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Bishop Schneider: Freemasonry is an “Instrument of Satan” Seeking to Destroy the Church

Bishop Athanasius Schneider, a collaborator with Cardinal Burke and an auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, has given a lecture on “Mary, conqueror of all heresies”, in which he warned that Freemasonry is an “instrument of Satan”. Bishop Schneider made this observation in the context of 2017 being the 300th anniversary of the foundation of Freemasonry with the establishment of the first Grand Lodge in London.

Bishop Schneider described the past 300 years of Freemasonry as turbulent and hidden, in pursuit of a revolutionary and subversive ambition. He described Freemasonry as a “tool of Satan” that has largely shied away from daylight since its foundation.

Bishop Schneider went on to recall St Maximilian Kolbe’s recollections of the Freemasons’ aggressive celebrations of their 200th anniversary in Rome during 1917, in the middle of the First World War. His Lordship related St Maximilian Kolbe’s description of Freemasonry openly declaring war on the Catholic Church. The Freemason littered Rome with posters showing the Archangel Michael defeated on the ground trampled beneath a triumphant Lucifer. In their protests against the Catholic Church, the Freemasons also displayed the black flag of the heretic Giordano Bruno, a Dominican friar who promoted materialistic pantheism, a central belief of Freemasonry. (Bruno also denied fundamental doctrines of the Faith).

As a consequence of witnessing the Freemasons’ hostility towards the Church in 1917, St Maximilian Kolbe decided to found the Militia Immaculatae [The Knights of the Immaculate] to counteract the actions of Lucifer.

In his lecture, Bishop Schneider went on to declare that the goal of Freemasonry is to eliminate the entire doctrine of God, especially Catholic doctrine. To achieve this goal the Freemasons have used many associations and societies. According to Bishop Schneider, Freemasonry seeks the dissolution of morality because they are convinced that unless they corrupt morality they cannot defeat the Catholic Church since they cannot defeat it with logical arguments.

Bishop Schneider concluded his reflections on Freemasonry by observing that masonic action on this principle of corrupting morality to defeat the Catholic Church was currently very topical again. In response to this, he reflected that undoubtedly the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was immaculately conceived, will in the end crush the greatest of all time: the heresy of the Antichrist.

Earlier in 2016 Bishop Schneider gave an interview to Daniel Blackman for One Peter Five during which he discussed the subversive influence of Freemasonry:

Bishop Schneider: Freemasonry is in itself intrinsically not compatible with Christian or Catholic faith, it is intrinsically not compatible, because the nature of freemasonry is anti-Christian. They deny Christ, and they deny the objective truths, they promote relativism, which is contrary to the truth, to the Gospel. So they promote the doctrinal errors of the Masonic philosophy. This is incompatible with Christian and Catholic faith.

Freemasonry has also an esoteric aspect, which is not Christian. They have rituals and ceremonies which are esoteric, which they openly admit, and such ceremonials are contrary to the faith. Their symbols and rituals demonstrate that they are against the divine truths in the Gospel – these things transmit show that Freemasonry is another religion. I repeat, freemasonry is another religion, it is an anti-Christ religion.

Even when they do good works, philanthropy and so forth, these dangerous things remain. Their philanthropy is not a justification that we can accept freemasonry, just because of their good philanthropic work. I will never recognise their doctrines and rituals which are against the Divine truths of the Gospel. The Church can never accept this. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s 1983 declaration on freemasonry is still valid. According to this Declaration it is a mortal sin to become a freemason – even pope Francis has not changed this law. This teaching is official and still valid.

Daniel Blackman: In 2013 on his return flight from Rio de Janeiro, Pope Francis made reference to a Masonic lobby. Recently, Cardinal Ravasi, in the Italian paper Il Sole 24 Ore, called for new dialogue and shared values with Freemasonry. Has Masonry won in the Church?

Bishop Schneider: Of course we know that Freemasonry is one of the most powerful influences at all levels of human society. This is manifest and clear. Theoretically, when one is a supporter, a leader in a very influential anti-Christian organisation, there is the tendency to infiltrate the organisation which is your enemy, it is very logical. So it is logical, over many centuries, that they would have tried and probably succeeded to infiltrate themselves into various levels of the Church – this is clear to me.

It is difficult to demonstrate concretely, to identify, who is a member. It is very difficult and dangerous, because someone may be accused of being a member, then it is proved the person is not a formally a member. It’s because of the secrecy and esotericism of Freemasonry that makes it very difficult.

One can assume that a cleric, a priest, bishop, or cardinal, has some connections with the masons by his speech. We hear clerics speaking like Freemasons, clearly, when they open their mouths, they use terms and concepts that are typically masonic. He could be a member, but you have to prove it, but at least when he speaks he has the spirit of the Freemason, maybe he is not a formal member, but some bishops and cardinals speak clearly with a Masonic spirit. I stress this does not mean they are formally members of the Freemasons.


Dr Rudolf Graber, Bishop of Regensburg (1903-1992), wrote about Freemasonry’s plans to destroy the Church in his book, “Athanasius and the Church of our time”. He quotes from a letter written by a Freemason in 1839:

“We must not individualise vice; in order for it to grow to the proportions of patriotism and hatred of the Church, we must generalise it. Catholicism is no more afraid of a sharp dagger than the monarchy is, but these two foundations of the social order are likely to collapse through corruption; we at all events never allow ourselves to be corrupted. Do not, then, let us make martyrs but let us popularise vice among the masses. Whatever their five senses strive after shall be satisfied…Create hearts full of vice and you will no longer have any Catholics. That is the corruption, on a large scale, which we have undertaken, the corruption of the people by the clergy and that of the clergy by us, the corruption which leads the way to our digging the Church’s grave”. (Athanasius and the Church of our time, p.40).

