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I’m pleased to announce that magisterial theologian Dr. John Joy is joining the editorial staff of OnePeterFive. I got to know his work when he appeared on a few YouTube channels and I realised that with our other theologian contributing editor, Dr. Mike Sirilla, he is doing critically important theological work in our time. Since then he has published a number of articles with OnePeterFive (having previously weighed in on a number of 2017 controversies), as well as three books!

Dr. Joy did his dissertation on the concept of the Magisterium, which is talked about a lot these days (for good reason), but is in fact a modern term. As such there’s lot of theological questions that are not entirely resolved by the Church.

These questions form the basis of pretty much all the critiques I have heard from critics of the Trad movement (almost none of them being from real theologians themselves!).

As such his dissertation (recently published in a 2nd edition by Arouca) is very important for the Trad movement:

Dr. Joy’s Dissertation now in an (affordable!) 2nd edition

He applied his dissertation to a very important text (much of which has already been on OnePeterFive and Nova et Vetera) which our other contributing editor, Peter Kwasniewski, brought into print with Os Justi Press:

Dissertation applied to the pressing question in our day

But as he points out beautifully in the podcast above, the heart and soul of theology is really prayer. As I wrote about in my first book, that helps explain the collapse of theology in modern times (something that began before Vatican II).

So what is Dr. Joy’s true passion in theology? Nothing else but the heart and soul of prayer: the Cross of Jesus Christ. Thus his favourite theological work is the atonement, which was published by Cruachan Hill:

Dr. Joy’s central passion as a theologian

Finally, I’m happy to announce that Dr. Joy will be starting a series here at OnePeterFive translating his dissertation into monthly articles which will provide the necessary “Magisterium 101” for the Trad faithful to be equipped to not only defend our movement for the sake of the Church and cut through the confusion, but also be more pious and faithful Catholics ourselves! So stay tuned for that later this week.


T. S. Flanders
St. Irenaeus, Doctor of Unity

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