A New Podcast From Two 1P5 Contributors

We’re blessed here to have a lot of top-notch contributors, and one of our regulars is Stefanie Nicholas (see her articles here), who I just did a podcast with a couple weeks ago.

One of our newest writers, John Hirschauer, who offered an excellent analysis of Cardinal Dolan’s feckless response to calls to excommunicate the “Catholic” radical pro-abortion governor of his state, Andrew Cuomo, has teamed up with Stefanie to start a new podcast. It’s called Unapologetics, and I have to be honest, I think it’s a fantastic title. A nice twist on apologetics for those uninterested in, well, apologizing for their beliefs.

It’s more political than the content we usually publish at 1P5, but that may be of interest to many of our readers. I’ve only had the chance to listen to the first 25 minutes or so, but I think, if you’re a podcast fan, you’ll find it a worthy addition to your program lineup. If you like what you see, please support John and Stefanie by subscribing on YouTube to ensure you won’t miss any new episodes.

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