God Replacements – How to Avoid Them & Get Back on Track

puppyI have developed a spiritual routine over the past few years that serves me well. It has helped to keep me focused, driven and on track. But, lately I have been reduced by my own willfulness.

I was definitely not a shining example of penance and mortification this past Lenten season. I did manage to stick to my fasting, but floundered a bit with the rest.

This Lent, and actually even before Lent started, I found myself reaching for replacements to penance and mortification.

God replacements.

I mostly blamed it on my mood, my schedule, and oh yeah, even winter.

But either way, the result left me feeling, at times, somewhat spiritually barren.

My morning prayer, over time, was gradually being more and more replaced with news, Facebook and Words with Friends.

My everyday practice of reciting the rosary in my car was becoming replaced with listening to music.

Evening spiritual reading was morphing into spending time with my new pup, Rudy.

Again – God replacements.

Objectively, none of these things I’ve listed are bad, or destructive. In fact, my dog needs my attention and me.

But I have replaced my Creator with what is created. I need God more than that.

Where Do God Replacements Take Us?

In the spiritual life, one must progress. As with everything in life, there are only two directions one can take.



I’m learning that by avoiding things like prayer and spiritual reading, I’m avoiding progress, and consequentially I’m really avoiding God.

I’m putting myself at risk of heading in the wrong direction. Perhaps without ever having realized it.

The progress of becoming a more virtuous person really depends on two things: grace and our own determination. And grace is pretty much always at our disposal, if we ask and pray for it…but it’s often our own determination that wavers and changes.

Growing in virtue is not, and cannot be, just about making good intentions. Sure, good intentions are necessary as a start, but what’s most important is recalling and renewing these good intentions throughout our day. Progress doesn’t just happen on its own. We also, with God’s help, must act.

Each day we must examine how faithfully we are following our intentions, and seek to improve our effort.


God replacements.

They’ll start to show up in our lives. Perhaps even unconsciously. And we will start to become someone we did not want to be.

But, if it has happened, don’t give up! It’s never too late to make or renew our good intentions. In fact, we must never lose hope of making spiritual progress. There is still time. And why put off good intentions until tomorrow?

Now is The Time for Action

And starting over is easier than you think.

You just need to simply:

1.       Examine your life

2.      Face what needs to be done

3.      Pray to God for His strength and guidance

4.      Start doing it.

Make a daily effort, and don’t turn away at the first sign of difficulty. Try again and again, in spite of repeated failures. Perseverance.

Refuse to quit.

Personally, I have decided to seek out some good spiritual books…and dig in. The news and Facebook must take a backseat, even if it’s a challenge for me.

Because if I keep doing nothing…

Then nothing will never change.


Originally published at Growinvirtue.com

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