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1P5 Minute #21 – Amidst More Vatican Scandals, Bishops Want to Control Catholic Media?

On this episode of the 1P5 Minute, we look at the absolute disconnect between a Vatican that can’t stop pumping out scandal and the eagerness of some bishops (and the Orwellian Hobbits that support them) to try to control the very Catholic media that wants to keep the episcopacy accountable.

Today’s stories include:

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has accused Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, the new vice dean of the college of cardinals and the man who will likely preside over the next papal conclave, of having participated in the coverup of the sexual crimes of Marcial Maciel, the late, disgraced founder of the Legionaries of Christ.

AND: Pope Francis met last month with Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez and his concubine in a private audience at the Vatican.

The Argentinian president is not only a known adulterer, he is working on legislation that would make abortion legal in the formerly Catholic country. Nevertheless, the two were given Holy Communion by Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the increasingly problematic Pontifical Academy of Sciences, during a Mass at St. Peter’s just before their meeting with the pope.

ALSO: Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco told LifeSiteNews that during the January ad limina visit with the pope, a group of American bishops were told by Francis that civil unions between homosexuals that provide access to public benefits are acceptable, as long as they are not considered marriages. But that’s in total incongruity with Church teaching, and we have the CDF letter to prove it.

AND: Bishop Athanasius Schneider has said that “Pope Francis, by his silence, seems to tolerate” bishops who “who openly profess heretical doctrines and practices.” But is he really surprised, or does he know that Francis does not merely tolerate them, but lead them?

IN ADDITION: What’s happened to Archbishop Georg Ganswein? Why has he disappeared?

AND FINALLY: Bishop Robert Barron, auxiliary of Los Angeles and founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries has suggested that online Catholic publishers need episcopal oversight, in something like the form of a “mandatum” required for teaching theology at a Catholic college. Two earnest lay minions have written an article in support of the bishop’s silly idea. We take a look at exactly why it’s so funny.

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