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Writer for Jesuit-Run “America” Magazine is Blaspheming Communist

America Magazine has long held a reputation for promoting hard left ideologies.

Whether it was Franciscan Friar Daniel Horan’s June 26, 2015 celebration of same-sex “marriage,” or the blasphemous advertisement (image on the right) published in America’s December 2005 issue which depicted a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary enveloped in a condom, this Jesuit-run publication is constantly pushing the envelope against the Magisterial teachings of the Church. And yet, despite America Magazine’s reputation for heterodoxy, this is the first time it has even been shown to be directly linked to out-right communism.

According to America’s website, Dean Dettloff is America’s Toronto Correspondent and a junior member of the Institute for Christian Studies.

In addition to this, Dettleoff is the co-host of a podcast bearing an extremely blasphemous logo called The Magnificast.  The Magnificast bills itself as “a podcast exploring Christianity and the political left,” but the content of the podcasts are all about socialism and the fusion of communist ideologies with Christianity.

It is also worth noting that Dettloff is also a card-carrying “member” of the Canadian affiliate of Caritas, called Development and Peace.

In September 2017, Development and Peace thanked Dettloff for his America article on D&P’s 15th anniversary.

On social media, Dettloff makes no attempt to hide his allegiance to Marxist Communism.  What follows are a series of statements Dettleoff has published on his twitter and facebook:

In October of 2017, Dettloff didn’t celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fatima … he celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Communist revolution.

Dettloff calling socialism a “good choice.”

Dettloff thanking a pastor for turning him on to Communism.

Dettloff talking about his wife (Emily) and him attending a Communist Party meeting.

Dettloff calling for a “Communist Voltaire.”

Dettloff longing for a “communist future.”

In this tweet, Dettloff mentions his participation in a communist rally and proclaiming his affinity for the Communist Party of Canada.

In this same tweet thread, Dettloff laments the lack of appreciation for liberation thrology as a Marxist idea.

Here, Dettloff publicizes that he is reading a book from the Communist Party of Canada,claiming that Canada’s future is socialism.

Dettloff tweets about talking to a “socialist nun” and proclaims their greatness.

Here, he cheers the Communist Party of Canada tweeting about an article he wrote for America Magazine.

Here, Dettloff displays the books he is reading that attempt to merge communist ideologies with Christ’s teachings.

And it’s not as if America Magazine is unaware of the fact that they are employing a full-on communist as one of their writers.  In November 2018, Dean Dettloff’s editor, Kevin Clarke tweeted about having “in-house socialists,” tagged Dettloff in the tweet, and Dettloff “checked in” as a “Catholic Socialist.”

Brief Refresher on Papal Condemnations of Socialism/Communism

Over the last 150 years, the Catholic Church, through Her visible head, has always only ever spoken in condemnation of socialism and communism.  The following encyclicals fully condemn socialism and communism:

Nostis et Nobiscum – Pope Pius IX, 1849
Diuturnum – Pope Leo XIII, 1881
Humanum Genus – Pope Leo XIII, 1884
Quod Apostolici Muneris – Pope Leo XIII, 1878
Libertas Praestantissimum – Pope Leo XIII, 1888
Graves de Communi Re – Pope Leo XIII, 1901
Rerum Novarum – Pope Leo XIII, 1891
Notre Charge Apostolique – Pope Pius X, 1910
Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum – Pope Benedict XV, 1914
Quadragesimo Anno – Pope Pius XI, 1931
Summi Pontificatus – Pope Pius XII, 1939
Mater et Magistra – Pope John XXIII, 1961
Octogesima Adveniens – Pope Paul VI, 1971
Centesimus Annus – Pope John Paul II, 1991

Dettloff on LGBT

But Dettloff isn’t just a communist.  He also supports and promotes homosexuality and transgenderism.

On Facebook, Dettloff applauded Institute for Christian Studies professor Nickolas Wolterstorff’s speech in defense of same-sex “marriage,” which concluded that “biblical justice requires that people of homosexual orientation be granted ‘the great good of civil and ecclesial marriage.’”

In January of 2017, Dettloff published an article for America Magazine in favor an Canada’s Bill C-16, which “would amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to make it illegal to discriminate against people based on their gender identities or expressions.”  The article was picked up by the heretical New Ways Ministry, which Dettloff calls an “awesome” organization.

In 2016, Dettloff posted an article sympathetic to actively homosexual clergy.

In October 2016, Dettloff expressed his hope for the Church to bless “healthy same-sex marriages.”

Dettloff on Abortion

And while claiming to be a Catholic, writing for an allegedly Catholic publication, Dettloff published the following regarding abortion:

Dettloff applauded Hillary Clinton’s October 2016 debate points on abortion.

On April 4, 2016, Dettloff posted an article by Catholics for Choice which applauded a walkout staged in Poland in protest of the Church’s absolute ban on abortion.

In September of 2016, Dettloff strongly criticized the Tradinista Manifesto specifically for its opposition to same-sex “marriage” and its expressed desire for an absolute ban on abortion.

Complaining about its definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, Dettloff writes:

But the kudos are short-lived when in point 12 the manifesto immediately pivots to cement marriage heteronormatively, saying marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman, followed by a reduction of the marriage relationship to its procreative capacities (critiques of bourgeois family life notwithstanding).

A little further down in the article, Dettloff equally complains about the Manifesto’s desire to ban abortion:

Things are further problematized by the unequivocal and unnuanced stance on abortion in point 13. Combat sexism, the manifesto clearly states, but not by encouraging careful thought about the complexities of sexism, the complexities of biology, etc. Abortion politics in the culture wars are ugly, on both sides, but any baseline history of feminism should at least give pause to recognize why and under what circumstances abortion has been considered a liberating measure for women in a society where patriarchy and property rights over women and the family are necessarily connected.


As we stated in the beginning of the article, America Magazine has long held a reputation for heterodoxy, but never before has its connection to outright communism been so obvious.  No Catholic publication has any business employing a reporter with any socialist sympathies, let alone an outright communist, and yet, there he is.  And just like any loyal communist, he actively promotes immoral ideologies directly opposed to the Church’s teachings on abortion and human sexuality.  Because of this, this publication has no place in Catholic parishes, chanceries, or seminaries.  We strongly encourage you to contact your bishop with this article and ask him what steps he is going to take to protect the faithful in his diocese from a publication so closely aligned with the enemies of Christ.

Originally published at The Lepanto Institute

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