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Do it for them

As we conclude our fall fundraising campaign, I’m worried. We are still $38,000 short of our year end fundraising goal. Many of you have given, and we’re tremendously grateful. But many more have not—at least not yet.

Maybe you’ve thought about it and then got busy and moved on. Maybe you thought someone else would step forward.

One of our most loyal readers recognized the predicament we are in and graciously offered to match any donation you are able to make up to $5,000. This is precisely the shot in the arm we need to reach our sustainability goal.

To continue the mission of OnePeterFive into 2023, please visit our secure online donation form here so we can double whatever gift you make.

And as much as I trust you benefit from our work here, as a faithful and valued reader, please don’t make the gift for yourself.

Make it for them – for your brothers and sisters in the Faith, who need clarity and hope, vision and courage, and find it here at OnePeterFive.

Make your gift for the thousands who had abandoned their faith, but need one nudge from the Holy Spirit, through our apostolate, to start making their way back.

Make your gift for the clergy, who carry out the apostolic mission in a powerful and courageous way as alter Christi, seeking holiness and wisdom for themselves and their flocks.

We help all of these brother and sister Catholics – at least we do for now. But without your donation, we cannot continue as we have.

Which would be a distressing loss.

We know that dollars abound for organizations that are an affront to God, that bring evil and harm to souls, that lead our culture into the abyss.

They are the Goliath, but you, my friend, are the David who can change the course of history with your boldness and faith in God.

Please be bold, trust in the Lord, and make a donation today. Make it as generous as you can – and be blessed by it!

Please give generously what God has provided you, whether $25 or $2,500—whether $50 or $5,000. Your donation today will help us reach our goal, and you will be the reason we continue to inspire and edify and change lives.

Please pray, seek, and give what you can.


Thank you!


Timothy Flanders
O Rex Gentium

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