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Robert V. Newman

A Psychological Approach to Understanding Sedevacantism

Sedevacantism: from Latin sedes, “seat, bench, throne,” and the verb vacare, “to be empty.” As a legal term denoting a temporary episcopal vacancy, sede vacante is unimpeachable. My objections begin with the addition of the notoriously modern suffix “-ism,” with all its implications of continuance and ideological coherence. Human societies, from the most primitive tribes…

A Psychological Approach to Treating the Disease of Ultramontanism

Chesterton affirmed that great writers and artists are symbolic without knowing it. I would go further and say that human beings in general are symbolic without knowing it. Mountains represent a liminal space between heaven and earth, between divinity and mortality, and hence, I see more in the term “ultramontanism” than a reference to the…

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