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1P5 Podcast – Episode 23: A Requiem Mass Denied


The power of a Requiem Mass as a sendoff for the souls of those who have departed this life is inestimable. One priest in the diocese of Trier, Germany had come to understand this, and thus placed a request for a Requiem Funeral Mass in his will – a request that was guaranteed in writing by a fellow priest.

But when he died, the Mass was forbidden by Bishop Stephen Ackerman. Ackerman is one of the very same bishops who likes to speak about “mercy” – but only when it involves those living in grave sexual sin, not those who desire something as noble as an authentic Catholic funeral.

Enough is enough.


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15 thoughts on “1P5 Podcast – Episode 23: A Requiem Mass Denied”

  1. This is the EF so anyone can arrange a Requiem Mass for Fr. Adolf Mohr, we can arrange for the Mass to be sung, we can arrange Deacon and subdeacon, we can have a catafalc with a Birretta on the top.

    We can have a Requiem on first hearing the news, then the 3rd, 7th and 30th day after death or Burial.
    We could take photographs of these celebrations and send them to the bishop.
    Oh and next year we could have a first Anniversary Requiem on the day of death or Burial… and send another Photograph…

  2. The Requiem Mass in the Extraordinary Form is one of the most moving, eternal experiences one can be a part of. It is hard to imagine that a bishop would deny this. Well, no I suppose it’s not hard to believe. But it is hard to accept.

  3. “The people who talk the most about mercy… are the ones who show the least mercy.” Now, let’s see, if we were to run a search for the person in the news most associated with the word “mercy”, who would it be? We all know the answer. (By the way, Steve, pretty good stuff, especially when you tell us you were working without a script. Wish I could do as well.)

  4. Total duration of a bishop’s time as ordinary and/or auxiliary of various sees during his lifetime is insignificant when compared to eternity. Just like the rest of us, eventually those bishops will face particular judgment first then face general (last) judgment later. At the Last Judgment when facing Our Lord, no doubt those bishops will finally understand, albeit too late, the full ramifications of their “bad shepherd” acts in terms of how many souls they have ruined or led astray.

  5. Fr. Mohr’s family can always contact Our Savior Church in NYC and have demon-worshiping Hindus perform a service. *That* is okay.

    Man, Cdl. Dolan would probably have had a stroke if a Latin Mass were said there however.

  6. I don’t get this. At 17:30 or so Steve says he asks his father to plan his own Requiem mass, because otherwise he will get only a regular funeral mass, and that isn’t as good? Is that the gist?

  7. As for the issue of not praying for the souls of the dead, I’ve rectified that in my prayer life through the Divine Mercy Chaplet. At the end of my Rosary, I pray the Chaplet and dedicate it to the dead with this intention:

    “I pray for the release of all souls in Purgatory
    for the salvation of my father’s soul
    the souls of my departed God-Parents
    family, friends, benefactors
    the unborn
    the un-baptised
    and all those who will die this day
    I ask this through the merciful heart of our Lord Jesus Christ”

    Followed by the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Some days I also include special intentions for recently departed acquaintances or victims of horrific accidents or acts of terrorism. There is no lack for the number of souls who need our prayers.

  8. I lost my dad two months ago (he was only 56) and the local parish told us we couldn’t have a Requiem even though we had a priest, choir, and servers ready to go. We were told that the Latin and black vestments would confuse and scare people. Somehow the local bishop found out and tried to block it too.

    It’s hard to think of anything less charitable. A pastor in the next town over let us use his parish, and it was one of the most beautiful Masses I’ve ever been to, but…man. The proprietors of the Church of the New Springtime can be ruthless.

    For those reading this, please offer a prayer for the repose of my father’s soul! God bless.


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