The Cascio Family Needs Your Help!


I got an email over the weekend I wanted to share with you:

Dear Steve,

You may have already seen this circulating among some traditional circles, but I was wondering if you might be interested in sharing my brother’s wife’s story with your readers. If you already posted this appeal, thank you. Sometimes things get by me in the cyber world without me noticing.

Tim and Michelle could really use some prayer warriors!

Thank you and God bless!

In Christ and His Blessed Mother,

Kamela (Tim’s sister)

The GoFundMe page for the family gives more info:

My brother’s wife, Michelle, recently learned that she has pancreatic cancer. At 21 weeks pregnant, she underwent major surgery on November 10th, 2015 to remove her spleen and 50% of her pancreas. Michelle has been recovering slowly while their baby girl continues to thrive and grow in utero. The baby is due March 25th, 2016. The doctors informed Tim and Michelle that this is a very aggressive form of cancer which remains active. They are recommending intensive cancer treatments after the baby is born.

Their youngest child was born March 2015 with Down’s Syndrome. He participates in the Early Therapy Intervention Program bi-weekly and is a very happy 9 month-old who has been a real joy to their family! Next in line is his three-year old sister who loves to keep up with the older girls.

Michelle homeschools the two oldest girls, who are very good students. Since Michelle’s surgery, it has been necessary to have additional assistance in the home during the week so that Tim may continue working to provide for the family along with maintaining their health insurance.

Their parish community has been very supportive to the family during this time; Tim and Michelle are extremely grateful for their kindness and generous donations of food, prayers, and childcare. The Cascios are members of St. Stanislaus parish in Milwaukee:

Along with her excellent doctors, Michelle has entrusted her medical condition to Our Lady of Good Success through the intercession of Mother Mariana Francisca de Jesus Torres. The novena to Our Lady of Good Success is included below if you would like to join them in prayer.

Please help support the Cascio family through your prayers and, if possible, financial contributions. Your donations will be used for medical expenses, home and child care needs, and the future welfare of the family. All donations will be transferred directly to Tim.

Something I’ve come to learn more and more over the years is that we really, truly are our brothers’ keepers.

There have been so many times in my life where if it hadn’t been for the kindness, generosity, and prayers of others, my family and I wouldn’t have made it through. Making a non-profit publication my soul source of income has driven this home even more. It puts me in a perpetual state of dependence on God, and on the generosity of others. It’s something my wife and I like to call, “the faith train.” You get on and hold on, because the train goes fast and the ride is often bumpy, but God is driving, so you just have to trust.

I see stories like those of Time and Michelle, and I find myself wondering if we’re seeing another St. Gianna story play out before our eyes. There are so many opportunities for heroic virtue in our lives, and these are the stories that remind us. But they are not just stories. This is a real family in real need. It is my hope and prayer that both mother and baby will survive these difficulties without complication.

I recommend the family to your prayers, and if it is within your means, to your financial support.

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