Originally published at EWTN Great Britain. 

193 thoughts on “Bishop Schneider: Freemasonry is an “Instrument of Satan” Seeking to Destroy the Church”

  1. Would love to see from Freemasonry 101 articles on 1P5, to make it easy to refer other people to. Trying to explain freemasonry to others sounds like, at the initials stages, like you are talking about how the moon landings were fake, flat earth, a hole in the south pole, [insert YouTube sourced conspiracy theories here…], etc. There has to be a better way.

        • NO. A Catholic man who becomes a Mason cannot receive Holy Communion. Cf. 1983 Instruction by Cardinal Ratzinger.

          • Vaticanum II and decades of New Order Church softened and dismantled truly Holy Roman Catholic Church. Neo-modernism, liberalism, freemasonry, “open” church, wrong understand of ecumenism, destroying liturgy… are signs of new Order…
            It happened also with Codex Iuris Canonici and exorcism forms.

        • When Catholics become Freemasons their forfeit salvation. They can only go to heaven if they renounce Freemasonry. There are no Freemason, Pro-choicers or contrceptors in Heaven.
          God’s love is unconditional, salvation isn’t. Only those who have REPENTED from it, can receive Eternal Life. Hope this helps..

    • Try to get a copy of Alta Vendita, a small booklet with the complete plan to destroy the Church. It is an eye opener.

    • There is a video with the title Mystery of the Widow’s Son-the Legend of the Craft on YouTube. Uninhibited by the Ideology of a seemingly bygone era this documentary plainly and unashamedly covers some openly practiced ideas of Freemasonry as well as ceremonies,symbols and legends from the society. The author of this video is probably a member of or has great interest in Freemasonry and speaks about its intermingling of occult and religious practices with a real spirit of relativism, I found this video to be very convincing and disturbing as well as informative, not like the usual conspiracy video. I am no expert on this subject but would recommend this to anyone who would like to speak frankly concerning this perhaps luciferian religion.
      Oh Holy Family be our Family now! Amen

  2. The Knights of Columbus were infiltrated by Freemasons over six decades ago. My father spoke abut it & my husband later left because of it. I feel their recent interest in Crux is ominous & should be watched carefully.

    • Me too. That they subsidize Crux tells us all we need to know. I believe they also sponsored gay pride participation in parades in Massachusetts. Or at least, there was some kerfuffle over it.

      • You and “Ana” obviously know nothing about the Knights of Columbus. We 100% support ALL the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, period!

        • We stand in the gap against abortion. We care for the poor. We care for the sick. We pray for the souls in purgatory. We pledge undying faithfulness to our Lady and to the Church. We were formed to combat the draw of Freemasonry amongst the Catholic faithful just new to the shores of the America. And we continue in our defense of the Church today.

        • Some chapters of the Knights are not so noble. And there does seem to be something awry in some of the highest ranks, but nothing solid. Your average knight, though, is going to be exactly what you said. If the Catholic Hierarchy itself has been infiltrated, then why not the Knights of Columbus? Just because you and the knights you know are in full communion and agreement with all teachings of the Catholic Church doesn’t mean other areas aren’t problematic. I’m not saying they are, I’m just saying to keep your eyes open and continue being faithful. This fight needs all the knights (of any order) that we can get!

          • Where has the Masons NOT infiltrated? They are everywhere. It doesn’t mean the Knights organization is bad. It is to say that “abusers” infiltrating the priesthood, but that doesn’t make the priesthood bad, or the KGB infiltrating the government does not make the whole government bad, “Infiltration” is a tactic of war, both worldly and spiritually. If we are infiltrated it means there are some who hate us and want to destroy us not only from without but also from within. Many have had there souls “infiltrated” by Satan, so the victim is not the criminal, the infiltrator is, the victim is the “good guy” that needs help, not gossip that aids the infiltrator.

        • One can only remark on what one experiences. When the Grand Knight is found to be a high member of the Masonic Order & nothing is done about it one loses respect. They were very much infiltrated as I have said 6-7 decades ago & I would presume nothing much has since changed. Rotary & Lions Clubs also are nearly all run by the Masonic Order.

          • You judge the Knights on one of thousands of Grand Knights from 60 or 70 years ago, Really?Each council (and there are thousands just in the U.S. alone) has a “Grand Knight”. Should we all judge the Apostles on the behavior of Judas 2000 years ago, or judge all popes according to the behavior of Pope John XII from a thousand years ago? We shall be measured with the same measure we use on others. Hope your life is spotless !

          • Naturally one cannot judge the souls of individual Knights but one has to judge the actions of the Lay Apostolate they run. So far their takeover of Crux has not given any hope to Traditional Catholics that they will join their ranks. That website is as Liberal as PF is, which is a bad sign. Maybe as members of that organisation you can help them focus on what is expected from a valid & legitimate pope rather than false ecumenism leading to false interpretations of the Gospels & Ten Commandments.

          • Crux was run by the “Boston Globe” until (just last March) the Knights decided to partner with it. They are still in transition. So I expect the liberalism of the “Globe” to disappear as the transition develops. i realize people expect results NOW as they do for everything, It’s a “now” world. It’s only been a few months, patience is a virtue, Prayer does more good than impatient complaints. But also this is about “the Catholic Pulse” it accepts the opinions of ALL, which does not mean they necessarily agree with those views It’s not intended as “traditional” educational source.

          • You’re right. I used to know one old retired lawyer, ex Catholic belong to Rotary club and he’s trying very hard to recruit new members.

  3. Bishop Schneider is inspiring. I’d love to meet the man someday. He speaks the truth and I don’t think he cares what the consequences might be.

