Absolutely Stunning Candlelight Marian Procession for the Synod


I’m exhausted by the Synod. I’m exhausted by the debates about the SSPX. And yet, this video combines both themes in a way that is so radically uplifting, so completely moving that I finished it in tears.

This. This. This. 

This is what Catholicism is supposed to look like.

You want to call them schismatics? You’re wrong, but go right ahead. The institutional Church gives us an endless parade of perverse clerics trying to tear down Christ’s teaching, while the SSPX gives us this.

You can say whatever you want about the SSPX. But until you give Catholics in perfect communion with the Church, Catholics with full canonical status, something this simple, this devout, this powerful, this breathtakingly beautiful…I don’t want to hear from you.

The faithful are waiting. Not for streamlined annulments, not for communion for the divorced and remarried, not for female deacons, not for acceptance of sexual perversity.

For this. We are waiting for this. 

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