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Bergoglianism is the new Origenism…

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The impact of Origen, as a catechist and biblical commentator, rocked the Church for at least three centuries, causing strife over a host of doctrinal and pastoral issues. Many of his views were condemned by the Church at the Second Council of Constantinople in 553. Much of the problem was that, because Origen had written so much, had turned over so many stones, it was all too easy to tar one’s opponent as an “Origenist,” since almost anything could be found in his vast corpus of musings over the decades. And if we know one thing that’s consistent about Pope Francis, it’s that he’s inconsistent. As such, I contend that the impact of “Bergoglianism” (a.k.a. the collected theology, exegesis, canonical and pastoral changes generated by Jorge Mario Bergoglio a.k.a Pope Francis) will be just as devastating and unsettling for the Church for perhaps just as long.

Below I present comments1 I first became aware of these remarks via a comment at Lifesite News, which I then traced to a post by The Radical Catholic, and then decided to flesh out by watching the video for myself. from a thoroughly “Bergoglian” archbishop, Mark Coleridge of Australia, comments which he made at a press conference during the Synod (on October 19, specifically). Observe how the nefarious and utterly specious distinction between revealed “truth” and lived “reality”–or between doctrine and discipline, as these mendacious termites also like to frame it–potentially undermines every Catholic doctrine and tradition, whilst simultaneously honoring them as inviolable ‘in principle’. Sacrificing truth on the altar of “reality” is at the heart of Bergoglianism.


“[24:00] In the case of the divorced and remarried, we’re always dealing with sin. There’s no news in saying that, so that’s just taken for granted. The Church has traditionally spoken of the second union as adulterous, and I understand why, and I understand the teaching and what lies behind it, including the biblical background. But at the same same time, not every case is the same, and that’s where a pastoral approach needs to take account of the difference from situation to situation. For instance, just to say that every second marriage or second union – whatever you want to call it – is adulterous is perhaps too sweeping. For instance, a second marriage that is enduring and stable and loving, and where there are children who are cared for is not the same as a couple skulking off to a hotel room for a wicked weekend.

“So, the rubric ‘adultery’ in one sense is important, but in another sense it doesn’t say enough. And I think what a pastoral approach requires is that we actually enter into what the Synod is calling a ‘genuine pastoral dialogue of discernment’ with these couples. And the start of that is for people like me to actually listen to their story, and not just swamp them with doctrine or Church teaching. That’s crucial, obviously, as the overall framework of any kind of dialogue of discernment. … [As Pope Francis taught on Saturday, October 17,] a synodal Church is a listening Church…. We need to listen in ‘new ways’ … [with] a new kind of pastoral creativity. So I think we need to be careful of avoiding all or nothing, black or white, approaches. … [27:46]

“[31:20] … [Pope Francis spoke of] synodality within the whole Church … as a permanent characteristic of the whole Church … and it’s radically tied to the ecclesiology, the vision of the Church, of Vatican II. So in one sense there was nothing original in what the pope was saying. … Having listened to the pope’s words, another thought I’ve had … is that it may well be time for a thing like a national synod in my own country. …

“[39:40] My expectation … is that the teaching of the Church in these areas will remain intact BUT — here I move from expectation to hope — my hope is that we will move towards, without actually accomplishing it at this Synod, a genuinely new pastoral approach. Now, at the heart of this, I think there has to be a whole new language. And here, I think of what’s been said about Vatican II: that it was primarily a language event. That it was something, therefore, that was far from cosmetic. And I have in mind what the Bible says, that words create worlds. In other words, a new language that can open new doors that we might not even see at the moment, and can create new possibilities. … The new language will have to require a new listening. … [My hope is] that this genuinely pastoral synod would lead the whole Church to a new listening for the sake of a new language that would open up new doors and new possibilities.”

Pray for Holy Mother Church! Our long-suffering Ecclesia Papyracea continues to be assailed by Modernist Resorption Syndrome. Pray for her to rise up and shake off these shadowy parasites!

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1 I first became aware of these remarks via a comment at Lifesite News, which I then traced to a post by The Radical Catholic, and then decided to flesh out by watching the video for myself.

29 thoughts on “Bergoglianism is the new Origenism…”

  1. I concur completely with the good cardinal from Australia. I await the time when he starts “listening” to me. So far, there’s no evidence that he would do that.

    You first, Your Eminence. Would you like to hear what I have to say?

          • No, but sometimes you get surprised.

            Many years ago I wrote a letter to the bishop of Juneau, Alaska, which is thousands of miles from where I lived at the time, and shockingly received a reply.

            I also once wrote to Archbishop Weakland and politely asked him to stop making public statements about his homosexuality. He wrote me back also. He was not happy.

    • I don’t believe he is a Cardinal – yet – but if he keeps talking like this, then the sky’s the limit for his churchy career.

      The Synod was not a victory for the “good guys”, that much is now obvious.

