St. Louis Media Launches With Audiobook of “My Catholic Faith”

Christopher Krysak is a US Marine and a devoted Catholic husband and father. We attend the same parish, and he’s taught one of my sons in CCD. A couple years back, Chris made a considerable investment of his own money to hire a professional voiceover artist to create an audiobook version of My Catholic Faith, the family Catechism originally published in the 1950s that has long been a favorite in traditional Catholic homes. Like many folks, Chris knew that audiobooks were an extremely valuable resource for people who want to learn while commuting or otherwise on the go.

I have to admit, when Chris first told me about the project, I doubted whether the a catechism could work in the audiobook format. But the quality of the narration is top notch, and it moves at a cadence and speed well-suited to absorbing the concepts. Here’s an excerpt:

Although Chris was pleased with the end product, he wasn’t sure how to get what he had made into people’s hands. He had made these very cool USB business cards with the entire book pre-loaded on them, but distribution was proving to be a challenge. Chris and I talked about it on a couple of occasions, and the idea of downloadable media files seemed like the most workable approach.

Fast forward a few months, and Chris came back and shared his progress with me. He’d been working hard behind the scenes the whole time, making his new website a reality. And though the My Catholic Faith audiobook was the centerpiece, he had also decided to launch his own business offering additional Traditional Catholic media materials as well.

He wrote to me this week to tell me he’d like to launch the whole thing with a special offer to our readers. I’m always looking to provide good resources to our audience from people I trust, and this is one of those opportunities. Chris writes:

Coming this Easter Sunday, a new Family owned and operated retailer of Traditional Catholic Audio and Video Books will be available. Saint Louis, roi de France médias is offering a special 20% discount on its flagship product, My Catholic Faith, available only to 1P5 subscribers. Just enter 1peter5easter19 at checkout and you will automatically receive a 20% discount. Please go to to sign up for our official launch. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to spread the word. Saint Louis, King of France, pray for us.

Saint Louis, roi de France, prie pour nous. Sancte Ludovici Francorum regem, ora pro nobis.

Full disclosure: I received a free copy of the audiobook last year to consider and offer my feedback on. This is not, however, an advertisement or sponsored post. I am impressed that Chris took a risk on this project because he felt that it was important, and all the work he’s done since to prepare his new initiative for public launch.

I hope to see more Catholic entrepreneurship like this, and I hope our audience will find St. Louis Media to be a valuable addition to their ongoing education in the faith.

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