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Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Diebus Saltem Dominicis: You can’t be surprised by Lent

Our coming Sunday is already Septuagesima.  Let’s do the technical stuff first. Septuagesima slides around from year to year because Easter slides around because the Moon is a bit of a calendrical coquette, or as Juliet calls her, “inconstant”.  Easter is early this year, 31 March.  We celebrate Easter in the Western Churches on the…

At Least On Sunday – “Gaudete” Sunday: Advent – joyfully penitential or penitentially joyful?

This lovely liturgical season of Advent is more than a sentimental journey to the side of the manger with an ox and an ass and some straw strewn around for ambience.  We Christians fast before our feasts with vigils and with whole seasons.  Advent, dressed in violet and not white, is therefore penitential.  We sing…

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