All Eyes on the Election

I have a tendency to watch presidential elections like it’s a professional, competitive sport.

Last night was not only no exception, it was considerably more intense.

There’s a LOT of very sketchy stuff going on. Vote counts being stopped in the middle of the night, then resuming when new ballots are miraculously found that can turn the tide for the deep state.

You know, that kind of sketchy. 

And then there are things like this ruling from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that is literally begging for election fraud. Something our deep state puppetmasters no doubt were counting on. They knew about this ruling. They knew they could exploit it:

I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of all of this here.

Suffice to say, America has some dark and dangerous days ahead.

I want to share something here that I wrote elsewhere this morning:

Last night, I went outside to pray last night & take a break from election coverage. Beautiful here in Arizona. 70s. A clear sky full of stars. Been struggling with rote prayer a lot lately. Forced myself to say a rosary anyway, for the country. That’s when the feeling hit.

It was before things got really dicey. Around 11PM MST.

It was just an idea, mind you. Just a “what if.”

“What if this is all pretend? What if they let things play out this far so it LOOKS like a real election happened, but they’ve planned to steal it all along?”

I can’t & won’t claim it’s an idea that came from God. But I felt a sense of nervous foreboding from that point on. (Didn’t help that I was drinking a late night latte to stay awake. Jittery anxiety.)

Biden’s confidence that they were going to win didn’t seem feigned. He KNEW.

I imagine they wargamed this all out in advance.

If Biden was winning, they’d have let things proceed as normal. The counting wouldn’t have stopped. But he wasn’t. So they executed Plan B. The push for mail-in ballots became very important suddenly.

And now, he we are.

The thing is, even if this somehow wasn’t rigged, they did everything they could to make it look like they rigged it.

The feeling I had last night, before Trump came out to speak, was that if this wasn’t handled in exactly the right way, it was going to get ugly, fast.

I’m still thinking there’s a good chance that this leads to a kind of civil unrest and destabilization unlike anything we’ve seen.

Neither side, at this point, is going to concede this thing. Maybe neither side ever will.

God save us. 2020 wasn’t done curb stomping us yet.

I had a dark thought last night as I was drifting off to sleep, talking to The Boss: “Why should we expect you’re going to help our country when we’ve been asking you for years to do something about your Church, to no avail?”

I don’t know what God’s doing, but I know I don’t get it.

I can hear your replies already. I know He’s still in control. But if that were all that mattered, we wouldn’t bother voting in the first place.

Now, I’m running on very little sleep and a lot of worry, and I know I’m grouchy, so take everything I’m saying here with a grain of salt. I’ve got my emo goggles on this morning, apparently.

But there’s just a sense that darkness keeps prevailing everywhere we turn. Even when it looks like we have a real chance for a win.

So things are going to be a mess. For a while. And today, considering that most of us are likely focused on this particular train wreck, we probably won’t be putting up any additional articles. I don’t want the great work that our writers do to get lost in the shuffle. And frankly, I need to get my own head clear. I’m so irritated this morning that I actually growled at my computer as I scrolled through my social media. At nothing in particular. (It was pretty funny when I realized it.)

We’ll be back to our normal content schedule tomorrow. Feel free to use the comm box on this post to discuss what’s going on, if you want, but please try to be civil. I’m not in the mood to moderate comments, and that means I’m much more likely to just come flying out of the sky with my banhammer, not unlike Thor might do.

Keep praying. We’re going to need it.

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