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What Pope Francis Can Learn from Pope Benedict about Humility

Which pope, long before being raised to the papal office, criticized “the all-too-predetermined dogmatic reading” [1] of the Bible, and later, having exercised that office, continued promoting this belief “that theology obviously has its own freedom and task, that it cannot be completely servile to the Magisterium” [2]? Many people today would be surprised to learn that…

Catholicism’s Narrative of the World, and How to Rebuild It

(Image courtesy of John Cosmas, Charlotte Latin Mass Community) In a 2015 interview with the noted atheist Sam Harris, Mark Riebling, another atheist and the author of Church of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War Against Hitler, makes a fascinating connection between the Nazis and ISIS: [T]here’s a reason that the first books the Nazis banned…

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