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A Clarion Call to Defend Our Lady in Oklahoma City

You may recall hearing about a Satanic “Black Mass” in Oklahoma City last year. We wrote about it here, here, and here. A reader in Oklahoma City writes to inform us that the same people who organized that event are now planning another Satanic event in Oklahoma City on Christmas Eve – and what Catholics there are doing about it:

The Satanist that held the black mass in Oklahoma City last year is at it again. Adam Daniels is planning this Christmas Eve to desecrate a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Entitled “Virgin Birth is a Lie” this Satanist is planning on putting on a show outside St. Joseph’s Old Cathedral in Oklahoma City from 4:30 to 6:15 pm Christmas Eve.

So this is the clarion call. We will be heading down to do whatever I can to stop/block/thwart this. Who will come to defend Our Lady? Who will stand up against blasphemy? Will we be lukewarm and be vomited out of Our Blessed Lord’s mouth, or will we be men? Would you let something like this happen to your mother? I for one will not stand by idly and let this happen to Our Mother. Are we the Church Militant or the Church Cowering and Sniveling? Are we Christeros or are we those who deny the faith for our own ease. So stand and be counted men. Are we men enough to defend our faith or shall we let this disgusting pig publicly blaspheme and commit desecration and sacrilege like a bunch of scared puppies?

So here I ask, who is with me? Who will stand in defense of truth, purity, and good? Who will stand with me in defense of Christ and the Immaculate Conception? Who will be a soldier of Christ with me? The time for talk is over, the time for action is now. Will you join me, men of Christ, or will we offer our pinch of incense to Caesar? What say you?

The plan is to show up 4:00PM, and for Catholic men, in defense of Our Blessed Lady, to occupy the area where this public blasphemy will take place and stand arm-in-arm, praying the Rosary in reparation for this event. We will defend our Mother and His bride, Holy Mother Church. This will be a non-violent event, but we will not back down, much like our Catholic brethren who so bravely defended their Cathedral last year in Argentina from topless rabid feminists bent on desecrating the Cathedral.

Additionally, we would ask all those who cannot attend to work with their priest to have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and non-stop rosaries of reparation and for those who will show up and defend Our Lady. Will we, on the eve of His birth, stand and say enough is enough or will we not? I beseech you to come and stand with us in OKC to defend the faith. God reward you for your charity.

Please sign up for the event at our Facebook Event Page at

Contact: David Homoney

Email: [email protected]

If you’re in the area, please consider joining them. If not, please pray for the success of their efforts.

57 thoughts on “A Clarion Call to Defend Our Lady in Oklahoma City”

      • Steve, I hope you have been in communication with the head Pastor at that Church. If so, maybe he can give you and your fellow Oklahoma Catholic Citizens permission to take extraordinary measures. I don’t know how far the statue is from the sidewalk they will be on but brainstorming, options should be considered:

        -Get Permission to create a clothe 20 foot by 10 foot high cloth blind to be staked between the sidewalk and the statue for 2 hours. (A mural of the arc of the covenant could be painted on the cloth, St. Michael could be painted on the cloth, or the cloth could be left blank. Heavy bed sheets could possibly be sewn together.)

        -Get permission to cover the Statue with a tent, or a tented tent pavilion with closed off sides.

        -Get permission to hire a security guard, to enforce the permit and keep the God haters off the Church’s property.

        All these measures would be to protect the Statue from harm. I wish you luck and I hope Roman Catholics in your area will be aroused and will join in your efforts.

        (For our Protestant Brethren, we our not worshiping the Statue. We are protecting the honor of Mary in Heaven who Jesus deeply loves.)

        • That’s right. No one Loves our Blessed Mother as much as JESUS. If you blaspheme or offend her in anyway you are doing the same to our LORD. If you attack Her you will invoke the anger of GOD in a way you can’t even imagine.

  1. Prayer warriors? Give me a break. That Satanist piece of s**t needs his head kicked in if he turns up. For the record, I still have his home address if anyone out there wants it.

  2. Even though Muslims deny the Trinity and the divinity of Christ, they revere Our Lady. Perhaps some of them will want to take part in this event? It goes without saying that our Protestant brethren in Christ will be there, too — no?

    • No….sorry Father, but the Protesters in my life wouldn’t defend Our Lady….She’s just another sinner like you and me according to them. It’s heart wrenching to me their total indifference to Her.

