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A Warning About the So-Called “Latin Mass Society”


UPDATE – May 26, 2016: Rather than write a new post, I wanted to add new information to this one. As it stands, a Google search for “Anthony Perlas” or “Anthony Tridentine” returns this article as the top result. It is the best place, therefore, for an update.

A couple months ago, I received word from two individuals who had been engaging with Anthony “Tridentine” Perlas behind the scenes. They told me that he had begun to understand the damage he’s done, and is no longer trying to represent the Latin Mass nor have any professional connection to the Catholic Church. I was also told that he had taken down the pornographic and Aryan/Nazi fetish materials from his Facebook page.

This was, as it turned out, only partially true. Anthony had taken down some of the materials, but a quick glance at his Instagram page showed that it certainly wasn’t all gone. Then he gave up the “Latin Mass Society” name and changed his page name to “Seroptics Models” — a derivative of the “Seraphim” he believes he is in contact with, called “Seroptia.” I’m not going to link to it, because it’s filled, as you might expect, with inappropriate material. On January 28, 2016, the page featured a status update that read:

We’ve heard your feedback, listened and we’ve got a solution! We’re rebranding for February and sticking solely as a secular non-religiousmodeling agency.

Core Values:
Beauty and Wisdom and the four pillars of joy, creativity, self-determination and a judgement a free world still remains.

Most of the posts showing women in chapel veils were deleted. Before long, they were replaced by lingerie shoots and partial nudity, both in the form of videos and still photos. It was a sudden and disturbing shift toward depravity.

Last night, I got a message from someone who had found the article below. They claimed to have had some interactions with Anthony, who now does his photography in Michigan and Ohio. This person, who self-identifies as non-religious and “progressive,” nonetheless said they find Anthony’s work “inappropriate”. They said that he is misrepresenting himself as a photographer for Victoria’s Secret and Vogue, and also as a modeling agency. This individual has expressed their concerns about these and some other odd behaviors, as well with the influence Anthony apparently has over some of the young women he is photographing. So far, these concerns have fallen on deaf ears. This individual then sent me the following screenshot of a Perlas “project”:


It seems clear that Anthony has continued along the disturbing trajectory we first documented last October. He is a young man very much in need of prayers, as are the young women who fall under his sway. If you are reading this article because he has contacted you or is working with you in some capacity and you are trying to find out more about him, please be very careful.

The original post follows the page break.


This is a post I’ve been putting off writing. It’s a troubling story, and one I doubt will reach a happy conclusion. I must urgently warn Catholics to steer clear of the so-called “Latin Mass Society” and Anthony Perlas (a.k.a. “Anthony Tridentine”). Despite the good that they once appeared to be doing for the Latin Mass, they have no official affiliation with Ecclesia Dei, Una Voce, any official Latin Mass associations (like the excellent Latin Mass Society of England and Wales), or the FSSP. And they are now involved in some very disturbing activities – including but not limited to the production of pornography.

If you want to know more, there’s something of a personal connection here, so please bear with me while I give you some backstory. I’ve done my best to document what I can.

In February of this year, I was looking for some photography to use in an article about the practice of women’s veiling when I came across the work of a young photographer named Anthony Perlas. Perlas runs a website called the Latin Mass Society. His work included both photos and videos, and featured attractive young women wearing chapel veils, all shot in a contemporary style that showed a talent and understanding of the craft. I put a premium on aesthetics in the images we use, so this appealed to me. Thinking back on it now, there was something about his style prickled at the back of my brain. Some of his images almost made the young women in veils come across as…sexy. But it at the time, the effect was relatively subtle, and I chalked it up to the influence of the sort of secular media culture that, for better or worse, tends to produce higher-quality visuals than most Catholic outlets do.

I wound up publishing my article before Anthony and I were able to connect. But once we made contact, he told me he was interested in having me as a guest on his Google Hangouts series, the Latin Rosary Online. “Michael Voris amongst Gail Buckley and other public figures such as best selling catholic Author Dr. John Acquaviva has also participated,” he said.

1P5 was still fairly new, and it seemed like it might be a good opportunity for exposure, so I agreed to do the program.

At the scheduled time, I was brought into a Hangouts session by a young woman named Kristina, who was introduced to me as the “host” of the program. I immediately noticed that she wasn’t dressed for a traditional Catholic video podcast. She wearing pajama pants and a tight spaghetti strap tank top. I’ve chosen a relatively innocuous screenshot from the video, but you can see that her attire was surprisingly revealing, considering the venue.

Kristina was the “host” of the Latin Rosary Online. Her face has been obscured at her request.

She was a perfectly pleasant person to deal with. As someone who has had countless battles with my own (college-age) daughter about modesty, I’m never all that surprised when young women are unaware of the effect of immodest clothing. After all, the culture is decidedly working against them. But I also didn’t think there was any way she was going on camera like that – at least, not with an FSSP priest on the line. (Fr. James Fryar was the clerical guest – we’ll get back to him in a minute.) At first, I thought Kristina must have just been the tech person who got things set up. As things progressed, however, I realized she was going to be on with us. Anthony was dressed in a shirt and tie. Fr. Fryar was in his Roman Collar. I was wearing a collared shirt. One of these things was not like the others.

Still, having never done a Google Hangouts session before, I assumed maybe she wouldn’t be on screen. Maybe she had control of the camera and would be voice-only. When you’re in a Google Hangout session, the camera switches automatically to the person who is talking, so it’s hard to say for sure what you’re going to see in the final recording when you’re not used to it.

In the end, she was on screen a lot. Nobody said anything about it. Not Anthony, not Fr. Fryar, and not me. We all had a worthwhile conversation, though, and like an idiot, I went ahead and posted the video to the 1P5 Facebook page, assuming that perhaps the quality of the content would make up for the visual distraction.

It was a dumb move on my part. I got a lot of negative feedback from readers, and with good reason. I had made a poor choice. So I pulled the video. I sent an explanatory note to Kristina, apologizing that for not addressing it at the time:

I feel like I did you a disservice. At first, I wasn’t sure how the hangout worked and which screens would be shared. After, I couldn’t find a polite way to tell you that you were exposing too much.

I have a daughter, as I mentioned, who is almost 18. It’s hard for me to tell her, too. It’s uncomfortable. But as a guy, these things are a big distraction, and certainly not what one would expect from a Latin Mass Society interview involving an FSSP priest.

So I want to apologize to you for not saying something. I should have. I wound up having to take the link down because of the complaints I was getting. People can be uncharitable in their criticisms, but it doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

I enjoyed the hangout last night. I hope we will have another, more fruitful opportunity to do it again.

I then sent a note to Anthony along the same lines:

Anthony Perlas has since blocked me on Facebook, so he only shows up in our chat log as “Facebook User.”

I honestly thought this was the end of it. And for the most part, it was. I never heard back from Kristina. Anthony wrote to me once to ask if he could contact my daughter as a potential model. (At the time, I didn’t think anything of it, and figured she would say no. I was right – she ignored his request. And I’m very glad she did.) We didn’t interact again until I heard that he’d moved from Los Angeles to Detroit and taken a job with Church Militant. When I saw him post that it hadn’t worked out after only a few weeks, I reached out to him. He didn’t want to talk about it.

