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In a recent letter, a reader writes in reference to our feature, No More Platitudes: It’s Time to Take a Hard Look at the Crisis of Catholicism — “You actually talk about the issues with honesty and candor.”

Another says, “Right on … No more platitudes. Time to call a spade a spade.”

A third writes in, “How welcome is your honesty, integrity, and your faith shared with authentic love. Many of us draw strength from the goodly few.”

Simple testimonials, perhaps, but powerful ones. We cannot help the Church unless we can get to the bottom of the big questions. Catholicism is facing an identity crisis like never before. It cannot be restored until its teachings can be properly understood, and the false or novel teachings that have crept in are cast away.

We, like you, are searching. We, like you, are scouring everything we can find, looking for answers. We do not claim to have them all. The most we can do is offer you our best efforts at finding them. It feels uncomfortable, but honesty demands hard questions.

We know you’re in this together with us. And we need your help to keep going.

Today I am writing to you to remind you that the content at 1P5 is provided at no cost to our international audience, and is thus a reader, listener, and viewer-supported publication. And we need your support.

With ten days left in the month of November, we’re still 40% short of our goal.

If you enjoy our articles, podcasts, and videos, if you think our voice is an important one in the Church today and you would like to see our work continue, we ask that you please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible contribution* in support of our efforts today.

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We know that many of our readers are facing financial difficulties and other hardships this year, and so we ask that our entire audience keep those affected and the needs of their families in your prayers. We often get messages from folks apologizing for not being able to give, and I always say the same thing: please just put your families first and keep our efforts in your prayers. We ask that you only support our efforts if you are financially able to do so.

And to those who have already given this month, we can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

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We entrust this fundraiser to Our Blessed Mother and St. Jude, and ask also for prayers for the Holy Souls in Purgatory in this month dedicated to their memory.

May God bless you all abundantly and protect you and your families from every harm. And thank you so much for your readership and support.

In Christ,

Steve Skojec
Publisher & Executive Director

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