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1P5 Minute #17: Embertide, Pontifical Secret, Paglia & German Apostasy

On this episode of the 1P5 Minute, we cover a lot of ground, beginning with an explanation of Advent Embertide, which starts today. Pope Francis has removed the pontifical secret that kept all information pertaining to clerical sexual abuse cases under wraps; we discuss whether our expectations should change on transparency regarding abuse. ALSO: Archbishop…

Scalfari, Friend of Francis, Claims Pope Believes Jesus Was “Not a God At All”

Amidst the raging debate over what was at best a syncretistic (and at worst an overtly pagan) opening ceremony for the Amazon Synod, an early push for ending clerical celibacy from Cardinal Hummes, cringe-inducing virtue-signaling from members of the Catholic media, and the jaw-dropping brazenness of a key synod organizer — Bishop Erwin Kräutler — openly supporting women’s…

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