Then, someone sent me this post from the official “Latin Mass Society” page:


If you can’t read the text, it says:

The Latin Mass Society never runs from their enemies. It is here that we shall make our stand until our last dying breathe. All the nations of the earth shall see the power and glory of the Seroptia. There is no creation more powerful than the highest of all angels whom we possess. Modeling and Catholicism shall be infused into one flawless medium. I hereby place my hand unto the Great Seal of Seroptia and authorize and establish hedge protection on Jenelle and all our models and render her works as good in Jesus’s name. All negativity shall be returned to where they came from and you are bounded by the Great Seal of Seroptia with the intercession of the Blessed Mary Ever A Virgin. The saints command you to obey. Father commands you to obey. Our lady commands you to obey. Our models are now wrapped in her mantle and as her property. The Holy Ghost shall bring warmth with its tender loving presence and thou shall be discorded and unhappy you envious enemy. Kneel and be crushed by the heel of the Immaculate Virgin foul creature and haters who blaspheme Gods precious Angels who are meant to know, love and serve Him and who seek Him yet you cause division to turn our models away from God. You’re stripped off all your interferences and you are powerless.

As someone who has been through more than a few rounds of spiritual warfare, this set off every red flag. I wrote to Anthony. I asked him what it meant. He became immediately defensive and said he didn’t want to answer questions on the record. (I didn’t agree to that request.)  I asked him about “Seroptia.” What is it? Where’d he get that from? He told me it was the guardian angel of the Latin Mass Society. I asked him how he knows that’s the name of an angel. “Revelation brother,” he said. “Through prayer.”

He asked me strange questions like, “Are we still on the same team?” I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about, but that I was concerned. Specifically about demonic influence. A bit later in our conversation, it got weirder:


Comparing both of our conversations on this topic — the one in March, and the one in September — there’s a marked difference in tone. There was no intervening conversation about this. I had no idea in any way that my concerns about the video were in any way upsetting to him.

Our Facebook conversation continued like this for the better part of an hour. He was elusive. He kept saying he was going to block me, and that I could only contact him by email. He said my statements were “defamatory at best.” He said he was appealing to atheists. “We use modernism to appeals [sic] to modernism. But still maintain the substance of traditionalism.” He brought up the fact that people said he was sexualizing religion, then denied it. “The point is beauty not sex.” He said. “A 2 year old will never see sex on this. And we are children of God. … Sanctifying Grace makes you a two year old.”

I warned him that he was playing with fire. I told him that his style was becoming more provocative, but more to the point, that he should seek the guidance of an exorcist. I recommended the prayers of the Auxilium Christianorum. At the end of the conversation, I thought we had established some rapport, but he still blocked me from any further contact on Facebook.

And despite the disturbing tenor of the discussion, I thought I’d heard the end of it.

Then I was tagged in yet another post, this time warning me that Anthony was now involved in pornographic photo shoots. 

I will post first his justification, then a screenshot someone else took (cropped to remove the most explicit parts of the image) of what kind of photography he is now doing. Even cropped, the image could be provocative to some, so I will only post a link, rather than putting the image in-line. I’ve chosen to include it because some have questioned whether what he is producing is simply risque, rather than actually pornographic.

The justification he posted beneath his nude photoshoot. I do NOT recommend seeking this out on his original page. The photos are explicit.

Now, one of the (cropped/censored) photos from the shoot. (Though edited to remove nudity, click the link at your own discretion.) You will note that while the wording is changed, it bears the same logo as the Latin Mass Society images:

On the left, an image taken from the “Latin Mass Society” page. On the right, one taken from the pornographic photoshoot by “Anthony Tridentine Photography”. The logo is the same – a six winged seraph, no doubt “Seroptia,” Perlas’ imagined “guardian angel” of the “Latin Mass Society.”

He offers additional, tortured justifications for his overtly sexual work. I’m not going to spend time on them. You can see screenshots here, here, and here.

If that wasn’t enough, he has also been making references to Nazism and racial purity – pretty weird fare for a (naturally) dark-haired, brown-eyed kid from (if I recall) the Philippines. To give an example, there’s this blog post on the Latin Mass Society page from July, in which he says:


Then there’s this Facebook post, from September, in which he quotes Hitler and mentions that his German model is a “perfect mold for this restoration and revolution”:


Finally, just today there is a post asking what he should be for Halloween – with one of the options an “SS Ninja Soldier of God.” (You’ll note that he now has bleached-blonde hair coming out of that ninja mask, as opposed to what he used to look like on the right.)


The FSSP have disassociated themselves from him in a letter, written by Fr. James Fryar. (Fr. Fryar, as I mentioned, was also a guest on the Latin Mass Rosary hangout I attended.) The letter gives some history of how Perlas came to be in possession of the “Latin Mass Society” moniker when he was a student at Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina, which he has now kept as a personal brand. Father’s attempts to help Anthony have, like mine, also been rebuffed:


Fr. Z has also written to warn readers about him. As have some other bloggers. There are troubling Yelp reviews of his photography services. There have been incessant warnings posted about him on Facebook in various Latin Mass groups.

Perlas has continued to close ranks. He has now released this strangely edited and repetitive video, in which he appears to have just let the camera run through multiple takes of a model issuing unscripted defenses of him, of the Latin Mass Society, of girls who want to be in Maxim, and of her own desire to do “sexier” photoshoots. These are edited together in a series of jump cuts, often reiterating parts of the same message in each segment. The video ends abruptly with the model cut off in mid-sentence, then switches to the standard closing quasi-chant recording of the St. Michael prayer used in his other, much more high-quality videos. The effect is a little unnerving.

Even with all of this information making the rounds, the Latin Mass Society Facebook page has nearly five thousand fans. It seems clear that many faithful Catholics do not yet realize that this has become his own personal version of whatever it is he believes in. My fear is that he continues to go down stranger paths, and that some young woman is lured into sin, or worse. Some have suggested that it’s beginning to look like a sex cult.

I was on the line with Perlas for over an hour during that hangout, and he was a nice kid, but not a smooth talker. Still, he seems to have some sort of appeal, and an ability to get young women to want to pose for his camera. Evidently, he’s also figured out how to get them to take off their clothes. I only know of one pornographic photoshoot, but there’s no reason to believe it will be the last.

Be aware of the dangers here. Disassociate yourself with their Facebook page. Unfollow him on Twitter and Instagram. Warn your parishes about him, especially if you’re in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area where he now resides. Now is as good a time as any to remind your daughters that just because a guy looks like he has solid Catholic bona fides doesn’t mean he is to be trusted. In my experience, that’s a message that can’t be repeated to our girls often enough.

And please, pray for this young man and his models. I don’t think he started out with bad intentions. Something has changed in him since I first interacted with him seven months ago. Something drastic and tragic. He still thinks he is honoring God, but his idea of God has become warped into a mockery of what is holy.

Virgin Most Powerful, Pray for Us!

Holy Angels and Archangels, defend us and guard us, Amen.


UPDATE (10/31/2015): At the request of Kristina, the young woman who hosted the Latin Rosary Online described above, I have obscured her face in the screen capture. She has been asked about her involvement in Anthony’s activities several times by those who have recognized her in this post, and since she is no longer involved does not wish for her image to be perceived as an endorsement of what he is doing.

Also, Diane Korzeniewski of the blog Te Deum Laudamus says that she has “learned that an internal advisory has gone out to priests in the Archdiocese of Detroit about the activities of Anthony Perlas in the metro Detroit area.  I’m also hearing word is traveling among priests now in this area by phone and other means to make sure everyone is aware of the situation.  His social media postings show that he has also been quite active in Ann Arbor, Jackson, Lansing and some other communities that would fall within the Lansing Diocese.  He was previously in LA for a brief period and resided in North Carolina.”

