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1P5 Podcast: Episode 29 – Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!


It’s our first podcast of 2016, and today we talk about the Jubilee Year of Mercy that is now fully underway. What is Mercy? What does it mean? How should we look for it or apply it in our own lives?


10 thoughts on “1P5 Podcast: Episode 29 – Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!”

  1. Thank u Steve for relating exactly how I feel re “The Year of Mercy” n for enabling me to begin Lent with more thoughtfulness! God Bless u n ur family!

  2. Thank you, Steve, for this great podcast! You may not feel you are doing anything to help others, but you are. I have been taking notes from this as this is just what I need right now to help my relatives understand the difference between really loving someone and just allowing them to continue in their sin. My niece/Goddaughter “came out” as a homosexual a little over 5 years ago and a year ago was “married”, and most of my relatives are perfectly fine with that. They are having a huge belated reception at my sister’s home this spring to which most of them are going. My family and I are, of course, the bad ones, the unloving ones, the judgmental ones for speaking out against it. The worst thing is my aunt, who has been a nun for 60+ years, has been talking to the few who are a bit on the fence, telling them how “God is merciful”, so you see how this information and how well you explain it is helping me to be able to correct them. God bless you, and I pray you have a holy and fruitful Lent.

  3. FRANCIS IS UNFAITHFUL TO OUR LORD JESUS, he proclaims and believes in many religions. This is the reason that Francis teaches the candy coated evil, that muslims and Christians are brothers.

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  4. One cop-out the neo-catholics have regarding “Mercy” and divine justice is “Theologically, God cannot be offended. His Mercy is infinite” ..
    Kyrie Eleison


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