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Black Lives Matter Usurps the Powers of God

The year 2020 is half-finished. The remnants of civilization continue to burn, the enemies of Christ push the Overton window ever wider, and Christians are reminded more and more frequently of our uncomfortable call to crucifixion.

Things tend to accelerate as they near the abyss. Comrades! Shall we destroy a statue of a slave-owner or a statue of an anti-slavery activist? Shall we fight so-called police brutality and racial inequality, or shall we fight for the destruction of the family? There is no difference, you see — not in the minds of “trained Marxists.” All of these obstacles must fall, all must be recast as we make way for the glorious revolution.

It is here that many Christians are still making a potentially deadly mistake: they assume that these people adhere to reality, and consequently that it is possible to compromise with them and to curtail their “excesses.” They accept a ludicrous framing of the issue at hand and render themselves powerless.

Consider the statement “feminism is the radical notion that women are people” or simply “Black Lives Matter.” By framing one’s beliefs in this way, there is no need to make a positive argument, no need to prove that black people are actually discriminated against or that women should be equal to men in all areas. Instead, one has the far easier task of proving that the inverse position is repugnant. Who has ever said women are not people? Who has ever said black lives don’t matter? Nobody.

This common rhetorical tactic is reminiscent of a four-year-old who complains that something is SOMETHING and he wants it to be something else. We fall for it again and again. By accepting these definitions, we lose the first battle before the war has really begun. A simple truth has been forgotten in our modern discourse: words are descriptive, not prescriptive. We must not tolerate anything that seeks to upend this rule. There is more at stake here than is immediately apparent. This is more than a matter of stupidity, hypocrisy, or laziness. This abuse of language is indicative of something far more dangerous: the desire to usurp authority and power that are not meant for human beings to wield.

Our Lord has given Himself a different set of rules regarding language. The very words of the Word are prescriptive — “God said let there be light and there was light.” Logos speaks, and things are made. The left is adamant that it be given the power to do the same. No longer do words and definitions describe an aspect of Creation — they prescribe a new creation by their own authority.

Gender identity becomes subjective. Marriage becomes a contract of mere legal consent rather than an objective unity of one man and one woman. The murder of unborn children becomes a mark of woman’s freedom and basic human rights. In this same vein, “Black Lives Matter” is transformed into a sort of secular incantation. It is not a political statement, but a prescription, a statement that creates a self-evident truth.

These people go beyond the worship of false gods — indeed, they go directly to the tree of knowledge of good and evil and consume without shame the fruits thereof. They become “gods” themselves, and in a demonic warping of the attributes of the true God, they grow jealous and seek vengeance. They have created a reality of their own making, and if we oppose their creations, they will stop at nothing to destroy us. After all, with no objective existence in themselves, these infernal constructs rely upon the willingness of society to accept them as a new reality. The radical left will do anything in its power to force compliance — up to and including the use of deadly force against those who affirm God’s order and refuse to grant the worship leftists feel they are due.

Timothy Gordon was right in stating that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization, and his willingness to carry the cross of speaking that truth is something we should all be thankful for. I fully endorse his comments, with this amendment: Black Lives Matter, like all movements intent upon usurping God’s authority over the created order, is inspired by Satan himself.

Image: Frankie Fouganthin via Wikimedia Commons (cropped).

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