171 thoughts on “A Warning About the So-Called “Latin Mass Society””

  1. Funny, I was in the process of writing this very same post. Though, I had a different collection of images. (Before any history buffs get pointy with me: yes, I know the Iron Cross was in use before 1933, and no, I don’t know for certain if the one worn by the model has a Hakenkreuz in the middle. But I’m certain that dagger is replica Waffen SS.)

      • Someone on Twitter alerted me to this Anthony Perlas character, so I went snooping around and ran across several worrying bits of information. As a father of three girls, I found his photo-shoot with the 11-year-old rather disturbing. But the image above sealed it: the man needs to be shut down. I put out a private Twitter alert yesterday, with a request for fraternal correction. I’ve been sitting on my article in the hope that one of them might get a response – but so far, nothing.

          • Yes, this goes way beyond fraternal correction. The diocese should be told – will they listen? Not important, the effort should be made.

    • In more photoposts with that blonde girl (with the Iron Cross and dagger), he says something about how Hitler was a great and misunderstood man.


      “”Ne putes quod alii facere, quod ut te amo. Quicumque venerit ad nos ferre non habeamus in ideis Christianitatis . Nostri motus est Christianus .”

      “Don’t let what other people think stop you from doing what you love. We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity. Our movement is Christian.” – Adolf Hitler

      Concept: Crown Maidens
      Theme: World War II Nazi Germany

      Producer: Seroptics Models
      Agency: Latin Mass Society
      Photographer: Anthony Tridentine Photography
      Model: Madilyn Elyse”

      Comment 1: Latin Mass Society You’ve been lied to all your life kiki emoticon. We’re simply here proclaiming the truth of the great man Hitler was. Come join our journey as we expose the truth as it without bias kiki emoticon.
      October 17 at 1:52pm

      Comment 2: Latin Mass Society “Hitler was not excommunicated[5] prior to his suicide. The biographer John Toland noted Hitler’s anticlericalism but considered him in good standing with the Church in 1941”
      October 21 at 11:41am

    • If you’re talking about the swastika I can see clearly in the middle of the Iron Cross in the screenshot you posted, then yes, there is one.

  2. Please, please, please make a clear distinction between this “Latin Mass Society” and the Latin Mass Society based in the UK which is fully orthodox and a founding member of the international Una Voce Federation!!!!

    • Through Facebook? Yes. But I knew her well enough to know she would say no.

      Then again, he seemed entirely harmless at the time. There’s a reason I’m warning people. I generally have an excellent judge of character. Then again, people change. Perlas is very different now than when I first encountered him. Fr. Fryer seems to have had the same experience.

    • Hey, he was tricked because he doesn’t make snap judgments like you seem to be fond of doing. At least he’s warning us after realizing his mistake. I’m sure you’ve made less than stellar decisions in your life before, so why don’t you lay off.

  3. Wow, I’m sorry that Mr. Skojec got pulled into this the world of this creepy man. Yes, said to say, traditional Catholicism attracts some disturbed and deranged individuals. The man featured in this article is not the only one, not by a long shot. I hate to say it, but among those who call themselves traditional Catholics the proportion of those who love Hitler and the Nazis is a few percentage points higher than among the general population. This isn’t our fault, but it is a fact. Among liberal groups, they have a few deranged followers who love Stalin and Mao.

    • You make an important point here. I remember reading in Latin Mass Magazine decades ago an article [I believe by Prof. James Hitchcock but I could be wrong] where he talked about sodomite infiltration of traditionalist organizations. (I was shocked but, of course, that was long before the sodomic tsunami hit the Church in America, or at least before it was revealed.) Equally as evil are the neo-Nazi types like Williamson who identify — wrongly — traditional Catholicism with one of its deadliest enemies, the Hitlerites.

      • I am not a supporter of the so called “Resistance” nore do I espouse Williamson’s views on the scale of certain indisputable historical events but I do not think it is fair to call him a neonazi. After all being a traditionalist Catholic, as I imagine you are, is enough for the SPLC to tar you with the same brush…

        • I didn’t say Williamson was a neo-Nazi to be nasty or cute; I was relating what I believe to be fact. I think you need to investigate the fellow further. Along with many other damning things I read about Williamson in assorted magazines (e.g. his tendentious denial of established historical fact), I remember once reading an article — I wish I could tell you where, but I assure I don’t read scandal mags — that explained how Williamson liked to dress up in an SS uniform; there was even a large photo of our subject in full regalia. Evidently Williamson had a taste for Hugo Boss’ designs.

          • I’m sorry but we will have to agree to disagree. I believe it is disingenuous to use the language of anti-catholic hate groups.I also believe your accusations towards him verge on slander.

          • And I believe you simply refuse to read what I suggested or to explore the question of Williamson’s oft demonstrated hatred for Jews. My accusations, if they verge on anything, verge and cross over the line into truth. Don’t let your admiration for SSPX blind you to some of its uglier features and aspects of its history that are, to say the least, uncomfortable for rational observers. I suspect you know very little or perhaps nothing at all about the travails of French Catholicism, the fertile ground where Lefebvre’s movement first took root, it’s struggles with the devil of anti-Semitism since at least the times of Drumont; it behooves you to school yourself in that direction. Oh, and just because you brand — probably quite correctly — a collection of critics as an “anti-Catholic hate group” does not mean it cannot at times speak the truth.

          • You didn’t originally say that he was anti-semetic, you said he was a neo nazi. That is the term I opposed in your initial statement as it is inaccurate. I don’t think he is a supporter of national socialism. I think the rest of your comment is quite probably correct. I will try to not let my admiration of the SSPX cloud my judgement. Also please don’t take my comment personally I’m just trying to point out that when accusing someone publicly of something it is important to be precise.

          • OK, fair enough, but what we have here is a difference of perspective. When I hear a man excoriate Jews in terms that would have pleased the likes of Alfred Drumont, Charles Maurras, and even Julius Streicher, and then I read that he casts doubt on the reality of death camps and of the plan hatched at the Wannsee Conference, I naturally conclude I’m probably listening to a Nazi sympathiser. You may be right, however, that Williamson never carried a party member’s card in his cassock pocket. (It’s grimly amusing, in light of some of the posts here defending this reprehensible bloke, to note that he not only suffers under excommunication by Rome, legal actions and fines in Germany, expulsion from Argentina, and legal investigation in Canada, but he has even been expelled from SSPX. I think I’m not alone in finding him less than an exemplary chap.)

        • I did a Google search and came up with the Oct 1992 article on SSPX in Fidelity magazine, one of the many I read almost a quarter century ago concerning Williamson. Here is an extensive quote from that article:


      • He is a bishop and a priest. Calling him evil and claiming he equates the Catholic religion with Nazism is calumny. No two ways around that one.

        • Sorry, but you’re simply wrong. See my other posts here concerning this vicious anti-Semite. His words, not mine, convict him. (And there is more concerning his peculiar Nazi penchant that I don’t post here for the sake of economizing space.)

