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Which McCarrick Network Domino Will Be the First to Fall – And Where Will it Lead?

By now, Catholics the world over are sick of hearing about the not-so-secret life of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Stories that involve unwanted touching of minors and seminarians, strange costumes, familial nicknames, and the Cardinal demanding that young men share his bed. Stories that involve “gay sex parties at the bishop’s residence”, and other things we’d…

Scandal-Plagued Honduran Bishop Has Resignation Accepted, But His Superior Still Has a Job

In today’s Holy See Bolletino, it has been announced that the pope has finally accepted the resignation of the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa in Honduras, Juan José Pineda Fasquelle, CMF. In April of 2018, National Catholic Register Rome Correspondent Edward Pentin reported on Bishop Pineda, who despite allegations pertaining to the abuse of seminarians…

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