Ending the Week on a Wholesome Note

Yesterday, I received an email with a link to the following video in it and nothing else. I’m not going to even set it up – the title says it all. It’s funny, creative, and wholesome. The kind of content I’d love to see more Catholic kids creating:

I was curious about the origins of video, so I reached out via the contact form the website linked in their Youtube channel bio to find out more. I got the following email back (edited slightly to preserve the author’s anonymity, as requested):

Good Afternoon Mr. Skojec,

My brother and I put together the TLM quarantine altar server training video you inquired about. Our only intention behind the video was to provide an uplifting message during this difficult time. We are pleasantly surprised and humbled at the way it is being received.

Our family lives on a small farm, and we belong to an FSSP parish. I am 18 and the oldest of nine children, and my brother, the server in the video, is 15.

Our intention for the video is distinct from the purpose of the “Deus Vult” website, which is a blog that a group of young Catholics and I from our parish recently started. Our goal in creating this blog was to help share the traditions of the Catholic faith with today’s youth through the perspective of young Catholics. There are 8 contributors currently, including my brother and I. While the video is not intended to be an advertisement for our blog, we did hope that some people would find their way to the collection of Catholic articles posted there.

Thank you for your kind words and for your offer to share our video.


Editor – Deus Vult

It’s the kind of thing you love to see. Good kids making good content, doing their best to share the faith. It brings me back to my own teen years, when I got into online apologetics (when the internet was new!) and doing missionary work, etc. The opportunities for this kind of creativity are endless — today’s tools for making and distributing videos and graphics are indistinguishable from what the pros do — and I’d love to see more of this kind of thing.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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