          • I find nothing “vicious” or racially hateful in the bishop’s words as quoted. Intemperate to philosemitic ears, perhaps, but nothing alien to Church’s long attested experience with Judaism and certainly nothing to warrant the charge that he identifies Catholicism with anyone but Christ. Maligning the bishop’s Faith as you’ve done is unsupportable and un-Christian.

          • Ah, now I see! No wonder you see nothing untoward in Richardson’s lunatic anti-Semitism! You’re a Jew-baiter yourself! Why didn’t you simply say so earlier? You could have saved me a lot of time since I always refuse conversation with this class of guttersnipe.

          • You’ve got names for everyone, huh? “Guttersnipe”, “Jew-baiter” because I defended a bishop’s faith against smears? Whatever your motivation, it just comes across as weird, crotchety, slur-slinging.

          • I use names appropriate to the subject; it the shoe fits, wear it. You want to continue exhibiting your ugly anti-semitic merchandise and to have others compliment you for it, but the times propitious for such behavior should have ended several centuries ago. Unfortunately, such was not the case until the revelations of the 40s when your position became forevermore untenable. Thanks to Williamson’s heroes, the world had horrific, undeniable proof of just where his kind of “thinking” leads.

            You’re not defending “the bishop’s faith” (he’s today a bishop only in your eyes and those of a handful of other fanatics, by the way), you’re defending his obscene and thoroughly un-Christian prejudice. If you do so out of ignorance, inform yourself. Read what he has actually said and wrote; watch his televised interviews; read the testimony of people in SSPX who knew this guy, who heard his private comments; ask yourself why even Fellay finally had to show him the door. If, on the other hand, you defend his hate-mongering knowing what you’re up to, try to keep your mouth shut more. That way you’ll embarrass yourself less often.

          • “anti-semitic merchandise”? Where do you come up with this stuff? All your thought-crime patrolling aside, the fact remains you did conflate the man’s views on WWII history with his Catholic Faith. I know it’s really so brave to pile on Williamson (with such zeal!) in the current judeo-friendly, anti-islamic outposts of modern day Catholic Tradistan, but dial it back a notch. Sure, it scores you major good Noahide points, but I am not the least bit intimidated by your hilarious attempts to lump me in with Nazis in the outer darkness. It might be a generational thing, but you should know it’s cyber-spacially cliché. I don’t even know what “anti-semite” really means if I don’t harbor racial animus towards anyone. I do know that too many Catholics think that post-Temple Judaism’s anti-Christian tenets were somehow transubstantiated by Nazi aggression into the bonds of a common evangelical purpose with Catholics. If that’s what you’re really getting at behind the name-calling, then marshall one shred of sound traditional Catholic theology or philosophy to make me believe it – and no, Pope John Paul II’s dubbing Auschwitz the “Golgotha of The Modern World” doesn’t pass muster. So, yeah…as someone who has never even been to an SSPX mass and who can understand why Fellay expelled Williamson from their ranks, I’m still going to take exception to some combox inquisition that leaps from vilifying a man’s polemics to denying him even a claim to his Faith.

          • “…judeo-friendly, anti-islamic outposts of modern day Catholic Tradistan….” I rest my case. You’re a Jew-baiting dimwit. Fin de la conversation.

          • Ah, no, it isn’t. Once again you misunderstand totally. The phrase in French, the language I’m using there, is “Fin de la conversation.” Don’t be so cocksure of yourself and, who knows, you might even discover how degradingly embarrassing your anti-Semitism is.

          • It’s an English speaking forum. Why do you get your kicks from dropping foreign phrases and crying “anti-Semite” left and right? Surprised you haven’t said it in French yet.

          • Le mot en français c’est aussi ”antisémite”. To my knowledge I’ve only cried ”anti-Semite” in one direction, the deserving one.

          • Psssh. Like I said. I don’t even know the meaning of the term considering how fanatics employ it against anyone who doesn’t cow to Judeo-Catholic solidarity myths of the post-conciliar period. It just rolls off my back. But I dig this site, so you can expect to see me around here. That’s my stand, and I don’t care how little you or Canada’s “Human Rights” courts approve of it.

    • It’s hardly unique to “traditional Catholicism.” The child abuse sex scandal happened on a wide scale in the church as a whole. And the Legionaries of Christ are hardly traditionalists, I can name other examples. Be careful not to fall into a fallacy of composition here. We are all Catholics after all, even though differences in practice force us to use different terms to identify differently.

  4. I’m honestly quite surprised that the scantily-clad girl in your Google Hangouts session was not an immediate tip-off to you. And I’m guessing you contacted Anthony after he left CMTV b/c you wanted some inside gossip.

      • I love how this person accuses you of being naive while simultaneously accusing of you of looking for gossip as you tried to figure it out!

      • Exactly. You wanted the gossip. Naievete? You went and posted the vid. I’m glad you got negative feedback. I’m quite surprised you posted the vid.

      • “As for CMTV, of course I was curious what happened. Things there were reaching the apex of weirdness in September”

        Did you ever get to the bottom of that? Some of the Vortex episodes in the last week indicate to me the apex of weirdness….. so far.

        • Nope. For me, the denouement was spending a week anathematizing the SSPX during the US papal road show and on the eve of the Synod, while Voris himself was MIA on the other side of the globe.

          Everything since has, to my mind, been a sort of consequence of the blatant cognitive dissonance displayed in September. The most recent Vortexes have only painted in darker strokes the desperate avoidance of the ever-growing elephant in the room.

          • Indeed. But such is the level of cognitive dissonance that i have been seriously contemplating the idea that Voris is a longer term infiltrator. I am however pulling back from that possibility to the rather firmer ground that he is just arrogant and has attracted other very arrogant people around him who refuse any correction or good advice whatsoever.

            In fact when they do get challenged, they are so cocky, they double down. He puts his trust in his own efforts, experience and intelligence so of course even if he is only off a few degrees, he will never end up at the correct destination. Narrow is the road…….etc.

  5. That is the weirdest thing I’ve read all month, and obviously that’s saying something. It’s crazy how someone that unhinged got as far as he did!

  6. Anyway. Good that you have admitted what you’ve done out of ignorance. This does indeed need to be a lesson to all of us. Oh and one more thing: anytime you see photos of girls wearing chapel veils _outside_ of the church, you should be suspicious. (Except if the photo literally advertises the sale of chapel veils.)

  7. Scary….5 minutes on his site and it is absolutely about model photography (and you are likely correct as to where it is heading) and hardly anything at all about the Latin Mass or Church, other than a few whacked out references that make no sense.

    This is scary, I’m not sure what his end game is, but I think Satan is at work getting his foot in the door. I am a photographer as a side business / hobby, and my ‘suspicious’ radar went off immediately.

    • The signs are much, much clearer now. There’s an evident devolution. At the time when I first made contact with him, that wasn’t so obvious. But if people aren’t paying close attention, it’s easy to miss.

      1P5 is just now coming up on 4500 FB fans after 14 months. We post articles — highly shared ones — EVERY day. For him to still have almost 5000? There are a lot of people still out there not seeing it.

      • He’s the ringer of a name for his group – more obvious than “OnePeterFive” – and I suspect he got a lot of Likes through that alone. Perhaps he paid for more.

      • Remember…PORN sells! and the weird mix of “religion” and sex is even more attractive. I really don’t think all of those 5000 are real Trad. Catholics.

      • Keep in mind that not every page that one “likes” shows up on their feed. If they scrolled right past a number of his posts, the Facebook algorithm will eventually stop displaying them. So, it’s very possible that only a small fraction of those people actually know what the page posts.

