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Trump Becomes a Martyr

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Well, they got the conviction.

After (how many years?) of the mob going after maybe the “Least Worst President” of United States history, Trump has been convicted. The BBC boldly asserts that Trump “falsely repeated claims his prosecution was politically orchestrated.” Amazing what they can spin on secular, worldwide media.

So this was just a fair trial right? Nothing to see here, folks.

Sammons sums it up best:

The sitting president of the United States was accused for both treason and insurrection, two of the worst possible crimes in any country. If true, he would deserve the death penalty in even the most civilized countries.

Of course, neither were true, which is why all the legal attempts to bring him down over the past few years have been unrelated to either of those serious charges. Instead, he has been charged with petty crimes based on novel legal theories (“Well, this isn’t actually a crime in the books, but if we look at the law while squinting and during a full moon, we might just get him!”). Now they have convicted him on 34 acts that are not even clearly illegal. It’s obvious this is a political witch hunt. Donald Trump’s crime is that they desperately don’t want him to be president. 

And I’m glad Sammons hastens to add, “To be clear, I think all modern presidents are criminals.”


Like I said before, Trump was a terrible president by Catholic standards. But he was slightly less worse than most Presidents, so I’ll give him that.

But what the Marxist-occupied Democratic party has done is crucify their political enemy, which has now made him a martyr. This will only stoke the fuel of the existing “Cold Civil War” in these States and make things worse as we enter the summer before the election. The problem is that the Republican party (as Sammons notes cogently again in another place) is morally bankrupt as a Catholic political party. I’ll vote Republican because it minimising my cooperation in the unborn holocaust and other evils – but it is not “the Catholic option.”

There is no “Catholic option” in these United States. That is why we have the postliberal conversation. It’s time for us to just go back to what the original Catholic political platform was in the beginning: CHRIST IS KING! (Watch my old “low fi” conversation with C. Plance about “The Kingship of Christ as the Essence of the Gospel” below.)

From now on, Catholics should make this the litmus test for their politicians and parties. We need to ask our politicians whether or not they will pledge allegiance to His Divine Majesty.

If they won’t pledge allegiance to Him, are they then serving Satan?

As for Trump, he can either pledge his allegiance to the King, or wrap himself in the secularised Republican party as their idol and their martyr, leading more Christian or Conservative Republicans into a personality cult instead of the truth that Jesus is King.

If he doesn’t pledge allegiance to the King, I think this will lead to a disaster for these States. If he doesn’t pledge allegiance, he will never defeat the Marxists who serve Satan.

If he doesn’t pledge allegiance, he will never be the Catholic option for president.

Viva Christo Rey!

T. S. Flanders
Friday in the Octave of Corpus Christi
Queenship of Mary

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