Author: Dom Prosper Guéranger

Dom Prosper Guéranger (1805 - 1875) was the Benedictine Abbot of the monastery of Solesmes, France. After the horrors of the French Revolution, Guéranger helped to revive the Church by means of monasticism and in particular liturgical piety. His magnum opus, The Liturgical Year is a pious meditation on the spiritual, doctrinal, and historical aspects of the Roman Rite as it was passed down by our fathers. He also revived Gregorian Chant at a time when it had fallen into disuse, even in Rome. His work on the liturgy forms the heart and soul of the Catholic Counter-Revolution after 1789 and the true nature of the Catholic liturgical movement. As such his works are promoted by OnePeterFive as we fight against the iconoclasm which still haunts our churches and liturgies. See our editorial stance to read about all the "godfathers" of Traditionalism that we promote.