  8. Steve, first, thank you for your public testimony. I’m in the Detroit area and have been watching him go around southeast Michigan, going to Catholic parishes, events set up by groups sanctioned by dioceses, and mingling. He can be very friendly and charming. I met him in a Detroit parish and he came across as a joyful young man that day. He asked to take a selfie with me and didn’t do it, thankfully. He likes taking selfles with people – everyone from priests, bishops, nuns to the owner of of the famous Frankenmuth restaurants, and Bavarian girls, as his social media shows. I advise anyone to not be so quick to take selfies with strangers, especially if they look like him.

    What concerns me is how, from these parishes, or an Adoration chapel, or event hosted by a Church sanctioned group, among others, he convinces young Catholic women, and teens (or their parents) into going on photo shoots. Then, their pictures end up online with these crazy quotes – things they never said.

    But let me share something with you since I’ve been looking into things he posts in his public sites. For example, the woman who has been the face of his “Latin Mass Society” (which is a society of one) – he names as Laura Bella Parry. This woman boasts in her Twitter account at Halloween in 2014 that she was going to the Playboy Mansion as Marilyn Monroe. I thought it was hacked, but then found an interview in which she says:

    “I do visit LA time to time to visit my fellow actors who made the leap and it is very tempting. I’m actually going out there this weekend to the Playboy Mansion Halloween party, which is always such a blast.”


  9. I was following him on Facebook for a time because he appeared to be such an exuberant follower of the Traditional Latin Mass. When he was in Southern CA, he was serving multiple Masses, posting pictures of the churches, asking people to post their intentions and he would take them to Mass. Once he posted a selfie of himself and two other “sever” friends dressed in their server’s cassocks grabbing something to eat at a fast food before heading out to serve the next Mass. I told a priest about this and he said that was not allowed!

    Pretty soon I decided that his fixation on young women veiling was rather weird–more about their faces and bodies than reverence– and I stopped following him. Seeing recent photos of him raises the hair on the back of my neck. He definitely needs our prayers. Deliverance prayers.

    Some evil spirit that hates the Latin Mass must be using him.

  10. At the end of the video thats poorly edited with the girl seeming to repeat the same jibberish – their “angel” logo appears with the St Michael prayer and you can clearly see two swastikas in their logo — wow

  11. Whoa..this is really weird. Steve, now that you have made your statement, lets move on and put the whole thing in oblivion, because this is a kind of publicity for them. This is disturbing.

    • We can move on, as you say, but the name Latin Mass Society is a trap that remains out there. If I saw it and had not read this post, I would have explored it simply because of my interest in Latin. Not only do warnings need to be posted generally at Catholic sites around the Internet, but every effort should be made to clear the good name of the English Catholic Mass Society, another victim of this scam.

    • No, we need to keep publicizing it. What parent is going to worry when they see that their teen’s internet history says they were visiting the “Latin Mass Society” website. All parents need to know exactly what this is. Spread it around.

  12. Anyone reading from Lansing, Jackson, or Ann Arbor areas in Michigan should know that he seems to be doing much of his work up that way. He was living in Ferndale/Royal Oak area, but not sure if he still is.

  13. I wonder whether/how money is involved. Does Anthony Perlas have a steady job or independent income? Another question might be whether the whole thing is some sort of put on or scam to make money. Perhaps he is just pretending to be weird but knows exactly what he’s doing. Christian America is of course full of that.

  14. It sure looks like an amateur satanist who tried to infiltrate the Traditional mass community to give it a bad name using the swastikas, etc and to attempt to score points with his higher-ups.

    I’m guessing, but all of this really looks diabolical.
    Must be a low-ranking, not so smart, unable to contain himself, demon.

    I actually feel bad for these teens. They truly don’t know what forces drive them.

  15. Thank you so much for writing this. I’ve forwarded it someone who works in a diocesan office in Michigan. Hopefully a warning statement can be made.

  16. I urge you to consider removing the images of the women and logos from this post. I think it would suffice to simply include a snapshot of the name of the facebook page that people should avoid and his photo so people can recognize this predator were they to encounter him, *maybe* one illustrative conversation though you probably don’t need it to make your point…I don’t even think you need to provide links. 5-10 mins of exposure to this type of content, the time it took me to look through it, could have the exact effect that you are warning people to beware of.

    • My sentiments exactly. Good point. I have so far avoided the temptation to click on the link to the ‘bad photos’. But hey the night is young. Just kidding. I agree wholeheartedly.

    • Please at least obscure the image of the women in the veils at the top of the page, as I’m sure they are completely innocent in this whole mess, or at least should be presumed innocent unless shown otherwise. I know that if I were the woman in that photo, and learned what he’s now up to, I would be completely mortified to be associated with him. Sadly – he’s probably had these women sign standard release forms, so he owns their images and can do what he wants with them. 🙁 So sad.

  17. I grew increasingly uncomfortable with what he was posting on Instagram, especially how it had nothing to do with Latin Masses or modesty so I unfilled him a few months ago. I am glad now that I did.

  18. I read something about him saying that one must obey all superiors even if it is lucifer. I don’t know if this is an accurate quote from him and I don’t want to go to his site to find out but I think it is worth mentioning.

    From what I have read from him he sounds demonic. I agree with Steve he needs to see an exorcist. I briefly met him once when I was writing for cmtv and he was very different then so I think something demonic happened that caused this change. With him seeking the names of alleged guardian angels he may have ended up getting the name of a demon and may have invited it in thinking it was an angel.

    • It’s true. At the main website – LMSociety, there’s a blog. In a post named “Signs of the Revolution III” or similar, he posts 20 “commandments. Several are troubling. But 20 reads: “Thou shalt obey and honor all superiors even if it’s head is Lucifer.”

  19. Steve, what are you doing? What are you thinking? Now that you’ve given your readers the warning, which many other sites have done by now too, it’s time to take these links to those pictures off your site. It’s just bringing more attention to Perlas and leading others to a near occasion of sin. No more excuses. You’re already too involved, don’t bring others into this mess.

    • I linked to a single questionable picture, edited to remove the nudity. It’s simply enough to show the nature of the work being done, since some have expressed skepticism (without having seen the photos) that he would be doing something this bad.

      I don’t want people going to his actual website to look this up to find out for themselves. I made that mistake, and it’s a bunch of women in veils and then, with no transition, a soft porn shoot. THAT would be the occasion of sin. THIS makes it possible for people to understand what is happening without having to go there.

      I expect my readers to be adults and use discretion. I put a warning on the link. I didn’t put the image in line. Parents in particular need to know what their daughters could be also asked to do if he requests (like he did with mine) that they do a veil and rosary shoot. If you click it and still have a problem, that’s on your conscience for not steering clear.

      • I read the article and heeded your warning so I have not seen the photo in question. But what you did by editing nudity out of the photo seems to me due diligence, as the lawyers like to say. As for others using your links to find Perlas’ site, methinks that anyone having more than three minutes experience with a computer and Google search can easily find it if they really want to. I think Beppo is overreacting.

      • I totally agree Steve, this blog was presented with the utmost discretion and left up to the reader what they wanted to pursue. And you have warned us not to click onto his site. Totally responsible. I agree with Johnny that Beppo is overreacting somewhat.

    • No, this warning needs to stay up in its entirety. I just saw it and would have had no idea of the gravity if Steve had taken the actions you urge.

