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Ep. 36 – Fed Up? Laugh & Keep Going.


Some days, you don’t even make it out of bed before the crazy starts. You check your phone and there it is, another thing you never thought you’d hear coming from the mouth of a pope.

What’s a Catholic to do? There’s only one thing we can…



33 thoughts on “Ep. 36 – Fed Up? Laugh & Keep Going.”

  1. Oh, you are saying that wishing my away into a delusion is going to end badly for me? – In this world of perceptions and beliefs (no matter how far divorced from objective reality) it is you who is going to end badly for affirming the priority of objective truth over my mental illness. It is illegal to contradict a mentally ill person.
    And no, you are not doing much good by saying: “He did it again!” It is something you must do to stay sane, to stay faithful. You must proclaim Truth, even if there is no one able to hear it. But those not yet awake to reality are not going to listen to you. It is as hard for them to “stoop” to your hateful, close-minded, backward little world, as it is for you to jump on their bandwagon called progress. They do not have any motivation to stop liking sin and error, especially with Bergoglio blessing this foolishness as the Christian way.

    Our only hope at this point seems to be reserved for the life after this one. I know many will judge me for inability to experience joy in this darkness. Maybe if my family were not swallowed up by it, perceiving me as a mad woman attempting to be holier than pope, I could be joyous. But no – things are really bad. They are so bad, nothing we say and do makes a difference any more.

    I never could pray much. I related all my daily thoughts and activities to God and His purpose for me as a form of prayer, I think. I pray that it gets easier to just fall to my knees and pray, because there is nothing else left to do. Oh, there is the march of global justice, equality and peace I could join, but thanks no thanks. I know the evil and anti-humanity of communism very well.

    • You should know I could have written what you just wrote. Thank you for expressing much of my own experience.

  2. What I try to do: Stay sacramental. Confession every week. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass every day. Twice a day when possible. Be as deliberately reverent and pious as I can be to reap the unfathomable graces available from Mass. Use the Mass to let Him console me. And on those days when I’m wound up like a coil, leave Francis to Him and try to step back. There is always tomorrow with this Pontificate.
    I will always resent the way this Pope treats Our Lord/our Church. I expect some day he will hear: Francis, Francis. Why do you persecute me? Until then, we are all looking for ways to stay faithful to defending and protecting our Church. I do it in the moment.

  3. If Card. Burke rightly says that AL is not an act of the Church’s Magisterium (capital “M’) – even though it is an act of papal magisterium (small “m”) because Pope Francis is pope and has issued an exhortation with the authority of a pope that he has – then he is not following through with an action in accord with his conclusion, which ought to be to be brave as Paul before Peter and condemn the Pope and AL and call for the latter’s rescinding, and not re-classify AL as just a “reflection of the Holy Father” because doing so causes confusion and harm to the Faith and the Faithful.

  4. Have. This. Stuff. In. Dead. Tree. Form.
    Been doing this for years.
    Do not rely on “them” letting you have your KAINDKE.
    Have the things you can hide in the floor boards and pass on.

      • Do you know of a list somewhere on the internet of good Catholic books? I rejoined the Church quite recently. Read a lot of useless stuff, and was never recommended any good reading throughout my religion lessons. It is getting late for compiling a library, but having someone good and wise to talk to me about God, should I still live in the dark times upon us, would most likely be the best thing.

        • That’s one of the projects I want to work on here soon. Find our “Out of the Rabbit Hole” post from a week or so ago, and you’ll find some recommendations in the comments.

          • Thank you. Will do.
            I am glad about this project of yours. Just when you wondering, whether your work here matters.

        • One of the best books you will ever read is Life of Christ by Bishop Fulton Sheen. You can read the chapters in any order and then read them again and again.

  5. Excellent — thank you. BTW–the Antichrist book is still available on Amazon. One Sunday Fr. Miceli said Mass at our parish–back in the 80’s. I was stunned to see the author of the book (that I had back then, still have it). What a blessing. Holy priest, and he gave a wonderful homily God rest his soul.

  6. Thanks Pope Francis for once again clearing up what Jesus meant and
    letting us know that He was just an idealist speaking idealistically.
    Some of us were under the false impression that Jesus actually meant
    what He said. Pope Francis you are so much nicer to have around than
    Jesus. Aren’t we lucky?!

  7. That’s an excellent and very true summation of the present situation Steve. Here’s something for your consideration. I’ve noticed that many Modernists tend to lend their ears toward heretical Pantheist theology. So I’ve come up with a short presentation which makes them nervous.

    The Church teaches (de fide) that only God exists of Himself. The Church also teaches (de fide) that God not only created the universe, but continues to sustain it with SAME power that He put into it in the beginning, lest everything disappear in an instant.

    A paper clip weighs approximately one gram. Using the mass to energy formula E=mc2 (where c is measured in meters per SECOND squared) one gram of matter transmuted into energy yields 21,500 tons of TNT – just a little more than the energy released by the Hiroshima bomb.

    Therefore, when incorporating Church teaching into the equation your humble paper clip is supplied, by God, with the energy equivalent of 21,500 tons of TNT per SECOND to sustain its existence. Otherwise it would disappear into oblivion in an instant.

    The Laws of Thermodynamics would appear to discount this, but only because they hold true when the universe is considered to be a closed system. For the Church to be correct in its de fide teaching, we are led to the conclusion that the universe is an open system.

