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ANNOUNCEMENT: to Double TLM Worldwide

The team behind the popular Mass of the Ages documentary trilogy has announced our plans to create an online platform designed to increase Latin Masses worldwide. The platform will host the popular “Mass of the Ages” documentary trilogy; stunning short films; free training for priests, servers, and choirs; a global TLM finder that works at the click of a button; and the ability for a donor to ‘sponsor’ a priest by sending them a box of Latin Mass supplies. will be the new face of the traditional movement, the first step for anyone who is curious about traditional Catholicism and reverent liturgy.

There is so much confusion and division in the Church right now, but we want to focus on the future: we want to build. If you look at the state of the Church since Traditionis Custodes was released, you will be surprised to learn that the vast majority of bishops have not restricted any Latin Masses!

This means we have a great opportunity with diocesan priests. If we can provide the training and resources needed for diocesan priests to celebrate the TLM, we can quickly move the needle and increase Latin Masses worldwide. will become the front porch of the Latin Mass movement!

We are excited to announce that in order to build this platform, we have formed a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so all contributions are now tax deductible. Please see this short video from CEO & Director, Cameron O’Hearn, to learn more.

Finally, we are offering Patreon-style rewards tiers for all of those who are willing to commit to supporting our efforts with a monthly donation. Beautiful, cutting-edge films, websites, and apps require immense amounts of money, time, and talent to develop properly, but we believe that preserving the Mass of our forefathers is worth the effort!

Please join us and help us build the future of the Church now, so that our children and grandchildren can attend the same Mass that nurtured their patron saints.

Donations can be made at

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