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The Third Revolution in the Catholic Church

Any Catholic who has studied the history of the Church since the 1960s knows that revolution has happened. “Revolution” is an important word, as it describes points in history when change has happened, often violently but sometimes under cover of “progress.”

It took France three revolutions to finally get rid of the monarch. There was the 1789 revolution, which we all know about but which was only the beginning. The later revolutions of 1830 and 1848 sealed the fate of the French monarchy, and no king has sat on the throne of France since.

The Catholic Church knows only too well of these multiple revolutions. In fact, the third revolution in the Church is taking place as we speak, and Catholic tradition is losing ground by the day.

The first revolution was Vatican II, the council that changed nothing and everything at the same time. The 16 documents of Vatican II gave us ambiguous and squishy language that modernists ran with to implement heresy left, right, and center. Our liturgy was deformed, our bishops embraced their role as politicians, and Christ was effectively demoted from Lord of the universe to the duke of His estate. Also, the greatest evil in the world at that time and most horrific persecutor of Catholics was communism. This was not condemned at all at the council, leaving the bishops of Eastern Europe to fight their own battles. This was the first revolution.

The second revolution contained the papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI. This is where the Vatican II documents were surpassed. They weren’t quite enough anymore, so the Spirit of Vatican II had to pick up from where the documents left off. In this revolution, we saw the novelty of altar girls receive papal approval under the reign of the Polish pontiff. In addition, interfaith prayer meetings with representatives of false religions became the norm, whether at Assisi or the synagogue in Rome. Let us never forget that it was during this pontificate when the priestly sex scandals reached their zenith. While priests disgraced their collar, many in red and purple robes not only protected them, but ascended to higher offices while doing so. Benedict XVI continued down the path of John Paul II. After all, he was the right-hand man during John Paul’s pontificate. When he was elected in the conclave of 2005, we all knew that this would be a continuation of the John Paul papacy.

Enter Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the start of the third revolution. Pope Francis possesses all of the bad qualities of his two predecessors and almost none of the good ones. Catholic values that John Paul II stood up for are now being thrown to the wolves. The firm teaching of Familiaris Consortio has been replaced by the shaky ground of Amoris Laetitia as the Church moves closer to communion for unrepentant adulterers. Homosexuality is hardly ever condemned in an era where the sexual revolution faces little to no opposition. The agents in this revolution have the ultimate goal of turning Christ’s body into a church that looks not at all different from any mainline Protestant denomination whose numbers are in steep decline and will most likely cease to exist within a few generations. All of this had been made possible in these churches by synods. The same type of synods is being used in the Catholic Church to give the revolutionaries ground that Vatican II didn’t. In addition to this, they seek a church that wields absolutely no political power and gives cultural elites carte blanche to spread their agenda at the expense of human life and biblical morality.

After three revolutions, the French monarchy ceased to exist. Will the Church fall victim to this same fate after this third revolution is over?

The Church has something that France never did, and that is a promise from our Lord Jesus Christ. We’ll win in the end, and the victory will be complete. However, this doesn’t mean that the enemy won’t do damage. The enemy will cause souls to be lost, churches to be closed, and vocations to be destroyed. Christ promised that the gates of Hades would not overcome the Church, but he never said the Church won’t be hurt in process.

Archbishop Viganò helped us out by identifying the enemy for us. Every single high-ranking member of the homosexual cabal in the American Church has been exposed. What Viganò did will certainly slow them down now that the spotlight is on them. Regardless, they haven’t been defeated. McCarrick and Wuerl are gone, but Cupich and Tobin still hold their offices. Fr. James Martin is still wearing his clerical collar while promoting sexual subversion and disgracing the once great order founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola. These clerics are still operating and working hard to steal the faith from Catholics, just as the Tudor monarchs of the 16th century stole it from the English people.

The third revolution removed the last king of France from his throne. As Catholics, this is our opportunity to crush the revolution and restore our monarch. It won’t be easy in the same way things weren’t easy for valiant Catholic warriors like St. Joan of Arc and Don Juan of Austria. We may not live to see the victory, but that doesn’t exclude any of us from doing his part.

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