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2nd Annual “Thanksgiving for Columbus” Day

Dear OnePeterFive donor, supporters and readers,

Pope Francis was ordained to the priesthood in 1969 after a decade of formation by the Jesuits in Argentina. The Hispanic regions of the Americas had already suffered for over a century from the Anglo-Masonic and anti-Catholic agenda of the American Empire, especially since the Monroe Doctrine of 1823.

This is part of what justifies the Holy Father’s anti-American stance. But it is also what has made these Catholic regions susceptible to Communist propaganda, which is seen as throwing of the Anglo yoke of oppression.

On the other hand, the Holy Father does not appear to have any understanding or appreciation of the true history of American Catholicism in these United States, as it was first founded by the French and Spanish (within the modern territory of the States) and later taken up by a unique Anglo-Catholicism passed down from a colony known by its Catholic founder as Terra Mariae (Maryland).

But all of these factors are probably not the most influential of the Jesuit formation Fr. Bergoglio received in South America in that fateful decade leading up to 1969. The Marxist narrative of that time was a narrative that was designed to make the Church embarrassed by Christendom of the Americas. It was designed to paint Columbus and all our history in this western hemisphere as wicked and oppressive and destructive of the indigenous cultures of these Americas.

The fruit of this malformation that Jorge Bergoglio received came out at the Amazon synod with the Pacha idol.

This Marxist malformation eventually led to an attack on Columbus Day, which is celebrated today in the United States.

Yet if we know the history, we know that Columbus Day matters to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Providentially, this day in the United States always coincides with Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Therefore, as a part of our editorial effort to rebuild Christendom, we consider this day to have immense importance for reclaiming our history of Christendom of the Americas as part of the larger Baroque Civilisation born out of the Council of Trent. This helps us to counter the Marxist narrative that influences even Bishops of good will into supporting Marxist ideology unwittingly. This Marxist narrative influences the #SchismaticWay which is trying to using every Marxist technique to slander our history and bring the Church to kneel before the world.

Let us then, on this day, raise a toast to the great Columbus. What can you do to rebuild Christendom in your local parish and community? Why not organise an annual event like this? You can start by listening to our podcast celebration. This year we have representatives from Anglo, French, Spanish and Portugese Christendoms of the Americas.

Viva Christo Rey!


T. S. Flanders
Columbus Day / Our Lady of the Pillar

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