    • f course he cares what the consequences are. He wants them to be corrected or removed from this earth. For the sake of the laity’s souls

      • I meant the possible consequences to himself, but yes you are correct, else he would simply remain silent. It’s too bad there seem to be only a dozen or so like him who have the wherewithal to speak up.

    • On the contrary, I actually think he cares what the consequences might be far more than most other prelates in the Church. He is concerned about what happens when he stands before Our Lord on judgement day.

      I understand what you mean, and I do agree with you, completely. I just wanted to offer the same idea in the contrary language that points out the WHY these men shouldn’t care about earthly discomfort.

    • By God’s Mercy, I had the chance to meet him very briefly in 2015 in Rome. He was walking alone in St. Peter’s Square. I caught up with him and said, “Bishop Schneider!” He didn’t hear me until I said it once again, but this time much closer. He stopped and turned. “Keep up the good work, Bishop. Despite what’s going on in the Church right now, keep up the good fight.” He calmly smiled, lightly placed his hand on the crucifix around his neck, and said, “Pray for me.” I told him I would, and we went our separate ways. It was brief, but it was everything I wanted to say.

      He is a true soldier of Christ Jesus.

  4. In addition to being aware of who in the Church is a freemason and their widespread infiltration, people should also familiarize themselves with the members of Congress who are Freemasons.

    • Okay…but if we’re going to go down that road, MOST of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons. Many Presidents have been. Our nation was more or less founded on Masonic principles and we have Masonic symbols on our money.

      • Yes, they were indeed, but I don’t think that’s a good thing necessarily.

        I would say our nation was founded on Enlightenment principles, and that those principles have endured despite, not because of, the fact that many of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons.

        And I’m sure not everything in Freemasonry is necessary negative; on the other hand, IMO we still can’t lose sight of the fact that Freemasonry is a gnostic cult and one that we should be rooting out of our public institutions if at all possible. Don’t vote for them.

        • “I would say our nation was founded on Enlightenment principles, and that those principles have endured despite, not because of, the fact that many of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons”

          The fact that the Founding Fathers were Freemasons is precisely why the nation was founded on Enlightenment principles. Freemasonry was started to spread and preserve the ideas of the Enlightenment which is part of the reason it is so opposed to the Church

  5. I dont doubt F/masons took over at Vat2 – by then they were in sufficient well placed hierarchical positions together with the Marxists who also share the same values. It’s possible that some F/masons dont actually join all the dots and dont appreciate that they are leading civilisation and the Church to violent destruction and they personally will not be able to escape being caught up in it; apparently after the French Revolution, many masons defected once they witnessed the fruits of the revolution. Following Vat2 which was a revolutionary event, their values were adopted in the Church under the name of ‘renewal’ – one of the most disastrous ideas being that every point of view on the timeless “truth” of doctrines was allowed to be disseminated and discussed openly and publically with no attempt to call error “error”. The doctrine Extra Ecclesia Non Sallus was viewed as an impediment to ecumenism and seems to have been targeted particularly. As well, there was some theory expressed that error contained within itself the seeds of its own destruction (!) so it was just a matter of letting ideas take their course! Blind optimism took over, and frankly ran through all recent Papacies. It beggars belief!

      • Bugnini was appointed the Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship by Pope Paul VI in May
        1969 but in 1976 was suddenly demoted and assigned to a minor Vatican diplomatic post as pro-nuncio to Iran.A number of sources attribute Bugnini’s changed assignment to having been outed as a mason which forced Paul VI’s hand.

        • Is there any information that Bugnini committed suicide? I heard a rumor that someone close to his family was told this.

          • Wow, I didn’t hear that one, but considering what I already know about freemasonry and ecclesiastical freemasonry, which could fill a 3 paragraph essay, my guess is that someone “helped” him commit suicide. These guys always have handlers. If they fail or are no longer useful they are terminated.

          • Yes— Malachi Martin reconstructs the “suicide” of “God’s Banker” (under an alias) in the excellent if long “factual” novel, ‘Vatican”.

            [sorry for all the quote marks; I don’t know how to make italics or underline–can any reader tell me if this is possible?]

          • I share your pain, when I ask my kids anything about the computer they tell me either they don’t know or google it. I found a librarian knowledgable but far away. I would take a computer course if I have the time and it’s the right information.
            I haven’t read MM but I’m originally from Western NY. In the 1820’s a freemason decided to rat out the lodge with revelations of it’s operations. The lodge got wind of it, jailed him in Fort NIagara and murdered him. Millard Fillmore, a lawyer in Buffalo, was outraged and formed the Anti-Masonic party which had a tremendous influence on suppressing freemasonry in the US for 20-30 years. The Anti-Masonic party became the Whig party, the Whigs became the Republicans and… now we have President Donald.

          • Fascinating. Thanks for the sympathy; consoling to know I’m not alone in my typographical frustration.

          • In the hospital before he died he said he had been pushed by unseen hands down the staircase. He had been in a wheel chair. The manuscript of his last –and he thought mmost important–book “disappeared”. God rest him

    • Sometimes in 1940 .US communist party had launched a campaign that encourage all young members to infiltrate into Catholic Church by joining seminaries and now we surely have many high ranking clergies and could be the pope too. Domine, miserere nobis.

  6. Is is just a coincidence Francis is trying to change Church doctrines to match all the tenets of Masonry leading to syncretism and the dissolution of defined morality- I think not. Could Francis be a hidden Mason- I think yes.

    • It does not matter if he is a member of the Lodge – he only needs to be imbued with their principles, which he has been in spades. Being a modernist he is automatically compatible with the freemasonic outlook – relativistic morality, non-exclusive claims upon truth and revelation, religious indifference etc It is no accident that Vatican II was the cradle for these errors. Cardinal Suenens called the council the “French Revolution in the Church” and rightly so – both are the product of that satanic sect. Our Lady will deal with them when God allows it.

