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Fr. José Miguel Marqués Campo

The Splendor of the Corpus Christi Procession in Spain

Spain is blessed with a deep Catholic soul. Yes, despite the gradual apostasy of Western civilization. Yes, even despite the unhappy post–Vatican II “reforms.” And yes, despite even the ever accelerating and ever deepening quagmire in which the Church finds herself of late. The Archdioceses of Toledo (Castilla–La Mancha) and Valencia are especially renowned in…

The Identity Crisis in the Priesthood: Diminution by Design?

Let us begin with this certitude of Catholic Faith: anything—and I do mean anything at all—that harms the priesthood or the path of priestly formation in any way most definitely comes straight from the Evil One. Of this we can be quite sure. Why? Because the Catholic Priesthood is the sublime, sacramental participation of those…

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