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1P5 Podcast – Episode 20: Are You Angry Yet?


The anger one feels at the open and flagrant contempt on display for the Catholic faith from the highest echelons of the Church is perhaps matched only by the astonishing naivete of those members of the faithful who refuse to admit there is a problem. From the tepidity of the Catholic message during the papal visit to the aggrandizement of manifest opponents of the moral law at papal Masses to the conspiracy of known heretics who are so brazen that they admit their misdeeds in public to the never-ending assault of heterodox prelates hand-picked by the pope to have a seat at the Synod…it’s time to be angry. But we mustn’t stop there.

“Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.”

– St. Augustine


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41 thoughts on “1P5 Podcast – Episode 20: Are You Angry Yet?”

  1. I feel/hear your pain. I won’t ring the sedevacantism bell, even though I think the premises are solid and the logic is irrefutable. More generally, though, as far as your emotional response to all of this, we are on the same page.

    I believe life of the Church parallels the life of Christ. Christ spent some time in the tomb, out of view (though not “invisible”). All we can really do is hold vigil and await the second coming. Because the Church, the Body of Christ, has been crucified and buried and the flock is scattered. Yet Christ’s promise to always be with his Church wasn’t invalidated because his body was entombed for a time, though it may have seemed that way to the Apostles. For instance, Mary Magdalene was weeping at the tomb, and the angels asked her in John Ch. 20: “why weepest thou?”

    “She saith to them: Because they have taken away my Lord; and I know not where they have laid him.” It seemed as if he had gone. And I would expect things to seem that way to us as well at this time. Like M.M., we are weeping at the tomb, and wondering in our darkest moments if he is really coming.

    I would also recall the words of Apocalypse, in light of your talk about the end times and the coming judgment and destruction: “Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues”. (18:4) Whatever you think about the loss office and the principles guiding that process, you can still acknowledge and avoid the heretics.

    • To be VERY clear: I am not advocating sedevacantism. My point is that the revelations about a possible cabal influencing sitting popes and future conclaves calls canonical validity into question. And I don’t have answers, and it’s not my job to provide them, Deo gratias.

      • I didn’t mean to suggest that YOU were advocating sedevacantism. I just meant to say that I wasn’t going to lay out the arguments for it again in that post.

        As for the answers, I think that’s the reason popes for 2000 years wrote bulls and encyclicals and called councils and established canons. Pope Paul IV wrote a bull on heresy and the loss of office called “Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio”, which you can read online. Invoking his full Apostolic authority, I would say he gave us some pretty clear answers.

  2. Sin…we are under the mighty Hand of God. The Good News is that the church will be small, but purified/powerful. Sound familiar. It us who are being judged, but not to our damnation…to our merit, eventually. Reparation! Reparation! Reparation! Go only to the TLM where reparation is explicitly taught within the Mass itself! We are given the leaders we deserve. But, God only allows evil for a GREATER good! Don’t lose hope! I appreciate your emotions. Our Holy Church is presently run by Narcissistic Personality Disordered men/women.

    • Lynn makes a good point here when she says we shouldn’t let this suffering go to waste. As Catholics we most certainly should offer it up. And, remember, we are joining an elite company, the likes of Thomas Moore and John Fisher, and the many Catholics who once suffered persecution under Arian bishops, and those nameless thousands who suffered martyrdom in the Vendée while their brethren signed on to the very liberalism that plagues us till this day. Rejoice! There were entire generations of Catholics just before us, the generation of my parents for example, who never knew this opportunity.

  3. Everything the enemy of Holy Mother Church throws at her faithful…use it for reparation and souls! Let him be hung by his own gallows!


    “They have abandoned the Fort, those

    who should have defended it.” (St. John Fisher)

    Who held the Fort

    Till the Calvary came

    Fighting for all

    In His Holy Name?

    Who fed the sheep

    As the pastures burned dry?

    A few Good Shepherds

    Heeding their cry.

    Who led the charge

    ‘Gainst heresy’s Huns

    Defending the degreed

    To His lowliest ones?

    Who battened down

    The hatch of the barque

    To warm cold souls

    From shivering-seas dark?

    “Who?” mocks Satan

    Delighting in doubt

    Fills you with questions,

    Never lets you find out.

    “Hoc est enum

    Corpus meum…

    and for many…” who kept

    The dead words – Te Deum!

    “The knock-out blow of Satan
    has been to cause disobedience
    in the name of obedience.”

