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Spiritual Warfare

buckley navy

Don’t Give Up the Ship! Spiritual Warfare with Navy Discipline

On a frigid December evening in 2012, thirty-five of us lowly officer candidates at Navy Officer Candidate School (OCS) line up outside the base’s dining hall in Newport, Rhode Island. After another grueling day of military drill practice, academic classes, and inspection preparations, we are salivating at the thought of dinner. At the entrance, United…

last rites hospital

Blueprint for Obtaining Last Rites in the Hospital for COVID-19 Patients

This article comes from an anonymous Catholic. 1P5 publishes it in the hopes that it will help any of our readers struggling with a similar situation to the author’s. Following the direction of my pastor, I am documenting our family’s successful struggle overcoming a hospital’s refusal to allow my mother, a confirmed COVID-19 patient, to…

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