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At This Most Glorious Time

Dear OnePeterFive donors, supporters and readers,


I might not need to remind you, dear reader—but still, it’s nice to think about: we are not even halfway through Easter. The Son is Risen, and the celebration has just begun.

Curiously, however, we Catholics seem to prefer Lent. We love the chance for a personal reset, the shedding of the skin of laziness, bad habits and distraction to focus on the one thing that matters most.

Which is not to say we actually do Lent very well, because we usually don’t. But we try. (Or we say we try.)

Then God in His abundant mercy humors us in our efforts by pouring out extraordinary grace to bring us, His children, through a mysterious participation in His Passion and Resurrection where we touch His hands and side and believe.

God is good and glorious; He is beauty itself. And He is Victor. Through the darkness of sin and death, He breaks through to save us. This is the story that thrums in our hearts as we celebrate these 50 days.

So in the spirit of Easter joy and hope, I come to you from our mission of faith at OnePeterFive.

We’re a singular online publication contributing a perspective that is as original as it is indispensable. But I think you know that.

We swim in beauty—the beauty of the Holy Mass, of churches and altars worthy of the Blessed Sacrament, of music, historic tradition, and truth—even where it is unwelcome. The design of our home page is, I think, beautiful. Our content is especially beautiful.

As we say on our website:

Our writers come from diverse backgrounds but share a common goal: to work together to restore the beauty, majesty, and glory of the Catholic Church as the principal force for good in a fallen world.

Beauty is in short supply these days. Though our souls long for it, we stumble, distracted, and hurry past it, accepting far less as a rule.

Sure, we’re good with some Lent, the covered statues and white-knuckled deprivation. But Easter? A celebration lasting days and weeks with food, flowers, music, and alleluias? Enough already. We need to move on.

We at OnePeterFive say no to that spirit. We say beauty is worth noticing, creating, enjoying.

And so we ask at this time of year: will you help us keep Easter going the full 50 days so we can promote all the goodness that the Catholic Church in her Faith and Tradition has to offer?

Today we need $60,000 to keep going to the end of 2023. This pays our bills, including skeleton staff, web-hosting, tech fees, accounting, writer stipends, and so on. And I need your help, once again, as a faithful reader and benefactor, to cover it.

Will you please make a tax-deductible gift to OnePeterFive today?

Your generosity feeds thousands in this dark world. We are like a small, flickering sanctuary light on the internet. Little in the grand scope of it all, but scourge of the darkness, shining and powerful.

In the spirit of the season, I urge you not to ask, “How little can I donate?” but instead: “How generous can I be?” Because you will be rewarded.

Could you sponsor an entire week for $2,500, or even an entire month for $10,000? Or can you make a special one-time Easter gift of $250 or $500? Can you give even $25, $50, or $100?

We’re a one-of-a-kind online publication with a unique voice. Without you, that voice would go silent. And this is no time for silence: this is a time for alleluias!

Please, please help support OnePeterFive with your gift today.


Sincerely in Christ,


Timothy S. Flanders
St. Joseph Against the Marxists


P.S. Please celebrate beauty with us today through your most generous Easter gift to OnePeterFive.

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