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1P5 Minute Ep. 11 – Who Is The Real Pope?

RELATED LINKS: Pope Benedict’s Abdication Statement (Vatican Website) Interview With Pope Emeritus About Validity of His Resignation (1P5, La Stampa) Pope Emeritus Interview With Peter Seewald on Question of Forced Resignation (1P5, National Catholic Register) Pope Emeritus Letters to Cardinal Walter Brandmüller (1P5, Bild) On Questions of a Limitations of a Pope’s Powers/Power to Abrogate Canon…

Gänswein, Burke, and Brandmüller Address Questions on Pope Benedict’s Resignation

It has become a subject of heated debate: did Pope Benedict XVI validly resign from the papacy? An article we published late last year on the topic of so-called “Benevacantism” had over 900 comments. Across the Catholic sectors of social media, one sees this question discussed, often heatedly, on a regular basis. Today, three top…

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