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Nishant Xavier

O Separated Christians, Return Quickly to Your Mother!

In October of 1917, to the general amazement of Marxists and secularists, on a foretold date, 70,000 eyewitnesses saw the supernatural Miracle of the Sun. The Immaculate Virgin foretold the rise and fall of the diabolical sect of atheistic Communism, and the terrible persecutions it would raise up against Christendom and the Church — prophecies…

The Filioque: A Call to the Separated East to Come Home

[1] Five Ecumenical Councils approved a letter of Patriarch St. Cyril of Alexandria that taught the Dogma of the Filioque! Cardinal St. Robert Bellarmine gives a manifest proof establishing the doctrine from the authority of five ecumenical councils: Omitting these things, then, let us bring forward the Councils that testify the Holy Spirit proceeds from…

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