      • I agree that Modernism is compatible with freemasonry. I wasn’t aware that Cardinal Suenens (a progressive) called the Council the “French Revolution in the Church.” The French Revolution was, of course and above all, an attempt to rid France of the Church and Catholicism. Wasn’t the motto of the French Revolution (if I recall correctly) the same as that of Freemasonry? “Liberty, equality, and fraternity.”

        • Indeed that motto has a rough equivalent in the post-concililar church – religious freedom/indifferentism (liberty), collegiality (equality) and ecumenism (fraternity). When you object to any of these, satan and his dupes will make out that you are uncharitable, intolerant, rigid, judgemental, fundamentalist etc All the “sins” of the new world order which Jorge is in love with.

    • There was an article on this website not too long ago, tacitly alleging just that. I do not believe it is unreasonable to conclude that is the case.

      • It is odd that Soros would be called a Zionist. He loathes Israel and funds every anti-Israel outfit he can find. You might approve, but you can’t have it both ways.

        I have found that the “Zionist” epithet is flung around rather easily among orthodox Catholics with whom I otherwise agree on virtually everything. I am a Jewish convert to traditional Catholicism, and I can tell you that this was not a happy discovery as I made my way over the Tiber. I cannot help contrasting this attitude with that of a saint like Philip Neri, who spoke the truth in love to all, and in particular, brought many Jews into the fold. This was a hurdle I had to surmount, yet the Spirit bloweth where It will, and here I am, by the grace of God.

        I personally experienced dismay among liberal Catholics when I announced my intention to be baptized into the Church. The “mustn’t touch” phobia surrounding Jewish conversion in those ranks is palpable. Divine Providence guided me to an FSSP parish 15 minutes from my house, I was catechized by that priest, and received into the Church. Deo gratias.

  7. I read recently somewhere – I think on another blog? – where a contributor stated that Astana, Kazakhstan was set to become the world capital of the globalist, NWO. Apparently several events are to take place this summer with the participation of major NWO players including the Vatican. Not sure what it is exactly, but it would be interesting to find out +Bp. Schneider’s take on something like this taking place within his own diocese.

    • I’ve heard the same; more specifically the “Temple” at Astana will be the HQ of the NWO’s “one world religion” when the time is right. Since early fathers of the Church think the last Antichrist will rise out of the east, this sort of makes sense.

  8. .

    Bishop Schneider isn’t saying anything about Freemasonry that we don’t already know. However, he effectively says that since it is difficult to prove that a priest or bishop is a Freemason, then they cannot be accused of being a member, even if they sound like a Freemason.


    • I agree with you. I think he’s trying to stay safe. He knows the infiltrators have power, money and handlers. He even mentions that it is difficult and dangerous to identify ecclesiatical freemasons – not because of the possibility of false positives – but because these men are ruthless in the pursuit of their goals. These are criminals who will use assasination, blackmail, bribery, false flags, etc. to advance their cause and mow down anyone who gets in their way even if it’s the Bishop of Astana.

        • Undoubtedly, martyrdom is part of the charism of Christianity. But insanity is not. We are not called to turn ourselves in to authorities who wish us harm. Jesus Himself did not do that. It was a traitor who turned Him in. The same will hold for the Bishop of Astana. Look also at the case of St. Thomas More, who remained silent until the end regarding the Oath of Supremacy to the King. He didn’t want to offend the king, but more importantly he didn’t want to offend God.

          • The Mafia have the same traits & call themselves Catholic. That doesn’t say we mustn’t get involved in fighting them & their hideous crimes. We must all stand for the Truth & whatever it takes to proclaim & live it. To call this ‘insanity’ is to gloss over our calling to follow Christ on the straight & narrow road.

            I am very grateful we have the four Cardinals, Bishop Schneider & their silent backers, but they must begin to show grit in their endeavours to get PF et al out of the Vatican which needs to be exorcised. Being nice at this stage of battle is not going to get results. These men only know & respect like for like – the language from the mouths of the lot of them clearly indicates they are not Catholic & only recognise the positions they hold as a means of the absolute power that goes with them. They do not deserve respect & they have brought the highest positions in the CC into disrepute.

          • I agree with you regarding the mafia (who by the way, are likely a more obviously criminal division of the freemasons), the courage of the cardinals and the need for bloody battle. All battles require planning, strategy and resources. The positions of these cardinals needs to be protected. Pope Francis will excommunicate them without the courtesy of answering their dubia questions. At that point it will be necessary to support these cardinals with more than words, if we believe in the cause of the One,Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church. In order to organize an underground parallel chruch, which will be necessary to fight the apostate church until it is purged of heretics, the cardinals will require our support, physical, financial and spiritual.

          • Absolutely. When we know what is happening we must begin to collectively make sure that the valid Mass & Sacraments are made available to all who desire them & not to just a few who are lucky enough to have an ‘underground’ church. We mustn’t be afraid to proclaim the True Faith. Excommunication will not have any effect because these men would have truly shown their stripes by such a deed & will have to be avoided & eventually replaced. Everything is possible with God who only asks for trust, prayer & penance.

          • Excommunication will have more than a superficial spiritual effect on the cardinals and anyone who follows them. They will, have their red hats taken, be forced out of Catholic churches, lose their source of income, lose all the resources of the Vatican. As I have said on this blog before, God acts through us. Yes, He requires trust, prayer, and penance but most importantly our actions, our money, our time – and our fortitude. Your reliance on God to take action has a protestant sensibility about it. It’s time to wake up. With God’s help we can defeat the enemy.