    • I totally totally disagree!!! I had NO IDEA of all of this, and I just today (Oct 31) found this blog. Steve presented this exactly correctly, and although some of this material is sexually explicit it is UP TO THE READER to explore further, and AT THEIR OWN RISK. I do believe it is responsible for warning people and keeping it up for a time so that it has as much exposure as possible. People have to take responsibility for their own spiritual well being, but the information about the dangers of this man have to be exposed!

  20. I just want to issue a reminder here that Anthony needs prayers and the guidance of a competent priest. The purpose of this post is not to hurt him or attack him, but to expose the evil work he’s producing in the hopes of limiting his ability to continue. The only positive outcome here would be to see him healed of whatever demons are plaguing him, reconciled with the Church, and on the right path.

  21. Let me just reiterate the need to pray for the models. The industry is a meat-grinder of exploitation for vulnerable young women, some of whom are at the end of their rope and think they have no other options.

  22. What a great response by Fr Fryar. He is all one could want in a priest and IANS has had the pleasure of assisting at his masses, talking with him, confessing to him, having him bless a rosary etc etc when he was in Sarasota, Fl at Christ the King Catholic Church Chapel.

    LOVE the fact that he has stopped trying to reach the man.

    That is the way for a priest to exercise his vocation.

    Man,this is a great blog

    God Bess you, Mr. Skojec

  23. Look up his “20 Commandments” of the LMS. Shockingly weird. Especially #20. “Thou Shalt Obey and Honor All Superiors Even If the Head is Lucifer.”

    Also, apparently some part of the logo has changed… to a swastika.

    …and weird eye of Horus symbolism in photos.

    I have archived the “20 commandments” page as of today so that it won’t be forgotten or denied in the future. I also archived the pornographic photoshoot on tumblr for the same reason. … @

  24. This is the most disturbing thing that I have heard in a long time. There really does seem to be a lot of evil afoot right now. I am stepping up my rosary-praying.

  25. Further investigation has rendered a website called “The Order of the Seraphim” (
    Records show that it is registered to Anthony Perlas, at an address on Belmont Abbey College. For obvious reasons, I will not publish the exact address. Regardless, this site belongs to him.

    If his purpose is to appeal to atheists, he sure is trying hard to make a couple shekels along the way.

  26. Mr. Skojec, please consider passing along this article to the Archbishop of Detroit. Even a brief perusal of this man’s Web site and Facebook reveal he is serious trouble, and someone in authority there needs to sound the alarm.

  27. Wow! This is either a psychologically ill young man, or he is being heavily influenced by a demon.

    Don’t ask how he gets these young women to take their clothes off. They are not doing it because they want to honour Our Lord or Our Lady. Many young women are foolish and will pose nude for just about anyone – it’s a game – a spit in the eye for their parents or just authority. The tats on the young woman in your photo say a lot.

    • I think in Fr. Fryar’s letter it said that there was a possibility that photoshopping had been used. They may have put the veiled heads on other bodies.

    • “…This is either a psychologically ill young man, or he is being heavily influenced by a demon.”

      Aren’t they one and the same?

  28. There is a lot of chatter about this young man going on right now. He’s not stable, and has been getting worse over the past few months. My main concern is that if he is reading all this, and is as unstable as he appears, he my try to hurt himself. I’ve tried to reason with him myself in the past, and was dismissed. If someone has once been friends with him, please try to reach out again and get him help. He needs serious spiritual, and I strongly believe, psychological, help. May God have mercy on him, and keep him safe until he can come to some sensible state in his life.

  29. I suggest mounting legal challenge to his unauthorized representation of the Catholic Church and Tridentine Latin Mass. The Catholic Church succeeded in stopping Michael Voris from using “Catholic” to promote his apostolate. That’s why he changed the name from RealCatholicTV to Church Militant.
    I am not a lawyer. I hope a canon lawyer, devout Catholic litigator or trademark expert will step forward to examine this grave attack on the Catholic Mass. Perlas references trademarks. I did an initial uspto / tess trademark search for “Latin Mass”. I got one yield associated with an individual in Reading Pennsylvania naming ‘Religious Instruction services” as the goods and services provided.
    I do not recommend visiting the Perlas website unless you are wearing spiritual armor. This is a soul endangering matter.

  30. Spooky, the average person wouldn’t know this but all that “seal of the angel stuff” sounds an awful lot like the conjugation formulas of ceremonial magic. Dangerous stuff, pray for this guy.

  31. Thanks for handling this, Steve. They interviewed me for the same Lenten series you did, and when I saw Fr. Fryar’s name as a participant in all the “Rosary” chats, I didn’t look further. The ‘interview’ was pretty odd, so afterwards I asked for it to be removed and ceased association. The last I saw anything was in April — my, how things have devolved. Unsettling. Prayers for Anthony and the young ladies that were also duped into this whole charade.

  32. Steve, you say: “Something has changed in him since I first interacted with him seven months ago. Something drastic and tragic.”

    Ya think?
    It is clear that Perlas is being influenced by the demonic. Do you not see that?
    The video of Cheyenne. You say the effect is “a little unnerving”?
    Really? What gave it away, the references to Maxim magazine (pornography by ANY standard) or her desire to do “sexier” photoshoots?
    How about this as a standard: Would Our Lady EVER say something like that? If the answer is a resounding “NO”, you’re probably dealing with grave sin. And that means Satan.
    That woman is clearly possessed/obsessed by a demon of some kind.
    In the most reasonable voice possible, she is trying to convince young girls to follow Perlas, a man clearly in the clutches of Satan [absolutely zero doubt about that]. So what does that make her?

    Four other comments.
    1. Before I ever read even ONE WORD of this article, when I looked at the very first photo (of the pretty brunette in the white veil)…my very first reaction was…well…let’s just say, “less than holy”. That picture is somehow very provocative. Gotta be some “subliminal advertising” going on there, in my opinion. Instantaneous (subconscious) reaction to the photo (before ever reading a word of the article): “Damn. That girl is fine.” Not your typical reaction to a [fully clothed] girl [ostensibly] in prayer, no? My guess is that there is some professional subliminal ‘advertising’ going on in that photo. Just a little too irresistible to be otherwise (imho).

    2. You mentioned you have a college age daughter. I have a 16.5 year old daughter as well. And I feel your pain, all joking aside. On the one hand, it is ASTONISHING how “naive” these girls can be, huh? They think they can where anything [read very short skirt] to Mass and it won’t be a ‘distraction’ for anyone. On the other hand, now that I have [surreptitiously] gained access to my daughter’s text messages online…they are NOT NAIVE at all. They KNOW EXACTLY what they’re doing. And they’re doing it intentionally. She KNOWS exactly the power she wields over the teenage boys she wants to “impress”. Perhaps quite naive, on the other hand, about the ’50 somethings’ in the pews behind her who ‘can’t get a prayer in edgewise’ because she is dressed like a street-walker. My point: they’re NOT that naive in the end. They have very much “figured it out” already and are ‘out to impress’. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing.

