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Caterina Lorenzo-Molo, PhD

Russian Errors in Bolshevism, Vatican II and Schism

Above: Coronation celebrations. Entrance of Nicholas II to the Kremlin. May 9, 1896. In this third and last installment, we tackle the real errors of Russia as they led to the deadly Revolution that masked and obscured her and the parallels with the other revolutionary event mid-century known as the Second Vatican Council. In addition,…

Christian Russia and the Western “Errors of Russia”

Above: St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Kiev. It is providential that Mr. Carter should use the term ‘myopic’ to describe some American Traditionalist views on Russia, as it unintentionally led me to see the greater depth and magnitude of the issue, cutting across decades and centuries from both Russia’s defenders and critics. My goal is simple but wrought…

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