          • The man who may excommunicate the Cardinals has seemingly separated himself from the CC even long before he attained the Papal Office. This fact will most likely be verified soon after his abdication or demise. The claim by St. Gallen Group that they got ‘their man’ underlines that fact as well as the many statements from those who worked under him in Argentina. We now have an’ extended papacy’ so if he does suddenly leave the scene we shall not be without a leader – maybe that decision, in itself, came from God. Their excommunications would therefore not hold, just as the Sacred Body & Blood of Christ will not be present in the host offered to non-Catholics if that praxis is advanced, but those who both offer & receive what they perceive to be the Body & Blood of Christ will have committed sacrilege & put themselves in grave danger. Christ can withhold as well as give.

            The Dubia & formal correction have nothing to do with Martin Luther’s 95 thesis & should not be categorised as being remotely the same. They are necessary because of the designedly ambiguous nature of AL that could lead (& has in some parts of the world) to moral corruption if not clarified by the pope himself. He is not IMO in a position to do so & therefore should be the subject of a formal declaration not to follow him. We shall have to wait & see the outcome – I hope he will see sense & resign!

            As regards their loss of income – that should be the least of their problems. There are many fathers who have lost their jobs & their families have to adjust to living on benefits. These men are paid huge amounts for what they do with no families to care for & a guaranteed high lifestyle. Even if they do lose their high incomes they can easily survive on much lower. That’s why there are so many careerists amongst the prelature. True followers of Christ don’t expect such luxurious lives; most are humble & hard-working while doing God’s work.

          • Individual priests or bishops who will refuse to follow the pope will be homeless and without income, however; so–
            I am already thinking about how I could give room and board to such a priest in our family’s house.
            And anyone reading this with a spare room should do the same. On the bright side: you could have your own house chaplain.

          • Adrian.I agree with you.The Church may have to go underground and Mass Centres may well be in our own houses where we will house the Priest and generally look after them.From this The Faith will survive while the Modernist world whistles on its way to Hell.

          • No, I think this is the Passion and death of the Church in imitation of her Master. There will be a resurrection afterward, but not until we have lost everything. Pray for the grace to persevere.

          • I agree, but just like the peasants of the Vendee we have to fight to gain a crown. We may not win but it is worth the fight. At Lepanto Pius V and the church won in the face of daunting unfavorable odds.

          • Tempting as it is to apply a blunt instrument to the pates of some of the more Modernist Cardinals, I think you might be refering to our need for self-defense against good members of the “Religion of Peace?” I shall arm myself with a club made from a frozen ham.

          • Ana, you’re very right on a lot of things, but regarding the idea of charging in an almost foolhardy manner into direct conflict with these forces… that’s not going to work. It’s a sure way of being defeated. For example, look at Archbishop Lefebvre. He defied a papal order and consecrated bishops without papal mandate… and now the SSPX still doesn’t have canonical status, which puts certain of their sacraments (penance until last year and marriage especially) into question as to even their validity… and nearly all are illicit. Granted, they do great work and I totally support them as much as I can without attending one of their chapels… but the good Archbishop lost that fight.

            If the cardinals and a few bishops went headlong into this fight calling a spade a spade (and Francis a heretic) they would be called crazy, be excommunicated (which would be valid because, technically and actually, Francis is unfortunately pope), and lose the fight. So these Cardinals and Bishops need to be crafty, cunning. Bishop Schneider clearly says that, yes, you can’t call an individual Churchman a Freemason without solid, discernable evidence, that many churchmen speak like Freemasons. They may not be formal members, but they may have that spirit and ideology. I think he’s being very wise.

            Bishop Schneider is one of the good guys. He always has been. And he’s on the frontlines. So instead of questioning him and his motives, let’s support him. Even if he’s not what some of us want, he’s definitely what we have, and probably what we need.

          • If the pope utters heresy, a group of cardinals can legitimately delcare this and depose him. This means another election and hopefully an orthodox pope. Pope Francis has 6 months to answer the “dubita”. If he does not answer by that time, Burke & co have already said they will make a public correction and then Francis can 1) ignore them 2) censure them, or 3) say they are correct. My guess is 2), and then they will delcare the throne of Peter vacant and then the College of Cardinals splits and the faithful will have to decide which part is following Christ. According to the Apocalypse, the faithful will be in the minority and deprived of places of worship and material support. We will be back to “the catacombs” and worshiping in “house churches.” Get ready.

          • Yes, a catacomb church, an underground church, just like the Chinese, just like the Japanese for centuries, that is where we will be – for awhile. Our shepherds need to prepare this and if not them then we faithful have the job. Get ready.

          • That is as I understand it as well. It has been reported that many of PF’s supporters are steering clear of him since his vile verbal attack on rigid fundamentalists (Traditional Catholics), his obvious dislike (to put it mildly) of Cardinal Burke & his mindless sackings & demotions of anyone that doesn’t fully tow the line. The onslaught of one particular Greek Patriarch didn’t go down well generally nor the attempts at undermining the four Cardinals by PF’s mouthpieces. There must come a time when prelates will have endured enough of his hostility & start a backlash. Hope it will be very soon.

          • No, I’m not suggesting charging in – I think the formalities have to be respected, as the four Cardinals are doing. There is a plan they are following in delicately, but firmly, dealing with this situation. I’m sure these Cardinals have deeply considered what has to be done & the possible consequences. There comes a time when you just have to do the right thing & get on with it, despite the hazards involved. Their red hats signify their willingness to die for Christ so, while not wishing such an outcome for them, we shouldn’t be surprised at what these Modernists throw at them (& us) & be willing to take it on the chin, so to speak.

