Steve Skojec, Fr. James Martin, Fr. Thomas Rausch, and a Crux Reporter Walk Into a Bar


OK, not really. But we did all participate in a panel discussion on the Synod which aired on public radio today. I was a guest on the Public Radio Internation program, To The Point. Host Warren Olney led us through a number of questions about the just-concluded Ordinary Synod of the Family in Rome.

As you might have expected, I stood alone in my skepticism over the synodal proceedings and outcome.

You can now hear the recorded audio of the radio program online.

There were a number of points brought up by the two priests on the program, some of which were troubling. Fr. James Martin, responding to my defense of Catholic teaching on Holy Communion being reserved to those in a state of grace, said something about how Jesus gave Communion to Judas at the Last Supper.

We knew that would be an issue that would come up sooner or later, which is why Dr. Michael Sirilla and I addressed this question (and not a few others) in the latest episode of the 1P5 Podcast. (You can find our discussion of Judas and the reception of communion beginning at time marker 42:30.)

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