      • Protestants love Mary. She is to be admired. However, they can’t comprehend why she should have no sin; why people should pray to her. It sounds faintly like idol worship or goddess worship to them. So they try to distance themselves from that sort of thought. Perhaps they go overboard for that reason. They should perhaps honor her more than they do. However, they don’t feel indifferent nor do they hate her.

        • Sorry Sophie…that has not been my experience with Protestants. I don’t say they hate Our Lady…..and maybe accusing them of indifference may be a little too much….but it’s not far. By the shear fact that they think She is no better then themselves (She’s a sinner just like you and me…I’ve heard it hundreds of times)…is pretty telling where they stand.

          • I don’t know which ones you have been talking to. Most of them think she is a very good woman; much to be emulated. After all, she was chosen to be the mother of God. They are usually not suggesting she is as bad as most people; she would not hit her finger with a hammer & swear, etc.
            They are using the old Protestant idea that we are all born into sin equally; although some sin much less than others. There are some very saint like people who probably sin much less than others; but they, as well as all the apostles, were still classified as sinners. These people would not like people defacing the apostles. You sound as though you think Protestants dislike Mary & would welcome her defacement. That is just not true; at least among the mainstream.

          • Again, this has been my experience with Protesters. Sounds as those you have not run into any anti-Catholics…..unfortunately, I am surrounded by them.

          • You must live somewhere in the South where people are much more vocal about arguing their religious beliefs. Also, in the South you run into more denominations which are not mainline Protestant at all.

          • I live in Michigan. My (Protestant) husband and I still have our small group Bible study in our home. So yeah….we talk about our beliefs. I don’t know if perhaps you’re sharing your faith with nominal Protestants or what…but the one’s I do life with are all very anti-Catholic. One of them even told me she thought the miracles in the Catholic Church were probably from Satan.

          • These are your run of the mill Protestants. They flip from one church to the next. Mega churches for a while, until they feel they’re not being fed. Flip over to a Baptist church until they feel the pastor is too much of a legalist. Always searching for that right church……but I never said they wanted to deface Mary or a church. I’m just sure they wouldn’t go out of their way to stop it. If you push them to tell you what they believe about the CC (and I have)….they believe the Church was corrupted beyond repair and Luther was right. They have to believe that….otherwise they would be Catholic!

          • Perhaps I am too optimistic about human nature; but I feel more people are not so inclined to insult their neighbors.

          • Honestly, I’ve never met a protestant who had any real regard for Mary, and a number I have encountered seem to go out of their way to malign her – something they don’t do with say the apostles. It’s one of the things that makes me shake my head most at them — they seem to think they will be rewarded at their judgement (which let’s be honest many think they’re covered no matter their sin because they’ve declared Jesus their personal savior) for dissing Jesus’ mother — really it is that insane.

          • My statement still stands. I have never met anyone who denigrated Mary. She is seen as a wonderful, model mother. They would have no reason to denigrate her. I knew one Protestant lady who kept her picture in her laundry room for some reason; to give comfort? My own grandmother; no Catholic, kept a small statue of the Madonna in her living room. I had given it to her; she later took it, I believe, with her when she moved to a nursing home.

          • You’re right Sophie….they have no reason to denigrate her, but they do. By the sheer fact they consider her a sinner just like us, nothing special, is IMO denigration. It’s nice to know that the one Protestant lady you know kept a picture of Our Lady in her laundry room….that is NOT the norm.

            As far as the young girls wanting to play Mary in the Christmas pageant? It’s quite possible that some, if not most just want the “starring” role.

          • Well, again, I have ever met those kinds of people despite spending years in mainline Protestant churches. It is the norm to honor Mary in the mainline churches. The wackier churches; I don’t know much about. Most Protestants also, do not flip from church to church as much as you indicated. The ones I knew usually tended to stay put unless they had a big problem.

          • Wow….vastly different experiences for us. I know a hundred or so Protestants personally (where I know them and have spoken with them regarding faith)….and only two have remained in the same church or “denomination”. I listen to local Protestant radio and even he, as an apologist comments on this. Heck, they even have advertisements on the show…”looking for a church…..? Try so and so….”

            Yes, vastly different experiences we have.

          • Well, you do find that movement more in areas where there are not large numbers of mainline sacramental Protestants but more Southern Baptists or other denominations that don’t consider themselves Protestant at all; like, I believe, the Church of God, etc. The Southern Baptists often send missionaries to the other churches because they believe these other churches emphasize the wrong things; that people in the other churches are led in the wrong direction; that they are only “saved” in spite of their churches, not because of them. Many believe Methodists, Presbyterians, etc. are headed for hell. Of course many Baptists are much more generous; very good people. It really depends on the church. When we lived in Oklahoma, We used to get plenty of these Baptists knocking at our door. Some were lovely; some acted superior, etc. There was one minister who I found funny because he was pretty blunt.

