A Moment of Christendom: 16+ Bishops Stand to Excommunicate Child Murder

At long last, a man of God has broken from the cowardly bishops of the United States to defend children from the unborn holocaust and save a soul from the fires of hell.

He has done so by means of the true and traditional medicine of mercy.

And fifteen bishops, so far, have stood with him:

Aquila (Denver, CO)
Barber (Oakland, CA)
Cary (Baker, OR)
Coakley (Oklahoma City, OK)
Conley (Lincoln, NE)
Daly (Spokane, WA)
Etienne (Seattle, WA)
Hying (Madison, WI)
Naumann (Kansas City, KS)
Olson (Ft. Worth, TX)
Paprocki (Springfield, IL)
Ricken (Green Bay, WI)
Strickland (Tyler, TX)
Vasa (Santa Rosa, CA)
Wall (Gallup, NM)
(Credit to Eric Sammons for tracking this, see also Matt Fradd’s list and comments)

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone (whose name means “heart of a lion”) has excommunicated pro-child murder “Catholic” Nancy Pelosi and called her to penance.[1]

In this His Excellency and his brother bishops have followed all the great saintly bishops who stood against powerfully wicked politicians and were willing to suffer for it – most famously St. Ambrose against a murderous emperor.

Cordileone did not act like a bureaucrat of the USCCB, nor as a “vicar of the Roman Pontiff” as Lumen Gentium (27) itself condemns (which is how most bishops act). He didn’t act like a coward, but as a man of God.

He acted like a bishop.

In a penetrating and surprisingly acute interview with America, he explains that he could not do otherwise in conscience. He then expounds the true Catholic doctrine on conscience, against the Modernists who misuse this doctrine to promote heresy and child murder. He also mentions a number of other bishops who have done the same to politicians.

Through it all, his words are filled with charity for this soul who has been excommunicated. This is nothing less than the charitable anathema for the sake of souls. This is the true medicine of mercy.

God have mercy upon Nancy Pelosi. Mary, Ever-Virgin, Softener of Evil Hearts, obtain the grace of conversion for Nancy Pelosi!

And whatever you may think about all the other bishops above, I agree with Matt Fradd – we need to support them 100%. Let us stand together against the unborn holocaust.

ACTION ITEM: call your bishop now and ask him to come out publicly in support of the Archbishop and then ask him to do the same for the wolves in his own diocese. Or better – write him a letter and send it in.

The next question is: what will Pope Francis do, who entertained the false Catholic Joe Biden in Rome? What will McCarrick protégé, Bishop Wilton Gregory do in Washington DC?

Probably nothing, or passive-aggressively continue to rail on those rigid Trads and their false piety.

ACTION ITEM: Let’s the turn the other cheek and offer Rosaries in reparation for all the cowardly bishops out there, that they too may act like men of God, lest they fall into eternal damnation when they flee from the wolves and let the sheep get scattered.

And then there’s this: after the leak about Roe v. Wade, are we seeing the effects of a true Consecration of Russia? Is it just me or does this feel like a different world?

Only time will tell if the Consecration was valid.

Meanwhile, the true Thomist Fr. Thomas Crean, co-author of Integralism: a Manual of Political Philosophy, adroitly observes this moment of Christendom, which manifests the sacralisation of souls and society:


[1] Technically in the new code there is a distinction between “barring from Communion” (which is what His excellency has done) and “excommunication.” However, they amount to the same thing: Nancy Pelosi is no longer in communion with her bishop, nor with the Catholic Church. I think it best to refrain from word games and use the traditional term “excommunication” for this, even if it is meant in a general sense (that is, loss of communion) rather than the technical canonical term (according to the new penalties contained in the latest canon law). There are simply two forms of excommunication. Mrs. Pelosi received the gentler version of the two.

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