    3. Satan’s ‘default mode’ is always…sex/flesh/nudity/sex. He knows, as Our lady said at Fatima, that “most souls are lost because of sins of the flesh”. And so he reverts to that means whenever possible. The fact that these girls were immodestly dressed should have been a massive red flag for you from the first instant you saw “Kristen” (Wiccan spelling of “CHRIST-ine”, btw). So, I’m a little surprised that you spent as much time conversing with Perlas and his people. I understand your concern for his salvation. But that is a separate matter entirely. At that point, you were still considering putting your reputation ‘on the line’ with this demon-obsessed /possessed individual. As I say, I’m a little surprised. I would have pegged you as someone who was MUCH more prudent than that.

    4. Sadly, having listened to “Cheyenne” (the blonde), I am halfway convinced that my own daughter is herself at least “obsessed” by a demon of some sort. She spouts ALL the same “talking points” this demon-woman says in the video. My goodness, we live in perilous times indeed. In addition to [Mass and] my regular rosary every day, I have taken to praying an ‘extra part’ of the rosary specifically for my daughter and for her purity. The pressure from Satan is nonstop on these kids online and everywhere else. Heaven help us.

    • Joseph,
      Just wanted to share with you that I found out exactly the same thing when I hacked into my 18 year old daughter’s Facebook account after seeing some warning signs. Warning to everyone: Even if you think that your child’s Facebook account is okay, because they have friended the teen ministry leaders, their Confirmation sponsor, and “Like” a whole bunch of Catholic sites, please know that there is a Private Messaging feature on Facebook. Fortunately my daughter was too stupid to have erased the conversations. Wow, there was a whole alter ego on there. Turns out that some of those shining stars of the high school youth ministry scene are using pornspeak.

      • Children ought not be permitted to communicate online except with parental permission. Children ought not have accounts or sites of any kind. Children ought not have their own internet devices or phones, etc.

        • The irony is that the ONLY reason she got a Facebook account was because our old Novus Ordo parish was pushing it. They wanted ALL of the teens to be on Facebook, as that was the high school youth ministry leader’s chosen form of communication. We had no idea that Facebook had a private messaging feature. Thanks to this experience (and leaving Novus Ordoland behind), none of our children have internet access of any kind.

          • The whole youth ministry thing is creepy. Who are these people who run the ‘ministry’ anyway? More wolves in sheep’s clothing? Do they have any formation to speak of? All of the Novus Ordo ministries are bizarroland and non-Catholic. Of course, the N.O doesn’t have any nuns and very few priests actually able and willing to run anything anyway, except for maybe bingo and the food bank.

          • My parish is primarily a N.O. parish but our ministries are unlike what you are saying. By putting Holy N.O. parishes with those who only claim to be Catholic can be taken by some as slander or as gossip.

  33. It would be a shame if we didn’t spare a prayer for this young man. The revelations were necessary. Now that he is absolutely hemmed in by them he could get desperate. He’s not beyond reform. It’s a real spectacle for sure, but let’s remember that a soul is at stake. It’s human for us to marvel at his downfall, but it’s likely so *manifest* because of a supernatural element. I’ll pray for him now.

  34. Super creepy… Reminds me of Christopher West’s pontification “its a sin to not look at another dude’s naked wife”. This Theology of the Body stuff has got to go.

      • A few days ago I happened to be having a friendly chat with a young military officer in the supermarket. As it happens, he graduated from Steubenville and he said he was quite literally standing there when the notorious exchange took place.

        • It might not be Theology of the Body that has to go, but Christopher West….plenty of others have noted problems with things he has said…for every good point he makes, it seems he makes some sort of wildly off-the-mark one. Do a search on “critique of Christopher West Theology of the Body.” Also note that Dawn Eden’s thesis is only one of many critiques. Speaking of Steubenville, Steve Skojek is an alumnus…wonder if he has encountered any of West’s weirdness.

          • In fairness, I wasn’t asked for legally admissible evidence that he said it, just a reference to where he did so. Additional resources are available here, including related quotes of West’s:


            One such related quote, which would meet your strict criteria under the Federal Rules of Evidence, would be:

            “There’s always something good behind the evil that we have to reclaim, that we have to take back. On this topic, we could look at pornography, for example. Pornography is a great evil. It is destroying marriages, it is destroying families, it is wreaking havoc in our culture. And yet, we must not overreact. There is something good behind it. What is good behind it? The human body in its nakedness. Behold, it is very good!”
            –Christopher West, January 2012 online audio interview promoting At the Heart of the Gospel (

          • But the human body in its nakedness IS good. God made the human body and He made it good!

            It is sin that perverts it.

            In a perfect world, like that of Eden, clothing would not be necessary because lust would not have entered the world. However, and this is where Perlas has things badly distorted, we don’t live in Eden. We were cast out of the garden because of sin. Therefore, we do not go around nude! We respect one another’s dignity and we are modest.

            Anyone who has kids can tell you, though, that the nude human body is, indeed, good. And powerful. And must be treated with great respect and honored enough that it is saved for the marital embrace.

            Christopher West was clearly NOT defending pornography. He was clearly discussing the fact that the Enemy always must pervert what the Lord has made, and therefore, to pervert the goodness of man (“it is very good”, remember? Creation story), he twists the desire for intimacy into a desire to HAVE the body, to USE the body.

            If you don’t get this, you don’t get the Church.

  35. Thanks Steve. I never heard about any of this before. For me, if you had simply stated that the LMS was questionable and not endorsed by FSSP that would have been good enough for me. I really didn’t need to know the details which are themselves somewhat salacious. I will say some prayers for the guy in question.

    • Michael, I think the details might be necessary. Because part of this guy’s M.O. is making himself seem harmless at first, or he was harmless at one point and things have changed.

  36. Steve, three months ago this guy started a group called LMS Moms on Facebook and populated it with Latin Mass women, some he knew in real life some he found on Facebook. All added without their knowledge or permission. Thank goodness a woman on FSSP Supporters Facebook spotted the page and warned the women in it to leave. Who knows what his purpose was in setting up the group. Thank you for this article warning people and asking for prayers. Exorcists have said pornography is a major gateway for demonic possession. He also claimed on the LMS Moms site that he has been diagnosed with ADHD. It might be a lie, but if true it could be a vulnerability Satan is exploiting. Prayers! Jesus, Blessed Mother,
    St. Joseph, St. Michael, help us!

  37. Our FSSP parish priest sent out an email to everyone warning them to have nothing to do with this site. At first I was confused, because I had read many postings at the Latin Mass Society and didn’t realize that the good one is a .uk address.
    This individual is just plain creepy. When I read a couple of things on his page, I quickly realized that it was diabolical. I cleared my internet history and removed all cookies after I had been on his page.

  38. This young man is at best misguided, if not under a demonic influence. His refusal to remove the pornographic images is reason enough to deny him communion and even if he does, he and businesses are best avoided at all costs

  39. did you happen to notice, I couldn’t see it clear enough, but on the Halloween costume photo with the ninja, the knife has a Nazi looking eagle on it.

  40. That’s really creepy. I remember Rorate posted a video of this Latin Mass Society about veil wearing. Now it seems they took it down.
    But yes, for some reason sometimes neopagans wander into the TLM.

  41. Apparently since the cat is out of the bag he’s not holding back. His IG post is nazi propaganda through and through. One of his recent blog posts
    subtly refers to “a great man” that had the “vocation” as a chancellor,
    as if there is any mystery when you see images like this. He is firmly
    gripped by evil. May the Lord save him from torment.

  42. I’m skeptical he changed that much in less than 1 year; I think he had people fooled. It’s a creepy logo and a creepy story. I would drop the links to his garbage; there is enough temptation out there already. If people really want to find them they can, but I would hope they aren’t people who frequent this site.