    Really puts paid to the tree, rock and crystal worshippers along the ‘Earth Mother’ brigade. Also shocks when you consider how amazingly powerful God is, when put into terms a layman can understand.

  8. Bravo Steve. I’m reminded of the tagline from Creative Minority, “We laugh because we believe”. Keep on laughing at the devil and his works (Not that the pope is a devil, but his works ….).

  9. “How bad it has become is a source of comfort”. How true that is! This world, this culture, this papacy, this church, this “FrancisChurch” has become so bad, so outrageously out there, so, well, camp, that it’s complete bizarreness of it makes one feel God has it under control and that He must certainly be watching matters closely. Not only that, one half-expects Gabriel’s horn to blow any moment and the clouds will part….ahhh….when the end of the world is a consoling thought, one is in a bad way.
    Very well put Steve, all of it. Thank you so much for putting voice to our own fears and frustrations.
    At least via social media we have each other. That is a definite consolation.

  10. Just finishing up listening to this podcast, and wanted to share something that happened to help me a great deal this week. We watched the dvd “The 13th Day”, the 2009 film made about Fatima. Now I had always loved the film “The Miracle of Fatima”, but I have to say, this film was so well done, it was even better, and I found it absolutely consoling to watch and contemplate later. I highly recommend it for watching during these times. We actually watched it for free on YouTube, but we purchased it right after we watched it.
    God bless you Steve, and all here.

  11. Great podcast! I’m so glad I found you. I’m a 1950’s cradle Catholic who mostly left during my adulthood. I wandered in & out during the 80’s & 90’s & wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Majored in religion at university. Studied Lonergan for a bit. Became a social worker. But a conversion experience in 09 brought me back full force. I had been summoned! Any sinful leftist leanings were out the window & the clarity of our/my evil ways hit hard. I was left trying to explain the Catholic Church I knew to my somewhat confused unbaptized husband. Hah! Where was my church indeed? I had come home, but home, the immovable force I knew & loved as a child was gone. It’s supposed to be ‘A Rock’…our Rock! My husbands subsequent venture through RCIA left me stunned! No catechism, no bible study, no history. Oh I could go on! During this time, they changed some prayers, & also in the mass! What?! Now, we aren’t even supposed to kneel in a state of post Eucharistic grace! Instead we stand & look at the ceiling & watch our neighbours file by to see who chews & who doesn’t. Disgraceful. Then, our most reverent priest, who had guided me gently back into the fold, and who said a monthly Latin mass, was transferred. The replacements were clowns who sang & danced for applause & didn’t genuflect passing the tabernacle. I took a break & felt lost again. So here I am now, starving for information on what happened. Starving for information on my/our one true, holy & apostolic church! How has this happened to my home, to our home, to our most holy sacred house of the Lord. To Peter’s church? I’m praying the rosary daily, reading the bible & buying/reading all those books you mention that will soon disappear. We’re moving soon & thankfully will be able to attend a Latin mass. I’m hoping that helps. Your site helps, as do so many others. I am grateful. We must stand together during this war on our church. And it is a war, one of modernism & evil.
    Sorry for the long post. I needed a rant! God bless the work you do!

  12. Having listened to an early portion of this audio message about Pope Francis, your comments have really “hit the nail on the head,” as I’ve had bad vibes about this current reigning Pope, who by the way was ordained as a Jesuit during the “reign” of “Liberation Theology” that the late Great St. John Paul spoke about with much ostracizations about it . A classic read about it, is the book by the late former priest, Malachi Martin called “The Jesuits.”

  13. Great Podcast Steve….I would love to read about some of the papal mistakes of St. John Paul ii. Don’t get me wrong, I love him and ask often for his intercession. I know about him kissing the Koran. But from a theological or historical perspective, what were you referring to in your podcast about his mistakes. Or where can I educate myself so as not to waste your time?

  14. The stress being experienced by some of you Catholics could be relieved if you would but heed the words of Apostle Paul; Christ’s choice to preach the gospel of grace. Within that message it matters not a bit what one does or doesn’t do [in religion] if one hasn’t believed and trusted entirely and exclusively upon the death and resurrection of Christ for eternal life with Him.

  15. Thanks Steve. Hang in there brother! Had to laugh about your wife saying no more if it’s about the pope!
    We should have laughed a lot of this garbage out of town many years ago, then as church, we may not be in the level of delusion we now find ourselves waking up in.
    Jesus, we need to see your laughter with the apostles even in the foreshadow of the Passion!

  16. Many Catholics fall for the notion that the most recent articulation of a Church teaching is necessarily the most authoritative. Don’t believe me, try discussing capital punishment.

    But, this view is more in tune with Mormonism than it is with Catholicism. “Who cares what Joseph Smith said; the latest prophet says polygamy is bad and black folks are good.”

    As Catholics, when we here something novel or something attributed to the “Spirit of Vatican II” that conflicts with what the Church has taught to all, always, and everywhere…..we should treat that as self-refuting.

  17. Great podcast.

    Also note, that Jorge is surrounded by a host of others that have the same modernist view and qualities such that the next to the Seat will more than likely be his twin in many ways.

    Could it be said that anyone who is not “pro Christ” is “anti Christ”?


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