    (Fr. Cyprian, OSB, Prior of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery)

  5. I echo the pain, frustration and angst in your podcast. There are times that this seems like a bad dream. Has the Barque of Peter actually veered this far off course? One of the few consolations we have during this time is fellowship with those who see that which the enemy has blinded so many others to. No, we don’t have the earthly means to set the globe ablaze with this information, but neither did David have the conventional arms necessary to defeat Goliath. God was glorified through a slingshot, and dare I say that He will be glorified through a humble website that courageously publishes the truth.

    • Thank you JMJT! I am sharing this so as to cut short unnecessary musing and to get in a position that we need to be in so as to be part of the eventual triumph!

  6. Saw comments at the TorontoCath site saying we — you and I and other “types” who read this site — are just not getting it for criticizing the presence of a champion of sodomy as lector at the pope’s Mass; we are simply not ”inclusive” enough, not ”welcoming” enough.

    OK, here is my question: Would the Catholic bishops of the US be content to have, say, an identified officer of Aryan Nation as lector? How about a well-known Catholic member of a NY mafia crime family? I mean, after all, shouldn’t THEY be included and accepted under that Big Bergoglio Tent? Ah, but amigos míos, YOU know that “inclusivity” does, after all, have some limits. Basically, they are these: a clear line of limitation is drawn just to the right hand of José Bergoglio. Everything to his left? Come on in, amigos! To his right? Go pound sand, hideputas!

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  7. I am listening to your podcast and I have a thought. I hope you read this and give your opinion. This is how I can explain the puzzling actions of the Holy Father. What if the Pope, seeing the disastrous situation of the Church, also recognizes that their is an imminent rip, separation, split of the Church coming this Oct. and he has decided to put in the most visible positions all the degenerate bishops and cardinal so the whole world sees who they are. In fact, he wanted to make sure not a single one would be missed so he had everyone sign their initials to the document from the last SYNOD AFTER EACH PARAGRAPH of the document where they agreed or they disagreed. NOW WE HAVE A CLEAR RECORD OF WHO IS WHO. So then, when the split comes we know every single cardinal and bishop is leaving BUT THE ONES THAT ARE STAYING ARE HIDDEN AND OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE so they are not subject to attacks or even assassinations.No public scrutiny. They are hidden so he, the Holy Father has a crew, loyal to him and they are not in the public eye. What gave me the idea is that Cardinal Burke was put is a hidden place so he´d not be in the midst of the fierce battle. But the rip is official, he´ll be safe and rested and able to lead with the Holy FAther in peace when all the muckies are gone. What do you think? He´s hidding his good guys so the bad guys we all know who they are and either demand they represent the doctrine of the Catholic Church or demand their resignation but we, as the body of Christ are now empowered, tremendously empowered to act against without doubts against those who betray the Church. We know our enemies and we can act.

    • Charming idea, but almost certainly false.

      What we will get is what I call a “synod sausage”. The “polyhedral” voices of numerous and anonymous prelates will be ground up (“Hegelian-style!”) into a smooth policy paste and packaged in a papal sheath, whereupon every local pastor can “heed the Spirit” as to how best to “apply” the new (abnormal) “norms”. Indeed, “Evangelii Gaudium” was precisely such synod sausage from the entrails and tea leaves of Aparecida in Brazil a few years earlier.

      Sorry, but Feckless Francis not calling anyone out. He genuinely believes that all voices belong at the table, that “it takes a lot to make a stew”. He wants a mess, a cacophony, a perpetual World Youth Day. He wants the Church to be one large Argentina.

      But hey, I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.

    • If you studied the history of the Church, particularly what was happening in the world and in the Church in the 20th and now 21st centuries, you would not find any of this puzzling.
      Francis is one of the enemies of the Church. He has no secret agenda to overthrow the heresies and reign in the heretics and apostates because he is one of them.

  8. Thanks Steve for all you good work. You are not alone in your righteous outrage. Here is Ann Barnhardt doing it up a little hyperbolic:

    Prima Facie Evidence that Francis is, in fact, Antipope

    I think we can all do our part to ‘out’ this Pope and his band of thugs by supporting sites such as yours who seek and speak the truth by reading, commenting and donating. We can also comment in the mainstream media such as the New York Times and the ‘mainstream Catholic media. Most of all, we can do our part by praying for Pope Francis, and all the clergy that a few of them will have the courage to speak up. And for us, It is our sacred obligation to defend the Church against the Judas’ within and the pagans without.

    May God bless you Steve and continue making One Peter Five a tool of our salvation.

  9. Cardinal Burke has advised: ‘Stay Faithful to Christ in His Church’. Yes it is infuriating, frustrating, hurtful and every other distressing emotion that goes with this persecution, but prayer and the sacraments are our defense. Jesus will NEVER leave us orphaned.