            I hold great regard for Bishop Schneider but I now want to hear hard core Catholicism from all our leaders, not false ecumenism. In this day & age, particularly in the West, there is no excuse for anyone not hearing the Word of God & returning to His Church, the One he came to found on the First Apostles & will be with until the End Times. China, Afghanistan & other such places still present a huge but not insurmountable problem. Trying to play footy with despots is not in line with our calling as soldiers of Christ & I pray this approach will cease. I don’t want to hear our pope calling us vile names & telling us we are no different to pagans/atheists etc. who can now get to Heaven by good deeds. Nor do I want to hear him declare there is no Hell & if anyone would be grossly bad they would just be annihilated. It gives the OK to deviants of all kinds to keep living the way they are without remorse for God’s Mercy is limitless. Enough is enough. Are there no MEN to put a stop to his gallop?

          • Ana, I have bad news for you. We are in “the great Apostasy” described in the book of Revelation, and as also described in the old testament, the faithful hunger and thirst for the word of God; but the world (the church) is suffering a terrible famine and drouth of sound teaching. You may or may not see the resurrection of the church after the great chastisement. Say your rosary, gather old books like the Baltimore Catechism and teach the youngsters of your own family the true faith. Persevere… we are living in bad times, and getting worse. Wait till the NWO coerces everyone to accept the mark of the beast ( a chip, or a barcode tatooed in invisible ink? — they can do that, now–). You will have to resist knowing that you will become a poor homeless person.

          • According to Tradition all but one (St. John) of the First Apostles were put to death for the faith. The Church continued to grow despite their martyrdom – maybe even because of it. With the exception of Fr. Jacques Hamel & the persecuted Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil I haven’t heard of any Bishops/Cardinals/Popes of recent times enduring such atrocity.

          • 2017 just started. If I were one of the bishops or cardinals I’d make sure my life insurance is paid up and I made it to confession once every two weeks. Just because major persecution hasn’t happened in awhile doesn’t mean it can’t start this year – particularly considering the confluence of annniversaries in 2017.

          • I agree. They, like us, should endeavour to always be ready for whatever comes their way.

            I read somewhere around the time of the first Synod on the Family that Cardinal Müller only went to confession once a year & many other Cardinals less often. Not much example there if correct.

          • Yes! It will be difficult, but realize that for such a time you were born and be diligent in perusing HIS will in these difficult days, looking forward to His victory and reward.

          • Count the years since a Pope was martyred. It is so long ago I suspect it has been erased from the job description.

            This one has simply fattened up and found himself hobknobbing with the NGO Jet Set, surrounded by Spec Ops armed with weapons the makers of which he condemns! What absurdities as he calls for people to live as he does NOT.

          • I believe in eternity we shall learn that Pope John Paul I was poisoned to prevent him from doing the Fatima consecration as Our Lady wished. He was also going to clean up the curia, and the “superforce” had to get rid of him quickly.
            I feel a terrible dread (hope I am wrong) that Pope Benedict may be the doomed “bishop in white” Sr Lucia saw in her vision at Fatima.

          • There were terrible atrocities visited on clergy & bishops under the Nazis– they even had a special conscentration camp for priests and up to 200 bishops and took delight in torturing them a long time before death. Likewise “secret bishops” in the Soviet Union under Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, up to Gorbachev. Catholic Ukraine suffered horribly from the Reds–Catholic clergy of any rank if found were sent to internal gulags for decades and starved and worked to death. Same with Red China. We just didn’t hear about them in the West. Bishop Sheen knew about many of them and spoke of their sufferings.

          • Except for Maximilian Kolbe these priests & religious were ignored by Rome & still are. Only for tv & internet we probably wouldn’t have known about Frs. Hamel & Uzhunnalil nor Asia Bibi. There are still countless martyrs in recent times that haven’t been spoken of because that would deal a deadly blow to false ecumenism. What I would like to see is the spirit of martyrdom being readily displayed by all Cardinals & Bishops &, of course, by the Pope.

    • We don’t need to know if they are Card Carrying members. We need only to address their words and if they quack, say they sound like a duck.

  9. Good man. We have reason to be very grateful to the few faithful Cardinals we have. May God help them and protect them.

      • Just wait for the next papacy… I hope. Maybe he can actually at least get his own diocese… he’s still just auxiliary!

        • According to prophecy we are at the end…. the ” End Times”… the onlynextpope besides Pope Emeritis Benedict XVI is Peter the Roman from Heaven !

          • I know the prophecy of which you speak and it’s rather dubious. Perhaps there are no more popes, perhaps this is the end. Or perhaps it’s not. According to that prophecy Francis would be Peter the Roman, unless you want to say he’s not the pope, a claim none of us are qualified to make.

  10. We have been told the Church has been infiltrated by Freemasons, Communists, even the devil himself. None of this will be successful. I expect we will be hearing from Our Lady of Fatima soon in the form of a divine intervention that will help set the barque of St Peter back on the right course. Pray for the Church and Pope Francis.

    • Communists, feminists, , modernists, liberals, gay lobbyists etc. all work for Satanic freemasonry and our government and many other world governments too. Catholic Church always is their main target to destroy. After getting defeat badly on presidential election, they will attack, undermine even sabotage DJT government. Many people think Trump was chosen by God to take the country back and he will succeed. God is great!

    • If others priests and the faithfuls did not support 4 cardinals God might have used US president DJT to expose PF as an NWO agent whose mission is to eliminate the Church. God have chosen Trump to break off the influences of US NWO government in sabotage, then enslave Americans. No morality no existence.

  11. This is why one should reconsider contributing the Shriner’s Hospitals. The Masons have gained influence at the highest levels of the Vatican,in the remotest parishes, and everywhere in between. The Agenda of the Freemasons is the agenda of the United Nations and the Globalists who labor to implement that agenda through the World. It is an evil agenda, and one designed to build the kingdom of Lucifer. Anyone who aligns themselves to this agenda, especially the Global Warming Agenda, have alienated themselves from Salvation.

