:

In reparation for all the sins and offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary

For our families and the salvation of our loved ones

That bishops and priests will have the courage to teach the Truth and defend the Faith against all her enemies both within the Church and outside the Church. And may all confusion be dispelled from the Church

May the Culture of Life defeat the culture of death

For all police officers that they may be guided and protected by St. Michael the Archangel in their daily duties

That each of us grows in devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and comes closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

For the continued global expansion of Operation Storm Heaven in 2017

Please share this email with your family and friends and anyone who you think would like to participate in this History-changing Rosary Crusade to storm Heaven with prayer to obtain a tidal wave of mercy from God for our families, our society, our country and the world…in short, for all souls!


Father Gabriel Amorth, the former chief exorcist of the Vatican, once explained that the Most Holy Rosary is the most powerful weapon against the devil and the powers of evil. St. Padre Pio described the Most Holy Rosary as “a weapon of extraordinary power against Satan.” During this grave crisis in the Church please join Cardinal Burke in storming heaven with prayer, particularly that bishops and priests will have the courage to teach the Truth and defend the Faith.

Originally published at EWTN GB. Reprinted with permission.

27 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke Appeals For Catholics to “Storm Heaven” with the Rosary Today”

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this! Although I have to say the Fatima prayer and Creed in English, because I haven’t memorized those in Latin…yet

        • Part of the difficulty is that there doesn’t seem to be an “official” translation of the Fatima prayer available. I say: “O mi Iesu, dimitte nobis peccata nostra, conserve nos ab igne inferni. Conduc in caelum omnes animas, praesertim illas misericordiae tuae maxime indigent,” but I’ve seen other wordings floating around. Inferiori/inferni, remitte/dimitte, peccata/debita, salve/conserve, but I think this wording is most accurate. Others may prefer “Domine Iesu,” rather than “O mi Iesu,” to bring it more in line with liturgical prayer.

          • The rosary was not meant to be Liturgical prayer as such but I do prefer “Domine Iesu”. However, perhaps “O mi Iesu’ how it was given to the children.

      • I don’t think so, Marc. However, I have read articles by exorcists that satan hates prayers said in Latin. Thus, just to bug the devil even more, I taught myself to say the rosary in Latin. Makes you wonder about the Novus Ordo and the TLM, doesn’t it?!

        • What is true I think is that the Latin original Latin version of the Exorcism prayers are better because it has powerful prayers that have been deleted in the newer rite.

          The advantage of the Exorcism in Latin is you know it is the devil it starts answering because very few know Latin enough to fake the devil’s response.

        • I did not ask what the Church’s sacred language is. I asked whether the prayers in Latin will be better than those in English. Two people praying the Salve Regina. Will the one doing it English be heard less and blessed less than the one doing it in Latin?

          • Please don’t let this be an issue that causes you distress. Nobody means you any harm. Please join us in saying this powerful prayer in whatever language you choose. When it comes to sacramentals, their efficacy very much depends on the devotion of the person using it. This is how they differ from the sacraments. Say the Rosary devoutly and you will be heard.

          • This is exactly my point. It just annoys me when people seem to think that somehow they are praying better because they do it in Latin.

  1. Question from a new convert – is there a ‘proper’ way to pray the rosary for a specific intention? Do you announce your intention before you begin or just keep it in your mind as you pray? At the moment I just say a short prayer to Mary asking her to pray for my particular intention before I begin the rosary, but I wonder if I’m doing it ‘right’.

    • I state the intentions after the introductory prayers (the Creed, Our Father, Three Hail Marys, and the Glory Be) and before the first decade. That’s another common way. The Rosary being a private prayer means that you can be flexible in how you pray it. Ive known people who add the St. Michael Prayer at the end or a personal litany of saints, which is perfectly okay.

    • Add this short prayer at the end before you make the sign of the cross,, Mary Queen of Heaven place my humble petition (mention it) before His Throne, and grant it according to His Will.
      Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy…
      the Chaplet is a must….
      And if you have the time read the Diary of St. Faustina..

  2. I will not be saying a rosary or any prayer for that matter for Cdl Burke or any other modernist who simply wants to return the Church to the heydey of jp2 and b16 orthodoxy to a “conservative” interpretation of vatican 2. The heresy is not some footnote in some rambling diktat of a marxist humanist, the heresy is modernism and its founding documents of Vatican 2. When some dubias on V2 are put foward, then I’ll have some hope. The dubias on AL simply illustrate the internal contradictions of the concilior novus ordo church.

    • My God, man, let go of your high dudgeon and your sour spirit and kneel to pray that rosary! We all need to be praying fervently at this hour.


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