Author: DJ Shulick

Daniel Shulick was raised as a lukewarm cradle Novus Ordo Catholic but experienced a great spiritual awakening when he discovered Holy Tradition in the year following the “Summer of Shame.” He then spent some time steeping himself in old-school Latin theology and devotions while attending the TLM, learning to serve the ancient liturgy, and singing chant and polyphony. Daniel has a passion for learning, discussing, and writing about all things Catholic, playing and composing secular and sacred music in classical styles, and getting out in God’s creation. He completed his BA in Philosophy and Theology from Holy Apostles College in September 2021, and around the same time also found out he is canonically Ruthenian Greek Catholic. Daniel is currently immersing himself in Byzantine Catholicism as he seeks to realize his state in life. He also writes at his blog, The Based Byzantine (