Things Are Speeding Up. We Need Your Help.

It’s my least favorite time of the month again. The time where I have to take a break from our regularly-scheduled content to ask you to help us keep the momentum going.

The fact is, we need you. This work is more important than ever, and we need to know that we have the operating funds to keep going so we can focus on what matters: fighting the enemies that have infiltrated the Church. Right now, however, we’re at only 12% of our goal.

In the past 30 days, we’ve delivered over 800,000 pages of content to our readers. I’ve received confirmation that the work we’re doing has helping to influence the response to issues like Amoris Laetitia at some of the highest levels of the Church. Every day as we shed light on the dark corners and unseen deeds of the infiltrators, we are moving the needle. And every day more Catholics are waking up.

Only you can help us keep that going.

Today is the fourth anniversary of the election of Pope Francis. OnePeterFive was created specifically to expose the truth and remind Catholics what their faith really teaches in light of the storm of confusion he has brought to fruition in the Church — a storm that reaches back long before his papacy, but finds its fullest expression in it.

Our article recapping the four years of his papacy has already been widely praised. One reader described it as, “balanced, not bashing, and encompass[ing] a lot of information.” Another said that “this may be the closest thing to the definitive, encyclopedic overview” of the problems of this pontificate that they’d ever seen. Yesterday, Frank Walker, editor of, wrote me a note saying “The entire planet should read it.”

We hope you agree. We hope that you find enough value in this and the more than 1200 articles and 40 podcasts available on our website that you’ll prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible* donation today.

Thank you and God bless you for your support!

In Christ,
Steve Skojec
Publisher & Executive Director

Our Lady of Good Remedy – Pray for us!

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