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Bishop Schneider: “We Have Already Had an Infallible Response to the Errors of Martin Luther”

Claire Chretien of LifeSiteNews has posted a new video today of the Q&A with Bishop Athanasius Schneider at the Cosmos Club in Washington DC after his October 20, 2016 talk. In it, he was asked about Pope Francis’ statement that Martin Luther “did not err” on justification.

He responded, in part:

We have already had an infallible response to the errors of Martin Luther: the Council of Trent. The teaching of the Council of Trent about the errors of Luther, I repeat, are infallible, ex cathedra. And the comments of the pope in the plane are not ex cathedra.

Those particular comments begin at 1:43 in the video, but the entire Q&A is worth your time:

31 thoughts on “Bishop Schneider: “We Have Already Had an Infallible Response to the Errors of Martin Luther””

  1. From David L Gray’s website:

    Martin Luther on Social Justice

    “Peasants are no better than straw. They will not hear the word and they are without sense; therefore they must be compelled to hear the crack of the whip and the whiz of bullets and it is only what they deserve.” (ref. Erlangen Vol 24, Pg. 294).

    “To kill a peasant is not murder; it is helping to extinguish the conflagration. Let there be no half measures! Crush them! Cut their throats! Transfix them. Leave no stone unturned! To kill a peasant is to destroy a mad dog!” – “If they say that I am very hard and merciless, mercy be damned. Let whoever can stab, strangle, and kill them like mad dogs” (ref. Erlangen Vol 24, Pg. 294).

    “Like the drivers of donkeys, who have to belabor the donkeys incessantly with rods and whips, or they will not obey, so must the ruler do with the people; they must drive, beat throttle, hang, burn, behead and torture, so as to make themselves feared and to keep the people in check.” (ref. Erlangen Vol 15, Pg. 276).

    Martin Luther was the kind of man only a moron would support.

    • Perhaps the answer is this: Pope Francis doesn’t read….doesn’t read Luther, doesn’t read the Koran but loves it nevertheless, doesn’t read Christ on Judas but instead prefers a sculpture he saw with Christ carrying Judas and smiling, doesn’t read the Pentateuch but says the 5th commandment forbids the death penalty…even though the same God gives over 30 death penalties to the same audience in the Pentateuch. It’s impossible to read if you are verbally opining 24/7. There is no break in his talking that would make reading possible.

      • I think you are on to something sir. On more reflection I believe such is true of the Catholic clergy in general, and the laity in particular. Few bother to not only read but study Scripture (and Sacred Tradition) , which leaves everyone open to the latest fads and heresies. Just as the body cannot fight off infection unless it has been exposed to and recognizes the pathogen, the body of the Church cannot fight that which it does not know. The Church has little immune system left save for the faith of the little ones.

  2. If this whole horror story of Francis was in the Bible, I could see Jesus asking Bishop Schneider: “Where are the other 20,873 or so of your brother bishops? Did not all receive the fullness of Holy Orders at their consecration?” Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth in eternity for so many bishops, cardinals, and pope(s). 🙁

    • If this whole horror story of Francis was in the Bible, I could see Jesus asking Bishop Schneider: “Where are the other 20,873 or so of your brother bishops?

      I think Our Lord would have used a smaller number, as there are only around 5,000 or so Catholic bishops, of both East and West.

  3. Further quotations from Martin Luther:

    “Christ committed adultery first of all with the women at the well about whom St. John tell’s us. Was not everybody about Him saying: ‘Whatever has He been doing with her?’ Secondly, with Mary Magdalen, and thirdly with the women taken in adultery whom He dismissed so lightly. Thus even, Christ who was so righteous, must have been guilty of fornication before He died.” (ref. Trishreden, Weimer Edition, Vol. 2, Pg. 107. – What a great blasphemy from a man who is regarded as “great reformer”!)

    “If we allow them – the Commandments – any influence in our conscience, they become the cloak of all evil, heresies and blasphemies” (ref. Comm. ad Galat, p.310).

    “It is more important to guard against good works than against sin.” (ref. Trischreden, Wittenberg Edition, Vol. VI., p. 160).

