Beauty in the Ruins: Seeking Submissions About Catholic Life in a Time of Crisis

When I started 1P5, I encapsulated its mission statement within the tagline: “Rebuilding Catholic Culture, Restoring Catholic Tradition.”

Before long, however, the need for an honest, unflinching look at the news coming out of Rome diverted much of our attention to what seems to be a never-ending cascade of outrageous stories of the crisis in the Church. And while it’s important that we recognize, document, and confront these evils, there is little spiritual benefit to staring at the incoming asteroid every. single. day. We need more than a daily barrage of bad news. We need to remind ourselves of the beauty of Catholicism, and why it is the force that produced countless saints and shaped all of Western Civilization.

With that in mind, we need your stories.

If you know of a positive development that shows how even now, grace is at work in building up the Mystical Body of Christ please consider submitting an article or pitch to [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

Examples of things we’re looking for:

People often ask me, after reading about all that’s going on today, “What can I do?” Well, the first thing is, as Hilary White wrote recently, to pray. Take that effort seriously. But if you’re looking for more hands-on action, consider this: together, we can do more than just stand watch as the infiltrators attempt to destroy what we love and hold most dear. We can encourage, support, inspire, and learn from each other how best to rebuild what has been lost. We may not be able to ignore the crisis, but we can spend more of our time looking beyond it, knowing that the future belongs to Christ and those who love Him.


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