  10. Groups like EWTN will never bad mouth a prelate and absolutely never the Pope. They can’t get their big interviews if they do. CMTV is controlled by Opus Dei and a financial backer who calls the shots. Catholic Answers, Catholic Culture etc. are all compromised. Even the SSPX has been pretty much cowed. You’re only going to hear honest criticism from places like Catholic Family News, the Remnant, Tradition In Action. Everyone used to call Fr. Malachi Martin a crackpot and “teller of tales” but sure enough, everything he said is showing itself to be true.

  11. Well, this just confirms what I and many of my Catholic friends have suspected since this impostor Francis was elected. When he walked on to the balcony at the Vatican when he was first elected, I got the most “gut awful” feeling about this man. He’s a phony and pretends to be humble, he’s far from it! He’s pure evil. I urge everyone here to go to; Caravan to Midnight – Episode 353 the pope from hell? Check it out!!!!!!!!

  12. A terrific podcast. You speak for many of us who are suffering as we see these “domestic” attacks on the Church. Thank you for your witness and courage…please do not falter. Yes, Jesus is the Victor and He will take care of it all….we must pray that we do not fall prey and for the conversion of hearts. Yet, when it all hits the fan, we will – faithful and heretics alike – will suffer greatly. God help us. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

  13. And as if everything (not) done before weren’t enough, one of the pope’s last interventions was before the American bishops. And what did he tell them? After mentioning that of course he opposed calling sodomoshackups “marriage”, everyone knows that (i.e. so why bother repeating i), he recommended the bishops “stop complaining.” Stop complaining?!?!? THAT is what he calls protesting the trashing of the US Constitution by the Supreme Court, its being twisted into some kind of defense of egregious sin????? My friends, this is indeed what they term “a teachable moment” in the business, and Pope Francis took full advantage of it, I’d say.

  14. It’s not naïveté on the part of the deniers – it is an intentional ploy to bring as many as possible down the false path for as long as possible, away from the Catholic Faith and Natural Moral Law. It is diabolic.

  15. Just discovered your website. I agree with you in this podcast. Very well said. Very well said. We can certainly hear your love for Christ and His Church and the people of the Catholic church. I believe and hope that more and more Catholics will feel the same and speak out in love also. One thing we need to do is lift our anger and concerns up to our Lord for the Church and the conversion of sinners.

  16. Thank you Steve for saying what we too are feeling in our gut. And thanks a bunch for the two excellent prayers for the Holy Father….as I just don’t know how to pray for him. I’ve printed off a copy for myself and I’m going to Mass shortly and will leave a copy in the pews also.

  17. Is the Pope equal to the Queen of Scotland regarding church and state powers and Royal Proclamations to start new nations for Letters Patents and definitions of who the beneficiaries of federal charitable Boards are?

  18. Steve, you are an intelligent guy but how can you be angry with reality? You refuse to acknowledge that the institutional Church is in a great apostasy, since Vatican II, including its current leader and including Paul VI, JPII, and Benedict XVI, and then wonder why there is no defense of the true Catholic faith.

    How can Judas’ be anything but enemies of Christ?

    We should pity those who are consigning themselves to eternal damnation and that number is great. We should pray for their conversion and leave the rest to God to sort out.

    The only thing that really matters is our own fidelity to Christ and to His true and never-changing teachings and continue to work for our own salvation. .

  19. Thank you Steve for all that you do. Too many people want to stick their heads in the sand. I just found your website and it’s a breath of fresh air to hear someone state the obvious!

  20. How can you be angry? Francis is simply carrying out the spirit of Vatican II with its heresies and clear rejection of many of the perennial teachings of the Catholic Church.

    Vatican II declared the Church was completely defective-its liturgy, its purpose and mission, its understanding of salvation, grace, justification, and of other religions, its governing structure, its forms for the Sacraments, its understanding of the priesthood, its canonization process, its annulment process, its interpretation of Sacred Scripture, its veneration of The Mother of God and of the Saints, its understanding of God, its understanding of creation, and its understanding of man in his spiri and body.

    Since the Church was completely defective, it had to be “fixed”. Messes are to be made. Experiments, changes, constant action to try to finally get things right. To finally establish the universal Church that Vatican II and the popes since then, have claimed is still invisible.

  21. peter, the logical conclusion: bergoglio is an antipope who must be deposed by the chief shepherds and demanded by true catholics worldwide! end of story! bergoglio is a false pope. he is excommunicated ipso facto!


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