    • I think that you’re probably right that he had people fooled, but he was a new convert… I’ve seen cases where people convert, run headlong to the extremes of Catholic practice, and then can’t stop running and pass outside of anything authentically Catholic as quickly as they got there.

      I don’t want to blame anyone here… The situation is too weird to have been foreseeable and it seems that Catholics were just acting in good faith with Anthony… But, I think that it’s worth thinking about how we deal with converts. There’s a very real possibility that someone who just showed up isn’t who he seems to be and, probably much more frequently, a danger of letting people do too much before they’ve had time to learn, reflect, etc. I certainly don’t mean that there should be arbitrary barriers to keep converts out, or any sort of seniority-based “rank” structure. But, maybe we should be conscious about leading people to deeper involvement in the Church at a steadier pace and maybe we might think twice about helping new people build too much of a teaching platform, since the risks that they’ll go off the rails later are a bit higher, and about giving the new guy the passwords to all of the social media accounts.

      • Yes, well you’ve made my case quite well as to why I am highly suspicious of all the ‘converts’ who have blogs and who work for NCR, etc. Can’t these so-called Catholic news agencies find any cradle Catholics at all? And by cradle Catholics, I don’t mean those who are in the N.O.

  43. I found this man and his videos quite awhile ago due to internet searches relating to the veil. I take no pride in what I am about to say, but I spotted him as a creep from day one. Even his early videos featured young ladies who did not seem to have a clue about Catholicism or the Mass. It was apparent they were reading from scripts he had furnished them. And let’s face it, the material did not even begin to scratch the surface. One video, lasting a whopping minute and a half, attempted to explain the significance of the Kyrie. After introductory material promoting his “Latin Mass Society”, the actual content was approximately 45 seconds. This included the tagline where the model would say, “I’ll see you at the Latin Mass!”. Was I the only one who saw that line and how it was delivered within the context of the whole as a flirtation? That the model seemed to be blowing a kiss to the viewers and winking at the same time? These little videos immediately made me see a red flag.

    Where was the Sensus Catholicus on the part of priests and those in the “Professional” Catholic class that have earned respect as serious people? For goodness sake, this guy became the Forrest Gump of the Traditionalist Movement! The naivety on exhibit is mind blowing.

    Watching some of his on line rosary sessions or his model challenges on line in Google Gatherings, or whatever it is called, is beyond painful. I once watched one in its entirety because it was on a young man’s youtube channel who puts out wonderful sermons with images. He did well on the video in that he seemed somewhat uncomfortable. I do not blame him and applaud his good works.

    However, it is my opinion this entire episode is a fruit of too much public criticism of the Novus Ordo, the pope, etc. Hopefully it will cause some to see how easy it is to become blind because of it. Let us be patient my fellow Catholics. Hopefully a lesson was learned.

    • “However, it is my opinion this entire episode is a fruit of too much public criticism of the Novus Ordo, the pope, etc. Hopefully it will cause some to see how easy it is to become blind because of it. Let us be patient my fellow Catholics. Hopefully a lesson was learned.”

      And there you have it. This is why some people believe Perlas was in fact an infiltrator of the Latin Mass movement: to make it look bad and encourage this kind of silly criticism.

      • How is this silly criticism, Steve? Are you saying you think he was an infiltrator? I do not think that is the case at all. If you do, I would advise you that this is part of that same blindness.

        In my estimation, he is simply a lost soul who probably came to some understanding of the faith but was unable to overcome certain perversions he had. Who knows about this hustler except for those of us who read articles on sites like yours and use the internet as a tool to try and create a Traditional Catholic revival?

        All this guy had to do was serve at the Altar, say that women should wear veils, and he was accepted into the “movement”. Whatever this movement happens to be at this point in time is anybody’s guess. I suppose part of it involves exposing the evil of women wearing pants.

        Again where was the Sensus Catholicus?

        • I have great reverence toward the Latin Mass, and I veil whenever I am in the chapel. I am overjoyed at Cardinal Sarah’s statements on Ad Orientum and no, I don’t eat meat on Fridays, year-round.

          Let me be abundantly clear: I am a Catholic working to live in the fullness of faith.

          Nothing that Innocent Smith stated was silly criticism. It’s dangerous to deny Church doctrine, and that is what it is to roundly denounce the documents of Vatican II, including the Novus Ordo.

          It must be understood that when the teachings of Vatican II were instituted, they were done so with very poor comprehension or obedience. However, our Mother Church corrects, and we are adjusting appropriately. Let us be patient.

        • Even Novus Ordo people who hate the Latin Mass could have easily been fooled by this guy Perlas. Remember, Adam and Eve were Catechized by GOD HIMSELF and Satan still managed to twist the truth so that she and her husband fell for the lies. Perlas operates the same way — he’ll make it seem like he is asking a legitimate question – “Are you interested in the Latin Mass? I have a group to promote it” – but then when you turn to look, you find out what he’s up to. See my post below for how he scammed people on Facebook…because the Internet is on 24/7, not every Facebook member is online 24/7 – especially good Catholics with lives, like moms. He trolled Latin Mass groups for names, then added them to his creepy group without their permission (yes Facebook allows for this) to give himself a veneer of respectability to draw in other people. SO maybe you want to rethink how critical you are of people who do not know him, now that you are among the ones who do know what he is up to.

  44. Unfortunately, he has hijacked the Audio Sancto group on Facebook and renamed it. If you’re a member of the group, you’ll see it in your notifications. I reported the group to Facebook but I doubt anything will be done. I blocked him and removed myself from the group.

  45. I met Anthony through a Catholic young adult group in Michigan. After a Tridentine mass, he asked me and my friend for our phone numbers and emails so we could be added to the group list. He then sent us friend requests and a sketchy email about the modeling. We were wary. His intentions are dishonest. I am disgusted and disappointed by this man.

  46. Poor Mr. Perlas appears to have gone completely around the bend.

    That any sane man would imagine that faithful Catholics would long tolerate such doings, strains credulity.

    I hope that somehow the Society will be able to sever all ties – past, present, and future – with Mr. Perlas, and that he will get the help he needs.

    The Latin Mass Society needs help, too. What Anthony Perlas has done is to create a public relations disaster for the Society. And that’s disaster with a capital D. Their credibility with Catholics who know about this debacle – on a scale of one to ten – is now at about negative six.

    A good public relations firm is first priority. And letting Mr. Perlas go gently into the good night is tied for first priority.

  47. This is disturbing. The comments in here make it even more disturbing. How is this LMS even allowed to exist by that name? Doesn’t the authentic one have some form of securing that name so that people like Antony Perlas don’t misuse and misrepresent them? And to make things weird, I find this. I haven’t watch the whole thing. I don’t think I’m ready to dip into this topic. May be after a month of prayer over this, I shall get into it. Anyway, have you guys seen this?

  48. This news is disturbing. The comments in here make it even more disturbing. How is this LMS even allowed to exist by that name? Doesn’t the authentic one have some form of securing that name so that people like Antony Perlas don’t misuse or misrepresent them? And to make things weird, I find this video that involves a catholic priest! I haven’t watch the whole thing. I don’t think I’m ready to dip into this topic yet (It’s spiritual warfare, and it’s not child’s play). May be after a month of prayer over this, I shall get into it. Anyway, have you guys seen this?


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