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Joseph Shaw, PhD

Why British and Commonwealth Catholics Venerate their Protestant Monarch

Above: then Prince Charles, now the ascended King Charles III, kisses the hand of his mother, her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Photo credit MSN.  The spectacle is undeniably impressive, though predictable and in part long-planned. Even those whose own values do not align with the underlying message can but stand in awe, in fact,…

Obedience, Disobedience, and Rash Obedience: a Virtue in a time of Crisis

There has long been a strange asymmetry between conservatives and progressives in the Catholic Church. Theological conservatives—priests and bishops as well as lay people—have prided themselves on their obedience, and progressives have flaunted their disobedience. To give the most extreme examples, progressive bishops would make their chums laugh by talking about how they had tossed…

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