  12. Thanks be to God that in Bishop Schneider we have one great bishop speaking clearly, strongly and beautifully. I would add that the current crisis of faith, doctrine and discipline in the Catholic Church, which has re-accelerated since March 2013, is also due in part to Masons who have infiltrated the Church and corrupted it from within. I believe this was forewarned by Our Lady of Fatima in the part of the Third Secret still kept secret. There is evidence this still hidden part of the Third Secret speaks of infiltration of the Church at the highest levels, and in the words of the late great Cardinal Ciappi, of the “Great apostasy that will begin at the top.”

  13. A.D. 2017: 100 years since Fatima, 300 years since the Founding of Freemasonry, 500 years since the Protestant Revolt

    Nope…nothing bad is gonna happen this year. Move along, nothing to see.

    • Don’t forget that on 23 September 2017 the “Great Sign” which unequivocally places us at Chapter 12, verses 1-2 of the Book of Revelation will be seen astronomically in the skies over Jerusalem at 6:10 local time.
      Batten down the hatches, hold on to your hats, say the rosary, not forgetting to wear your brown scapulars.

      • I had a friend tell me about this earlier this evening! I had no idea, but it’s amazing, if true, and rather shocking considering all the other significant anniversaries of this year.

    • 50th anniversary of Zionist seizure of Jerusalem.
      50th anniversary of Israel’s attack on USS Liberty.
      100th anniversary of Balfour Declaration (by Lords Rothschild and Balfour for creation of Israel)
      100th anniversary of Bolshevik revolution.

  14. Quote from the article:

    “In his lecture, Bishop Schneider went on to declare that the goal of freemasonry is to eliminate the entire doctrine of God, especially Catholic doctrine.”

    I wonder if this is a direct quote from what Bp. Schneider actually said, or a summation. Because it sounds as if the Bishop is saying that Catholic doctrine isn’t the only doctrine of God.

    • I would say he emphasised ‘Catholic’ as being the only Doctrine from God as any other is false & to be avoided.

      • Can you explain further about how the bishop emphasizes Catholic as being the only doctrine of God? And that any other is false and to be avoided? Thanks. I’m just not seeing that.

        • Christ founded His Church – the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church – on St. Peter & the First Apostles. Those belonging to another creed are either schismatic (having broken from Rome) or heathen.

          • I question as to whether or not Bishop Schneider has the same understanding as what you wrote above. In an interview with the Latin Mass Magazine on May 30, 2014, Bishop Schneider said the following, regarding non-Catholics:

            “Ecumenism is necessary in order to be in contact with our separated brethren and in order to love them. From the depth of the challenge offered to us by the new paganism, we may and must collaborate with non-Catholics who seriously wish to defend the revealed truth and the natural law that God created.”

            By his statement above, it’s evident that Bishop Schneider believes that God has given Truth to the other religions. This is not the Traditional view, but rather a Vatican ll Council view.

            Here’s the entire interview. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where the question “On sharing Holy Communion with Anglicans and others” is given. You’ll find Bishop Schneider’s response, which I quoted above, under the question:


          • True ecumenism finds a person “where they are” and helps them find the way of truth until they reach the Catholic Church, outside which there is no salvation. I think that’s what he means. A truly open-minded person will study history and our doctrines and conclude logically that the Cathoic Church is where the Truth is, and will joyfully recognize this and become part of it.
            For instance, George Orwell, who began as a Communist but was comitted to truth, and not afraid to say when he discovered Communism was evil and he was wrong, IMO might well have become Catholic had he lived longer ( he died prematurely of TB). He was groping his way towards the truth when he died. He as a journalist hated lies and the perversion of language to mislead people. His timeless essay “Politics and the English Language” is more appropos than ever. This is the attitude we must encourage in honest non-Catholics to lead them to the Church.

          • I don’t think that’s what he means in the Latin Mass interview. There’s no indication or reference at all that he believes that non-Catholics should convert, or that they should be encouraged to convert. Ecumenism, for Bishop Schneider, is about working together with others religions to stop further secularization of society. Perhaps he has given others interviews that indicate that non-Catholics should convert. I don’t recall seeing anything, though.

    • Catholic doctrine is the on!y full doctrine of God. Others have partial doctrine, such as recognition of the Trinity and the divinity of Christ. The Bishop is saying that Freemasons oppose all such doctrine and they especially oppose its fullness in Catholicism.

  15. Wow. Just goes to show how even a “man of god” can be just as ignorant as the next guy. Keep leading your flock astray. It’s why you’ll be irrelevant sooner rather than later.

  16. The Vatican is full of Freemasons at the highest levels. It’s the only way to explain the descent of darkness of the Church in our time. Catholic mystics had fingered and predicted the corruption of the Church we now see. How much further can it get?
    We are like fish born in contaminated water. We can never understand the idea of clean water but we can tell the water is getting even more polluted. Freemasonry is the anti-church plain and simple. If you research freemasonry you will be alarmed at how it has influenced society at all levels. The Church is supposed to be a bulwark against it and had been in the past. Those days are over, the enemy is within.

    • If you want to know the history of how the church got to where it is, read “The Jesuits” (non fiction), “the Vatican” (novel) and Windswept House (novel) all 3 by the late Fr Malachi Martin who freely admitted that he could only write the truth about Satan’s infiltrating the Vatican via Freemasonry in his novels.

  17. We have a moral obligation to resist reform if that reform is from Satan. That is what we are fighting today.

  18. Two of my novels which are published are on the destruction of our society by the Masons…found here and here.

    I have one more on the Masons’ destruction of a particular Order, a novel yet unpublished.

  19. The counsel from Schneider and the valor from these four cardinals in this present time of peril is a thing beyond these men. It comes from a Power that walked this earth 2000 years ago, the Truth Who promised that the gates of hell will never prevail against His Church. The battle with His Church was then only but beginning. And now, 2000 years later, in this present dark hour before dawn, let us not doubt or grow weary in battle. Frequent the Sacraments, fast, say the Rosary, do the First Five Saturdays Devotion.

