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The Lost versus the Faithful: An Interview with Abp. Luigi Negri

Image: Screengrab from YouTube Editor’s note: The following is an interview with Archbishop Luigi Negri, formerly of Ferrara, Italy, who resigned from his leadership of that archdiocese shortly after accusations arose that he expressed a desire that Pope Francis die for the good of the Church. Archbishop Negri fiercely disputed the allegations. He is also…

‘My Sense of Responsibility Demanded It’: Ettore Gotti Tedeschi on the Filial Correction

Editor’s note: The following is an interview conducted by Italian journalist Lorenza Formicola with Ettore Gotti Tedeschi. As former head of the Vatican Bank, Tedeschi is one of the better -known signatories of the recently issued filial correction of Pope Francis.  Lorenza Formicola: It’s been a few months since the “filial correction” was published, and confusion remains.…

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