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Bishops of the World Resist Francis to His Face

But when Cephas was come to Antioch, I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed (Gal. ii. 11)

Brethren in Christ, we are living in the glorious times of the saints! This is an awesome time to be a Catholic. Let us thank Almighty God that He has chosen us to live in this dark time, in order to call us to take up the mantle of all of our forefathers and lay down our lives for the Faith.

After ten years of this pontificate, in which the worldwide episcopacy has been mostly asleep (with a few happy exceptions!), this latest action seems to have awoken more bishops to oppose Pope Francis than ever before. Here we will review all that have made statements thus far who either condemn the document and/or prohibit blessing “same-sex couples” or in some other way oppose this document. (Credit to LifeSite for much of their commentary on these statements).

So far we have bishops taking a stand from Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Let us continue to pray for more to stand up for the sake of the Faith and the salvation of souls.

Clicking on a country, group or name will yield the official episcopal statements in the original languages or official English translations as well as English commentary as necessary (giving credit as much as possible to the original source of publication). Also noted are a few instances of opposing Francis indirectly, while prohibiting blessings of what the document calls “same-sex couples.”

Individual Bishops or Dioceses

Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk (unofficial English)

Kazakhstan: Diocese of Astana (Archbishop Peta and Bishop Schneider)

Democratic Republic of Congo: Cardinal Ambongo (calling upon all African bishops to have a united response)

Switzerland: Bishop Eleganti (English commentary)

United States: Bishop Strickland

Vatican: Cardinal Müller (English commentary), Archbishop Viganò

Episcopal Conferences

Malawi (prohibits “blessings of any kind and [sic] for same-sex unions of any kind”)

Rwanda (English comments)

Zambia (prohibits the “implementation” of Fiducia Supplicans in Zambia)

Nigeria (prohibits “blessing of same-sex unions and activities”)

Kenya (does not oppose Francis directly but prohibits the blessing of “a style of life” and insists that blessings are for “individuals” on a “personal basis”)

Cameroon (“we formally prohibit all blessings of ‘homosexual couples’ in the Church of Cameroon”)

Ghana (does not oppose Francis directly but condemns the blessing of “same-sex marriages”)

Ukraine (unofficial English)

Poland (English commentary)

Canada (does not oppose Francis directly but prohibits blessing “their situation” and insists that only “persons themselves” can be blessed)

Priestly Confraternities

International: SSPX (website & superior general)

United Kingdom: Confraternity of Catholic Clergy

Catholic Women Organisations

Maria 1.0

This Saturday I am going on retreat for Christmas and will not return until the 9th Day of Christmas. At that time I hope we can update this list to include every continent and many more bishops, priests, and other organisations!

Above all, let us pray for the poor souls who are afflicted with same-sex attraction, since they are the greatest victims of this assault on the Faith. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

T. S. Flanders
O Rex Gentium

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