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Fatima against Abortion: ACTION PLAN

Above: the Russian Greek Catholic icon of Our Lady of Fatima.

The situation now strongly suggests that Marxists leaked the US Supreme Court decision in order to put mob pressure on the court and attempt to codify child murder before the high court strikes it down.

Or, doesn’t strike it down, but attempts to “heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives” (leaked opinion).

Liberalism has the hubris to say truth is determined by majority vote.

The Marxists have the same idea, as they attempted to make child sacrifice a law in these United States. Thank God they failed.

But because they’re Marxists and Liberals, they not only think truth is determined by majority vote, but that mob protests and violence should determine truth. The White House has encouraged protests outside the justices’ home addresses, in violation of Federal law.

Meanwhile, the Marxists have firebombed and vandalised numerous churches, including committing acts of sacrilege against Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

In the face of this persecution and terrorism against us, let us rejoice. As it is written: And they indeed went from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were accounted worthy to suffer reproach for the name of Jesus (Acts v. 41). Or again in the words of His Majesty the King:

Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you (Mt. v. 11-12).

Let us take this as a badge of honour to be accounted worthy to suffer persecution for the sake of justice. This is the mark of a Christian.

Let this increase our zeal to defend the unborn from murder and death without baptism.

Let this increase our zeal to protect and care for the mother: abandoned and helpless.

Let this increase our zeal to convert the father, whose effeminacy so often forces a mother into a situation of desperation.

After praying the Novena to Our Lady of Fatima against Roe in these United States, I propose a number of action steps that we can all take, here and now, to fight back as true Christians. As the editor of OnePeterFive and a Michigander, I invite all Catholics outside these United States to join us as together we fight against child sacrifice, for the sake of the mother and father, and for the sake of Christ Our Lord.

1. Add a new daily Marian devotion. Without a doubt, this is a spiritual battle against fallen angels who have corrupted the minds of the Marxists to promote child murder. Without a doubt, it is Our Lady who will crush this serpent as she always does. Before we fight in the temporal order, it is always necessary that our crusade be purified with the primacy of the spiritual.

Our Lady will cleanse our hearts to conduct a true crusade purified of earthly attachments. She will merit the graces to soften evil hearts.

If you already pray daily five decades, why not add another five? Why not pray the entire Mary’s Psalter (fifteen decades) daily as St. Louis de Montfort encourages?

If this is too much, why not add a daily Memorare or Sub Tuum?

In the face of evil from the fallen angels and their puppets in high places, let us increase our Marian devotion and our confidence in Our Lady for this crusade.

2. Forgive your enemies. The mark of the Christian knight is his chivalry in fighting for the City of God, not an earthly kingdom. This is most conspicuous in how he treats his enemies. Unless we forgive our enemies as Our King did, we are not worthy to be called Christians.

He who fails to forgive his enemies is already overcome by them.

In fact, if you cannot forgive your enemies, do not engage the Marxists in the temporal order. Since the spiritual order governs the temporal, souls that do not act like Christians – in public, online, in conversation – do harm to the pro-life movement.

We conquer our enemies by converting them, or at least restraining their evil in souls and society. Our Lady will not only soften their hearts, but our own.

3. Public processions and vigils. In response to the Marxist mob, let us take to the streets in processions and vigils for Christ the King. This we have already been doing for years. But now more than ever, we must claim the public sphere for His Majesty. Especially in DC, we need local leaders to help coordinate this, so please contact me: editor [at] onepeterfive.

Contact your local March for Life or 40 Days for Life to organise something in your area.

4. The Nazarite sacrifice. If you can’t be involved publicly in this way, take a Nazarite vow until Roe v. Wade is overturned. This means sacrificing something (like alcohol) and giving it up until the appointed time. In this case, it may be next month, or it may not happen before you die. This is a spiritual sacrifice that we can offer Almight God to make reparation for child murder and merit the graces of conversion for our leaders.

5. Defending our churches. Contact your priest now and find out if your parish has a security plan. If not, men of God have a duty to defend the churches. This is traditionally the role of the laity, who bear the temporal sword. Your security team must include men of the parish who:

1.) know the relevant state laws which prohibit the disruption of the Holy Sacrifice

2.) can virtuously act to defend the rites and the property from the Marxists using all lawful means.

If you need any help with this sort of thing, contact me.

6. Get involved in your local pregnancy center. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start a monthly auto-donation to your local pregnancy center to help mothers who feel alone and abandoned. Now is the time to begin volunteering there whenever you can.

The Marxists and their disdain for reality is mocked by the fact that in every major city in these United States there are Christians taking care of women in the Name of His Majesty. Find the place and get involved.

7. Engage the Marxists. If you are already doing nos. 1-6 and are firm in your spiritual life, you can safely engage the Marxists without endangering your own soul or theirs. In this, it is critical to fast and pray to merit the graces to soften their hearts. Very few, I think, are rational enough to sustain a logical conversation about this without an open heart. If you perceive that their heart may be open, you can start with arguments from pro-life Atheists (for example here and here), which might help sometimes to get through to them. Sometimes you encounter good faith pro-choice people who are just ignorant and didn’t realise what they were supporting.

Other souls, however, just need a demonstration of Christian charity. They don’t know that Christians across these States are caring for women, children, and even the derelict fathers. Try to give these souls as much charity as you possibly can – show them Who Christ is. Sometimes people need to experience Jesus Himself from a Christian before they will believe that the ideal of the Cross is even possible.

8. The parallel economy. Finally, we need to see this long term. If Roe v. Wade is in fact overturned, the fight will get more intense. One important thing we have seen here among the States is the actions of large businesses attempting to destroy the State laws. This happened with Trump vice president Mike Pence when he was governor of Indiana. The State passed laws defending the basics of civilisation against the Marxists and big businesses came in and forced these laws to be overturned.

We saw the same thing with the COVID crisis. The Marxists will use the economy against us. And if we’re not ready, we will be caught flat footed and be forced to compromise in order to feed our families.

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, numerous States laws defending the innocent children from slaughter will be immediately in effect. (Actually, they are in effect already since an unjust law is no law at law.) At that point, big business will step in (encouraged by the White House) and pressure these states to repeal their laws or suffer loss of their business.

Therefore, State lawmakers and families need to be building a “parallel economy” now. This will take all sorts of forms in every community. A locally-based economy can be a defence against this tactic longtime.

I have heard that Gab has been working on this, although I’m not too familiar with this. In fact, even though I know this must be done, I myself am still rather inexperienced in this area myself but want to do more.

To this end, we invite readers to submit any articles on this topic with especially practical tips and steps for our readers to do this in their local communities.

Our economy is poisoned with child sacrifice and other evils. Let us rebuild Christendom, beginning in our family and local community.

Roe will fall.

Roe must fall.

Because Christus vincit. Christus regnat. Christus IMPERAT.


T. S. Flanders
Our Lady of Fatima


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