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No Other Gods: Three Questions That Can Help You Sift Pagan Chaff from Christian Grain

Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem “From shadows and images into truth”1 Various translations are possible, since imagines can be translated: ideas, appearances, phantasms, likenesses, simulacra, symbols, etc. For Newman, the darkness from which he had emerged could be described, in large part, as theological liberalism, but the phrase can likewise apply to paganism. Blessed…

1P5 Minute Ep. 13 – Amazonian Idols Thrown in the Tiber!

Early this morning, some Catholic men entered St. Maria in Traspontina, near the Vatican, grabbed several of the ugly wooden fertility statues folks have identified as the Andean fertility goddess and pan-amazonian Mother Earth icon Pachamama, and tossed them into the Tiber river. We break down the story in the latest 1P5 Minute: RELATED LINKS:…

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