      If this continues in this direction – national synods determining faith and morals, at least in practice, “pastoral applications of mercy in concrete situations”, etc, then do these men remain our legitimate, lawful shepherds in the hierarchy?

      Or does it all dissolve and you just have to get to whatever SSPX or independent Priest you can manage for the Mass and Sacraments?

      The FSSP is under the diocesan structure. What would those good men do if that structure collapses?

      At what point will all this nonsense cross a line that must not be crossed? Has it already happened? – at Vatican II and the launch of the Novus Ordo Missae?

      At what point does a Catholic need to leave the hierarchical institution for his salvation’s sake, if at all? There is no other Church, so what next?

      Have these men already actually left the Church, and their episcopal sees are actually vacant?

      What would St Athanasius do?

      • Christ wondered if He’d find any faithful, so difficult would the end be — we must find a way (ways) to keep faith with His bride.

      • I feel bad for the FSSP and ICK and TGSI: Their local bishop can shut their mouths and they can’t in principle say anything. I mean if they defied their bishop for clear preaching, guess what? Might as well just be SSPX! BTW where they all CAME from…

  2. What weasel words you quote here from Mark Coleridge! He sounds more like some oleaginous used-car dealer, perhaps a purveyor of second-hand Yugos, than a bishop in the Catholic Church. Just adjust “The new language will have to require a new listening” to “This like-new little cream puff requires new thinking about personal transportation” and, presto-magico, you have our dubious Yugo salesman!

    • These Satan’s Sycophants make the lowly Yugo used car dealer look absolutely saintly by comparison. It’s not like they tried to convince anyone the Yugo was really a Mercedes.

  3. Notice how this sycophant says “Pope Francis taught…” So this is what passes for teaching, so now we must take Francis ramblings as the teachings of the Papacy…this stuff is being locked into place while we sit and watch…

  4. Imho
    What is needed is not so much a “new language” as the teaching of the present, Christ based language which has been understood for centuries but whether intentionally or not has been either forgotten, not taught or even deliberately (as they say in politics) mis-taught.

  5. “…is not the same as a couple skulking off to a hotel room for a wicked weekend.” (???)

    Ok, this is PRECISELY my criticism of the ‘Kasper Proposal’, in all its forms. It is based on a false distinction between “adultery” and “adultery”. (???) Which is why…

    I want a TRADITIONAL MOTEL ADULTERER’S EXEMPTION [TMAE] to receive Holy Communion.

    If “Divorced And Remarried Adulterers” [DARA] get a pass to Holy Communion, then I want a pass for myself and every other red-blooded American who “struggles with the tendency to fail in marital fidelity”.

    Think about it. There is no difference spiritually between adultery committed within a second “marriage” and adultery committed the old fashioned way (hurried trysts at the nearest pay-by-the-hour motel, with that co-worker who smiled just right).

    Even Archbishop Gadecki of Poland agrees with this logic:
    “Admitting the civilly remarried divorcees to Holy Communion would cause great damage…In fact, the decision to admit them to Holy Communion would open the door to this sacrament for all who live in mortal sin”.

    That’s US! TMA’s unite! We too live in mortal sin!

    In fact, let us “reach out in mercy” to our brother “Chronic Porn Masturbators” [CPM’s] and include them in this great ministry. Who needs “LGBTQ”?…Our acronym will be: “TMA/CPM”.

    “Traditional Motel Adulterers” [TMA’s] and “Chronic Porn Masturbators” [CPM’s] have been living in mortal sin long enough! We need MERCY!

    Enough of the discriminatory practice of the Catholic Church admitting only “divorced and remarried adulterers” [DARA] to Holy Communion! I insist that this discrimination cease immediately. I demand my rights as a “Traditional Motel Adulterer” [TMA] and my brothers’ rights as “Chronic Porn Masturbators” [CPM]. And I insist that the Church recognize that we too “need to be accompanied” on our “life’s path”, out here “on the peripheries” of the Church. We too are some of “the poor” in need of mercy.

    Please join me, and all other TMA/CPM’s, struggling with “being other”, alone and harshly judged by the world, out here on ‘the periphery’.

    We are judged by the world…Must we be judged and left alone by the Church as well? MERCY!!! Someone!!! MERCY!!!

    • Joseph, you’re on to an important aspect of the Bergoglio Revolution here, viz. the deliberate misuse of language to veil what one is up to. Just as liberals everywhere say “gay marriage” when what they mean is “legalized sodomic shack ups,” so the mitered liberals say “caring relationship” when what they are really talking about is a “long-term adulterous union.” At the risk of being crude, at least in the eyes of “caring-sharing” liberals (almost everyone you meet these days), we have to call a spade a spade. We have to refuse the goo-goo talk of weak pastors and publicly correct the language of mendacious pastoral letters from sycophant bishops, those who repeat the Bergoglio line. Mercy does not trump justice; sodomic acts are always repugnant to the mentally healthy and injurious to the spiritual well-being of their practitioners, perhaps even to their physical health; divorce is always hard on children and a disaster for society, and one or both partners always bear the entire responsibility for the breakup; etc. We need to scoff at weasel words like “accompany”, “journey”, “caring”, et cetera ad nauseum. At the same time, we should try to rehabilitate solid terms like “gay” (in its actual meaning), “sodomy”, “adultery”, “mortal sin”, “eternal damnation”, “bastard” (in its actual meaning), “shack up”, etc.