            The mainline Protestants in the north, however, tended to be raised where they stayed for years. Again, I think any denigration of Mary would come from people afraid of idol worship; not necessarily upset with Mary herself.

    • With all due respect Father, as a former evangelical I can assure you that many Protestants would actually see this as a noble act if it were not being done by a Satanist. Not so much because it disrespects Our Lady, but because they would see it as a defilement of a graven image. Maybe you have never seen the YouTube video of a protestant pastor destroying a statue of Our Lady with a hammer?

      • Not every protestant by a long shot. And even among the most anti-Marian, the theologians admit theotokos and the content of Luke to Elizabeth.

        • The issue is not theotokos, etc. The issue to them would be graven images and idolatry. These folks believe that Mary would stand in approval of their desecration of Marian statues. It springs from their misunderstanding of the first commandment and their so-called “second commandment.”

          • I understand that. One hopes that they have no photographs whatsoever, or books with pictures. Because if they did, that would be hypocritical. ..

            The iconoclasm heresy comes to mind, however, I think that is different because some easyern orthodox hold that icons are connected to what they represent .

          • Exactly….As a recent convert, my Protester husband and friends all believe we worship Mary and I remind them every time about their photos. And it’s a great time of year to remind them of their Nativity scenes….

          • What folks would those be? Very few Protestants with the exception of a few kooky sects; would wish this kind of desecration to a church.

  3. I live in OKC and sent the following to the Archdiocese : “I wanted to make you aware and perhaps you already are, of a desecration planned by the same group that attempted the black mass in September of last year at the civic center. Apparently they are planning on desecrating a Statue of our Blessed Mother outside of the St. Joseph’s old Cathedral at 225 NW 4th St. on
    Christmas Eve at 4:00.A man has announced plans to try to, non violently, block
    this from happening and stand arm in arm, Praying The Rosary. I am attaching a
    link, with more information and ask that you please spread the word for all to
    come and defend our Blessed Mother and CHRIST’S Church. Here is the
    In JESUS through Mary – Frank Capra ” This is the response I received : “Thank you Frank. We are aware of both. Archbishop Coakley has asked the faithful not to plan a counter protest on that day, and instead pray the Rosary and celebrate Mass in the joy of Christ’s birth.” Does this not say it all ? A desecration of Jesus’s and our Most Holy Mother’s Statue being planned outside a Cathedral and this is their response. Pathetic. Do any of our Church “leaders” have any Faith at all anymore ? All they seem to care about is their “social justice” causes. I’m sick of their church of man!

    • It’s a tactic to not give publicity to this idiot. He’s going to continue to do it as long as he gets media attention. I think it’s a valid tactic. Go or don’t go. You decide. I think this protest would be better if it were violent every time. Every time this whacko shows up he gets beat up. After a while he’d start making his events private.

      • I don’t think we can let these children of hell get away with this outrage. We must do what we can to physically defend our LORD, our Holy Mother and Holy Mother Church. Prayer of course, is vitally important, but if we can prevent them from acting then I think we must; just not return evil for evil.

        • We can all be sure of the response he would receive if he were to try this on a statue of mohammed the so called prophet in front of a mosque on their holiest of days.

  4. Huh. I would have thought Okies were tougher than that. I would not like to see that tired in my parish, we’d treat them very rudely.

    • Sadly, the one who should be leading this, His Excellency, would rather just let it happen. When Archbishops do nothing about public blasphemy you can see just how far the Church has fallen. It is a very sad day in the Church.

      • From my limited experience of the Archbishop, he is rather typical of the modern American bishop (i.e. luke-warm). There’s a noticeable contrast between him and the tradition-friendly Bishop Slattery of Tulsa.

  5. Rather than discussing what Protestant Evangelicals MIGHT do, can any of you who live in the Oklahoma City area simply spend a few minutes today CALLING THEM and asking if they would join? No, they won’t pray the Rosary, but they are very good at singing loudly. Christmas carols, for example.

    If you call, please speak to them in their own language: “Satanists are going to blaspheme the virgin birth of Jesus by attacking His mother. Do you have any men in your church who will fight back by showing up and praying, or singing Christmas carols?”

    If none of them show interest, then and only then can we analyze why not.


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