  20. The church has some corrupt humans running the show in the Vatican. Apparently the Bishop and other like Bishop Fulton Sheen do what is right and willnot be swayed.

    • There are many modern/Modernist Catholics & KofC members who don’t want to see the evil behind freemasonry. It gets in the way of jobs, community solidarity and money. They’ll say, “After all, what did those old fuddy-duddy conspiracy minded rigid popes know? We know better, we’re team players, nobody will shut down the Catholic churches.” No? We’ll do it ourselves, with masonic relativism, naturalism, polytheism, materialism.

      • The visions of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich include men with aprons destroying the Church. When I learned about the “collaboration” I stopped paying my dues as a KofC and I haven’t returned to those meetings any more. I had seen enough already with my own eyes, the news about the collaboration was the last straw.

        • The visions of Bl Emmerich do not surprise me although I am unfamiliar with them. As for the collaboration and infiltration of the KofC with masonry, again no surprise. Elsewhere on this blog I have discussed the deaths of St. Pius X and Fr. Wernz , which occurred within 24 hrs of each other in 1914. I believe it was with their murders that the formal infiltration into the papacy by freemasonry occurred in the Catholic Church. The process’ manifestations only became obvious with Pope John XXIII and Vatican II. We are in deep doo doo.

          • We are indeed in deep doo doo indeed. I pray that Our Mother will intercede for us. I understand that the evil disobedience has to be made manifest.
            Matthew 13: 24 Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. 26 When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared. 27 “The owner’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?’28 “‘An enemy did this,’ he replied.“The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’29 “‘No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.’”

  21. Msgr. Luigi Villa asked for & received permission to meet with Padre Pio in the early 50’s. At that time Padre Pio told him that our Lord wanted Fr. Villa to defend the Church from the work of freemasonry, especially ecclesiastical FREEMASONRY. Through his Bishop, Fr. Villa received approval from Pope Pius XII to so defend the Church of Christ. He went on to obtain a Dr. of Dogmatic Theology degree. In the mid 60’s he again visited Padre Pio, who scolded him for not working harder & said “I have been waiting for you a long time, Courage, Courage, Courage ! For the Church is already invaded by freemasonry, it has already reached the Pope’s slippers.” Giovanni Montini was Pope Paul VI at that time. When Pope John Paul II first accepted the process to beatify Paul VI, Fr. Villa presented evidence & documents he collected & that process was quashed. Fr. Villa died on 18 Nov 12. Very promptly the ‘Montini’ faction again presented a request to beatify Paul VI which was accepted by Benedict XVI. Read some of the many books published on freemasonry & its avowed enemy, The Catholic Church. Draw your own conclusions, the truth is there, just seek it.
    Msgr. Villa published several books, some are available on-line. He devoted his entire life to this task. He named those prelates that were Masons, many already inside the Vatican. He was assaulted & threatened on several occasions.

    • Msgr. Villa was preceded in his ecclesiastical freemasonry sleuthing by Msgr. Jouin. It is alleged that he stopped the papal election of Cardinal Mariano Rampolla, a freemason, in 1904 by approaching Emperor Franz joseph of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The tragedy today, is that no one, that I know of, is formally attempting to do this. We’re on our own, but I’m sure that if all the popes from Benedict XV to the present were card carrying freemasons, except for Pope Pius XI, who was a special case, then we can come to the obvious conclusion that Pope Francis is also a freemason.

  22. Thank you for posting the link to the Immaculatae reconstituted by the SSPX, rather than the original Immaculata neutered by the Vatican II revolution. I am hopeful that you are changing your tune about the SSPX – and not because of Francis’ Year of So-Called Mercy either, but because the SSPX has preserved the Faith intact and resisted the revolution. Remember that, according to the rules of Freemasonry and their political offshoot the Communists, those who resist the revolution must be persecuted…

  23. “Page 117, of the pope’s book, On Heaven and Earth, in regards to same-sex unions
    “If there is a union of a PRIVATE NATURE, THERE IS NEITHER A THIRD PARTY NOR IS SOCIETY AFFECTED. Now, if this union is given the category of marriage and they are given adoption rights, there could be children affected. Every person needs a male father and female mother that can help them shape their identity.” -Jorge Mario Bergoglio

    When one denies that God Is The Author of Love, of Life, and of Marriage by denying the Sanctity of the marital act, one denies The Divinity of The Most Holy And Undiivided Blessed Trinity, and thus one denies
    Salvational Love, God’s Gift of Grace and Mercy.

    When you exchange the truth for a lie, anything can become permissible, including the destruction of the life of an innocent son or daughter, residing in their mother’s womb, and the reordering of man, according to sexual desire/inclination/orientation, which objectifies the human person, and denies the inherent Dignity of every beloved son and daughter.

  24. “The black beast like a leopard indicates Freemasonry; the beast with two horns like
    a lamb indicates Freemasonry infiltrated into the interior of the Church, that is to
    say, ECCLESIASTICAL MASONRY, which has spread especially among the members of
    the hierarchy. This Masonic infiltration, in the interior of the Church, was already
    foretold to you by me at Fatima, when I announced to you that Satan would enter in
    even to the summit of the Church. If the task of Masonry is to lead souls to perdition,
    bringing them to worship false divinities, the task of ecclesiastical Masonry . . is that
    of DESTROYING CHRIST AND HIS CHURCH, building a new idol, namely a false christ
    and a false church.”
    —Marian Movement of Priests: To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, June 13, 1989 [ anniversary of 2nd Fatima apparition ],”The Beast Like A Lamb”.
    Like A Lamb”, #406g,

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