  6. Hisssssssssss……Sounds like Satan’s serpentine tongue……yeah, the Son of God suffered and died on the Cross so we could all speak a new language and get creative.

  7. I returned this morning to Pope Emeritus Benedict’s discussion of Origen; this was the most salient feature I found, short of universalism, in likening Bergoglio to Origen:

    in the ninth Homily on Numbers, Origen likens Scripture to [fresh] walnuts: “The doctrine of the Law and the Prophets at the school of Christ is like this”, the homilist says; “the letter is bitter, like the [green-covered] skin; secondly, you will come to the shell, which is the moral doctrine; thirdly, you will discover the meaning of the mysteries, with which the souls of the saints are nourished in the present life and the future”.

    It was especially on this route that Origen succeeded in effectively promoting the “Christian interpretation” of the Old Testament, brilliantly countering the challenge of the heretics, especially the Gnostics and Marcionites, who made the two Testaments disagree to the extent that they rejected the Old Testament.

    In this regard, in the same Homily on Numbers, [he] says, “I do not call the Law an “Old Testament’ if I understand it in the Spirit. The Law becomes an ‘Old Testament’ only for those who wish to understand it carnally”, that is, for those who stop at the literal meaning of the text.

    But “for us, who understand it and apply it in the Spirit and in the Gospel sense, the Law is ever new and the two Testaments are a new Testament for us, not because of their date in time but because of the newness of the meaning…. Instead, for the sinner and those who do not respect the covenant of love, even the Gospels age“.

    What Jesus said about divorce? It has aged.

    • Just think of it: 2000 years of error finally corrected by Pope Francis and an Einsatzführungskommando of the German Catholic Church, the latter a unit specialising in massive destruction, rightly famous for their successes back home. It’s stunning to see all those dummies like Aquinas, Augustine, Suarez, Newman, etc. put to shame by the former bishop of Buenos Aires and his cohort of hearty Teutons. Before now, no one inside the Church seemed capable of understanding Christ’s simplest words, but our pope and his companions are rescuing us from such purblind stupidity. We are blessed.

  8. Add this perhaps to your file titled “Birds of a Feather”–

    October 28, 2015
    Pope Francis has written the preface to the first volume of the collected works of Cardinal Carlo Martini (1927-2012), the Jesuit who served as archbishop of Milan from 1980 to 2012.
    Describing Cardinal Martini’s legacy as a “precious gift,” the Pope praised the prelate’s commitment to synodality, missionary dialogue, and Sacred Scripture.
    Stating that Cardinal Martin’s “life, his works and his words have infused hope and sustained many persons on their journey,” Pope Francis noted that his texts were read by many during retreats, even by “many of us in Argentina.”

    Martini’s position on the start of a distinct human life during the fertilization of oocytes was rebuked by certain Vatican officials.
    Martini demonstrated a desire for further theological enquiry on issues relating to human sexuality and the role of women in the Church and expressed support for the ordination of female deacons
    In March 2007, some advocates of gay rights interpreted him as openly criticising the attitude of the Church authorities. While speaking at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem to a congregation of over 1,300 visitors, he remarked that “The Church does not give orders.” Martini stated that “It is necessary to listen to others, and when speaking to use terms that they understand.” These remarks came days after Pope Benedict XVI published the 140-page apostolic exhortation Sacramentum caritatis, a document giving the conclusions of the 2005 Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which those critics interpreted this document as an attempt to influence Catholic politicians, particularly when in 2007 the Italian government was unsuccessfully trying to pass legislation offering legal recognition of same-sex unions.
    In his book Credere e conoscere, published shortly before his death, Martini set out his disagreement with the Catholic teaching against homosexual civil unions. “I disagree with the positions of those in the Church, that take issue with civil unions”, he wrote. “It is not bad, instead of casual sex between men, that two people have a certain stability” and that the “state could recognize them.” Although he stated his belief that “the homosexual couple, as such, can never be totally equated to a marriage”, he also said that he could understand (although not necessarily approve of) gay pride parades when they support the need for self-affirmation.

  9. “undermines every Catholic doctrine and tradition, whilst simultaneously honoring them as inviolable ‘in principle”. YES, you get it. That is the plan of Francis the false prophet and his cronies in creating the one world church of sin, using the veneer of merciful Christianity. I suggest you read many prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich, which explain much of this.


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