An Update on Isaac

Yesterday, I asked for your prayers for a little boy named Isaac who had suffered inexplicable seizures four several hours and had to be heavily sedated and intubated. Yesterday, his doctors determined the culprit — viral meningitis — and began treatment.

This is Isaac today:


His mother writes:

Friday morning update: since coming off the ventilator yesterday afternoon Isaac has had no trouble breathing and keeping his O2 levels in a good range on just room air. He struggled most of the night with deliriums but this morning woke up remembering his name, the date and even did some mental math for the neurologist. ?

This is an unbelievable transformation from yesterday. Docs say he will continue to make progress back to his normal cognitive self but it will take time. He will hopefully be able to be transferred out of the PICU to the Peds unit later today or tomorrow with the hope of going home in a few days.

48 hours ago, Mike and I were like Abraham on Mount Moriah, wondering if we were being asked to give our Isaac back to the Lord. But He blessedly sent us a ram instead. This journey has brought us to our knees and reminded us of the power of prayer and the presence of grace all around us. But even more, we are fully aware of the embarrassment of riches we have In each one of you, our dear friends and family and internet acquaintances, who have supported and prayed for us and stepped up to fill in for us at home. We will never be able to adequately thank or repay you. But please know how grateful we are.

Watching him open the sweet notes from his friends and cousins gave me as much (or more) joy as it gave him.

Thank you all for coming to his aid with your prayers. Please continue to ask God for his speedy recovery.

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