    “If I had to baptize a Jew, I would take him to the bridge of the Elbe, hang a stone round his neck and push him over with the words I baptize thee in the name of Abraham” (ref. Grisar, “Luther”, Vol. V. pg. 413).

    “Suppose I should counsel the wife of an impotent man, with his consent, to giver herself to another, say her husband’s brother, but to keep this marriage secret and to ascribe the children to the so-called putative father. The question is: Is such a women in a saved state? I answer, certainly.” (ref. On Marriage).

    What a piece of work… eh? and there is a lot more vomit to share from the drunken fool Luther…

    This is the man your “Pope” sets up a statue of in Rome.

      • The writings are all out there. Honest Protestant scholars are embarrassed by him. Reliable history is not a Protestant strong point, so they just don’t care. What Protestants do is, rather than refute the man, they enshrine his teachings without question, for example:

        “No matter his personality; no matter his faults; no matter his personal failures. He is one of the greatest men in human history. Most importantly, his theology is as true today as when he expressed them.
        The Bible is the only source of faith; it contains the plenary inspiration of God; its reading is invested with a quasi-sacramental character.

        Human nature has been totally corrupted by original sin, and man, accordingly, is deprived of free will. Whatever he does, be it good or bad, is not his own work, but God’s.

        Faith alone can work justification, and man is saved by confidently believing that God will pardon him. This faith not only includes a full pardon of sin, but also an unconditional release from its penalties. ” ( John Peters · Hannibal-LaGrange University -from a comment at New Advent on a Martin Luther article.)

        Notice how this person makes God the Originator of Evil!

          • And the reverse is true: To be ignorant of history (tradition) is to cease to be a Catholic. (attribution to my blessed older brother)

      • There is debate on some of the quotes attributed to him.

        As an ex-Lutheran I can tell you that Martin’s more juicy sayings are often ignored. But some of the statements attributed to him are dubious, which isn’t to say they aren’t possibly true.

        But overall, he exhibited a strange foulness and coarseness in doctrinal discourse that is quite disturbing and exposes a really rank “need” to diminish almost anything that seemed of piety. His doctrines seem all too often to reflect his own psychological troubles.

        Let’s remember, nobody followed Pope Alexander VI around with a microphone {thank heaven…}, but having said that, ole Rod Borgia wasn’t much for doctrinal commentary, either!

        Overall, the more I learn about Luther, the more glad I am to be Catholic.

  4. “Ex cathedra” is throwing stones from the chair of Moses and not welcoming and unmerciful etc etc (ad nauseum). The only thing we know ex cathedra is that an ex-Nazi cant have a Catholic burial. And immigrant non-welcomers go to hell.

  5. The brilliant Bishop Schneider! Please pray for him and that more priests like him come to the fore. A voice in the wilderness!!

  6. Bishop Schneider:

    Next time you are in town in the Vatican or, if you’d prefer, could you make a few calls to folks you know there to take a sledge hammer to the Chocolate Martin Luther Abomination of Desolation standing in the Vatican?

    I can’t take time off work right now, but I’d appreciate it if you could make a few calls. Maybe some of the building maintenance crew might be able to take care of it during their lunch break?

    Thank you.

  7. Love this article and video. Another response to Luther was excommunication. No salvation outside the Catholic Church. Some ecclesiastic communities have parts of the truth as B16 reminded us, but it is like only having some part of a key, One could figure out what it is supposed to be for it can’t get the motor humming. That’s what Missionary Work is for. Too bad the last encyclical that I can recall on the Missions was by Pope Paul VI.

  8. “Trent was, therefore, pervasively influential, but, even so, it was not Catholicism. Nor did it intend to be.” p 274 “Trent” by John W. O/Malley, SJ, who goes on to list all the issues that Trent did not bother to discuss. Hardly an ex cathedra document. See pp 253-254 for his discussion of the compromise decree on justification, and how disputes about it broke out almost immediately after the end of the council, which continued into the battles between the Jesuits and the Jansenists that raged across Catholic Europe. Can a council even speak ex cathedra: only a Pope can do that.

  9. Bishop Schneider reminds me a lot of Archbishop Lefebvre. Traditionalist bishop travels the world preaching Tradition, and exposing modernism in the institutional Church.

    I hope more and more bishops like +Schneider will come out of the wood work.


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